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Jessica Shows Off her Puppies

7/14/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While tanning her cans on a yacht in Tahoe this weekend, failed singer/actress/wife Jessica Simpson got all bitchy -- by playing with her pup Daisy.

Although Jess may be good with dogs, so far Ashlee is the only breeder in the Simpson fam.


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Love her new country song "Come On Over"!

2190 days ago


TMZ you are disgusting. How many insults can you throw into one simple post?? What did Jessica Simpson evre do to you that you hate her so??

2190 days ago


She is putting on weight again. First she lost a lot of weight for her failed movie, and had to get breast implants to make her breasts perky. She should have just gained the weight back to get her perky breasts back because she has trouble keeping her weight down. She is just like all the other celebrities; breast implants. She has no talent and wil eventually fade away. The captionis true: failed singer/actress/wife Jessica Simpson but you should have also mentioned failed easy booty call for John Mayer.

2190 days ago

uh oh    

Her song is sinking and her career is on hold while she chases Tony and the paps. She is too lazy to be successful in the music business. She won't but in the extra work it takes. Her voice is touched up in the recording studio and still sounds bad. When country audiences hear her sing live, her last attempt at music career will be over.

2190 days ago


tony will drop her...

and nick will drop vanessa..

we will have a nick/jessica 2

2190 days ago


WHATEVER.............just get poor Daisy off of that yaught! That is no place for a dog to be, and she doesn't look very happy. She'd be better off alone at a hotel room waiting for Jessica to return!

2190 days ago


I wish I could lick her beautiful feet!

2190 days ago


There goes dumb, unemployed Kelli again..girl, get a job!

2190 days ago

FL Native    

Whatever......Jessica Simpson is an ANGEL compared to Hepatitis Anderson...she is as skanky as Courtney Love and Amy Winehouse! Jessica is pure class and her flawless beauty eats at those who will never have clear skin, big boobs and millions of dollars for an incredible talent. What did Pam do??? Run on a beach in a red one piece and screw every rocker that would bang her crusty crab! LMAOOOOOOOOO!

2190 days ago

shes nuts    

Is she trying to be britney - with the hat. Copy Cat

2190 days ago


Nine2five, get lost, I don't owe you an explanation nor care what you post about me, post away loser,I am my own boss, self-employed. Sorry you are stuck in a 9-5 job, that sucks!!

2190 days ago


She lives pretty well for a NO talent bum. The only reason people still know who she is because of TMZ and peoples appetite for ding-bats.

2190 days ago


#12 Yes you are correct. TMZ has been changing its tune lately. I feel like they feel the need to compete with Perez Hilton. Most descriptions of the pictures seem like they are written by jealous 16 year old girls.
Harvey looks really bored on the TV show also. I feel like something is wrong with him like he is sick or exhausted or he is just over it. He should be, he is a grown man making fun of people. He is on the show making fun of peoples names. I used to have respect for his opinion. Not any more. I am just about over TMZ. I only complain because I used to enjoy this site. Now not so much.

2190 days ago


Jessica has always been a really hard worker! She doesn't sit on her bun all day doing nothing. She deserves her fortune & has worked hard for it. So let her have some fun & leave her the hell alone!!!!

2190 days ago

Tan Milang    

I've been reading your comments ever since Time Magazine suggested your website was the bomb. But I think it's better to make, and read, clever titles and subtitles instead of mean ones. It's not hard to make mean, comments about people, but clever and funny are better. Please work on it!

2190 days ago
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