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So You Think You Can Get In

7/10/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone at Crown Bar is gonna get fired -- because last night they dissed one of the most powerful men in H-Wood.

Nigel Lythgoe, the guy who produces "American Idol" and judges on "So You Think You Can Dance," was out enjoying his birthday, planning on a festive night at Crown. His boy Ryan Seacrest even arranged a table for him. Unfortunately the Josh-Hartnett-look-alike doorman apparently didn't get the memo, and Nigel was denied. The nerve!

And in the insult-to-injury department, Alli Sims made it through.


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Oh, well..isn't it past this senior citizens bedtime anyway?

2304 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

Isn't he also the creator of American Idol AND creator of SYTYCD? And doesn't he also PRODUCE both? Not just a judge!

2304 days ago


?? POST 2-- Did you ever make it past the 1st grade? You can't read at all. LOSER!!

2304 days ago


I wonder how he danced his way out of that? I'm guessing the doorman doesn't watch "CrapTv".

2304 days ago


His shows are CRAP.

So You Think You Can Dance? WTF TV is not what it used to be.

2304 days ago


That's disgusting. I understand they're exclusive, but that ultra-exclusive send people away thing is pathetic. There's no reason that he should have been denied, especially on his birthday. What a group of stuck up idiots.

2304 days ago


If he is as succesful as his partner Simon Cowell he must be a billionaire. I wouldn't be surprised if he buys the club just to fire that kid.

2304 days ago


This is a rookie operation at that joint. Real push places (Rits, Waldorf, etc) they give their employees flashcards with guests pictures and quick facts (b-day, kids names, meal preference, etc). So that when a VIP gets off the cab, the bellhop knows who he is and asks about his kids, or if he will have the deep fried truffles again.

The joint needs to have a professional greeter, who gets a daily update with briefs on all of the night's VIP that are to come...the meatheads should just stand on the side...

2304 days ago

Nelson Muntz    


2304 days ago


That's pretty embarrassing. Hope Jean Paul gives him a comp'd table next week to make up for this mishap.

2304 days ago


That old dude gives me the creeps. Biggest dork on television. I wouldn't want him in my club either.

2304 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Yeah, laugh at him all you want, but it is these old guys BEHIND the scenes that are the real power brokers in Hollywood. He will get the last laugh when lil Alli Simms comes in looking for a job and he gets to kick her to the curb and out of a paycheck and maybe even out of a career! These young people today just really don't get it! They really think it is the stars that have the power in Hollywood when they don't. It is all the Film Studio execs, the producers, and even alot of the writers. Nobody whose name you know or face you'd recognize. But the Hollywood stars know! And Alli should have given her table to Nigel if she really knew what was good for her in the long run!! You foolish children! You really haven't a clue who's a$$ really needs the kissing!! That is why the "stars" come and go so quickly, why the execs stay in Hollywood forever!!
How many stars did Aaron Spelling make and time break, but Spelling always remained!!

2304 days ago


Ahhh...who cares if his highness couldn't get in. Full is full ya jerk, go celebrate somewhere else or bother to book a reservation if it's such a special night.

This guys responsible for the one show that distracted Americans from their brothers, sisters, and cousins getting blown apart in some oil filled land IMO.

2304 days ago


Yes #13 we know that crotchedy old Hollywood men, in all of their impotency and self-importance, like to have their leaking asses kissed, but since most of us posters are not two-bit actors looking for a job, we can laugh at this old fart's public rejection. Hahahahahahaha!

2304 days ago


you can tell alot about a person and how they handle a bad situation. He is probably one of the few sinking rich producers that I actually repsect. Now I don't really watch his shows but he's a class act all the way. He laughed a bit, smiled to the photogs, didn't really seem pissed or yell although I would be especially mad on my freaking b-day. Well, that place looks just gross. I mean who was this doorman anyways? he looked like some blink 182 reject. Or maybe ryan seacreat's replacement?

2304 days ago
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