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Carrie Puts the Wood in Under

7/10/2008 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Carrie Underwood puts on a bathing suit, someone needs to take the wheel -- cause our hands...
Carrie Underwood: Click to view!


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was this in destin or pensacola?

2264 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Wow, who knew under all that country gawdy bawdy was a smokin hot chick! This is how a little itty bitty bikini is rocked! Jennifer Aniston does look great for almost 40, but she needs to leave the itty bitty bikini's to this here young Carrie Underwood and the other 20-something crew! Now for a famous TMZ shot of her with her a$$ up in the air! Surely if Jen did it everyday, Carrie will do it just once! When she goes to turn over...that's when the a$$ gets caught up in the air like that! I know, cuz I'm a chick! But Carrie looks GREAT! Maybe I will stop eating meat!! VEGGIES DO A BODY GOOD! Let's see Jessica Simpson now in an itty bitty bikini!!

2264 days ago


She looks really cute! I mean not Katharine McPhee hot but still cute.

I want to see katharine and Carrie get it on with each other!!

2264 days ago


Call me a hater. who cares? But one poster had it right, she looks like Jamie lynn Spears, and I don't think either are attractive. I've heard of this girl, but I've never heard her sing, and I don't watch American Idol so I don't know if she has talent.

As for her body, How much does she weigh? A buck O five. It might look good in a picture, but unless you are a small framed man, I don't think it would feel too good in bed. Eye candy only.

2264 days ago


I love how everyone can judge this poor girl from the anonymity of their computers, but if you were face-to-face with her it'd be a different story.

She looks great in my opinion, and before you spend a chunk of time thinking of a "witty" way of putting her down...just think about it - do you really think she CARES what you think? she's the one laughing all the way to the bank...

2264 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

Dude...I'd trade my wife and kids for that HOT Oakie!

2264 days ago


IMO means "In My Opinion"

2264 days ago


Carrie Underwood=10 (Flawless perfect face and a perfect body) Anyone that says anything else is blind and very jealous!!! Other women that are Ugly,Fat, and unsecure about themselves are always putting Negative comments here. Pretty and secure in themself chicks do not make negative comments but instead compliment Carrie in her looks. Please Get More Of Her in a Bikini TMZ!!!!!

2264 days ago


Anyone who said that Carrie is too skinny or anorexic is probably a fat jealous lard!!! She is beautiful and is not fat or not too skinny. She is fine. You all need to seriously get a life!

2264 days ago


She looks drop dead gorgeous!
She's Sexy!

2264 days ago

Jen B    

I think she looks awsome

2264 days ago


Plenty of women on here think she looks good. I think she is absolutely gorgeous, perfect size, perfect shape Great tpmed legs and flat tummy. And for the record I am a black female, nearly 50.

2264 days ago


Carrie is not alone here. She's with her entire family. She has been on a tour since January. She's taking a couple of weeks off here but by the 16th, she's be back on tour through December. Let her be! She's needs all the rest she can.

2264 days ago


All the too skinny comments are a swarm of Kelly Clarkson fans, They hate Carrie because she isn't fat and ugly like Kelly.

2264 days ago

texano girl    

You rock Carrie! You are my 10 yr old daughters role model and we love everything about you. You are a natural beauty,
gracious, caring, sweet, talented, smart, and driven. You conduct yourself in a classy way and you are going to be the answer to some man's dreams one day. Good for you to focus on your career right now. We are all pulling for that entertainer of the year nomination this time around. You are one of the hardest working celebrities around and it shows in your achievments.
But somehow you still manage to take care of your body by working out, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep. Its amazing how the simplest things in life can be so rewarding. Stay grounded and keep your faith. You are a great girl and we love you.

2264 days ago
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