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Carrie Puts the Wood in Under

7/10/2008 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Carrie Underwood puts on a bathing suit, someone needs to take the wheel -- cause our hands...
Carrie Underwood: Click to view!


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Thank you Gina.I see all these abbreviations and I try to figure out what they are,i am and old geezer and don't understand this new language. You are so kind as to answer me.Thanks again Like to have never got answer on MILF testerday.when I did I was shocked.

2260 days ago

Blinded by the light    

Hey Ding Dong Boy: I never said I hated her or that she looked bad - I just said I thought she was too skinny. Have a great time yanking away....just make sure you don't get to many calluses.

2260 days ago


Now that is one hot Chick!!!! She looks fantastic!!! Anyone who says she doesn't should get there frickin head examined, or are just jealous bitches.

2260 days ago

texano girl    

Wow, I can see some of the jealous female haters on here. The men are diggin it. Check out those toned muscular legs and those flat abs. Man, Carrie works out and eats healthy and it shows. She is absolutely stunning. I don't know too many celebrities that look that good and can just lounge in the sun without people coming up. Carrie is what she has always been a normal person who hasn't changed for success. I've met her several times and she is a sweetheart so people don't believe the lies.

2260 days ago


notice that all of the people on here "hating" are women? Probably the fat jealous ones.....

Carrie looks very good!

2260 days ago


how come it is just overweight losers that describe goegeous skinny women as "little boys"?

2260 days ago


It's incredible how quickly this girl's body, look, style changed!

2260 days ago


I guess some of you have forgotten. Carrie is not "Hollywood", Carrie IS "Nashville".

After some quick searching. It shows she is 5'3". And now weights 110lbs after loosing 20lbs early this year.

After punching in numbers in a BMI chart, her recommended weight is 105 to 140. So either weight was medically healthy for her.

Main thing though.. Is she happy about her own weight. Thats all that matters!

2260 days ago


looks like all the guys think shes hot & u girls are a little jealous. i think she looks fine...she's not nicole richie skinny & she doesnt look like a boy @all !! at least shes not looking into the camera w/a face full of make-up like jessica simpson!!!! Looks like carrie just got up & went to the beach w/a friend just like any normal person does. she doesnt try to make herself noticed at all. the stupid, talentless, desperate blonde bimbo wouldve looked like she was there for photo shoot!!!! face it people shes a lucky girl who had a dream come true!!! stop hatin!!

2260 days ago


I think she looks just like Lauren Conrad in these photos. The face and the body look a lot a like.

2260 days ago


Aren't 20 Somethings suppose to be thin and toned? IDK I think most healthy 25 year olds have a bod like Carrie its normal, either there are a bunch of fat young chicks on here or a bunch of old broads who forgot what it was like to be young and healthy and beautiful, cause these comments about her being to skinny are unbelievable to me.

2260 days ago


youngblackbro, are you by any chance 13? if not then maybe you need to go back to school and learn how to spell, and who the hell is Serena anyway? and who gives a crap about her?

2260 days ago


This is in my hometown!! I heard last tuesday or wednesday that she was here. She went parasailing too!

2260 days ago


She has a good voice. She is a nice person. She is NOT hot! She is only average.

2260 days ago

texano girl    

I love these pictures! Now everyone can see how hot Carrie is and she is a true beauty with absolutely no makeup. She just wears that for shows and photo shoots. She is very normal and not hollywood at all. She does not seek attention. She is so
talented others seek her for endorsements and cover shoots ect. Everyone wants a piece of her All American wholesomeness.
But as you can see Ms. Underwood is one sexy thing, now that shows some class that she has it but doesn't flaunt it.

2260 days ago
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