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Eminem: What a Pisser

7/15/2008 2:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eminem beat the piss out of a strip joint patron -- literally -- at least according to a new lawsuit.
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Miad Jarbou (common spelling) claims he was minding his own business at a Michigan strip club when he realized he had to pee. Jarbou went to the men's room, unzipped at the urinal when, suddenly, Slim Shady entered and began to whiz at a neighboring urinal. Slim's bodyguard was standing by when one of Jarbou's friends walked in, recognized Em and allegedly said, "Hey Eminem, what's up man?"

According to the suit, the bodyguard responded, "Shut the f**k up man! Don't say another word." Jarbou claims he said, "Hey man, my friend ain't starting trouble, it's just cool to see Eminem."

The suit claims Eminem "stepped back from the urinal and without warning or provocation, as Jarbou continued to urinate, drove his fist in a violent punching manner into the side of Jarbou's face, knocking him to the ground."

The incident allegedly occurred two years ago. Jarbou is suing for unspecified damages.


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Come on two years ago? Get over it.

2257 days ago


Detroit's finest right there. *sigh* I'm so proud to be from Detroit with stories like this.

2257 days ago


maybe m&m took a look next door and realized he really does have a small jealous and started throwing bitch slaps.

2257 days ago


Why do people wait sooooo long to sue?
When is he going to put out another album, I need me some Shady!!

2257 days ago

richard angelo    

what color is he ?

well, there you go;

2257 days ago


"'s just cool to see Eminem...."

ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha

you've just been played

2257 days ago

Captain Obvious    

Right...because it's so common for such a kind response to be met with a punch to the side of the head. What a load of crap this guy is putting out. "I'm the victim...I was nice and he hit me." I got money on the fact that the stupid fan was getting lippy while Em was trying to take a lead and he got layed out. Simple as that...if he put that in the lawsuit at least it would be a more honest approach than, "I diint do nothin' and he wuz a hater."

2257 days ago


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah right!

That story makes no sense at all. First, why has nobody heard of it until now? Second, who would knock somebody out for simply saying "Hey man, my friend ain't starting trouble, it's just cool to see Eminem"? And third, what bodyguard would tell a fan to shut up for merely saying "Hey Eminem, what's up man"?

Em is a pillar of restraint. It is unlikely he would be set off without provocation by a dude in a strip club men’s room. I mean, come on! If he didn't knock the piss out of his cheating whore wife, he certainly isn't going knock it out of some random in a strip club pisser.

If he did hit him, it was probably because he was beating off next to him.

2257 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Changing the subject to Kid Rock........... his new song is a lie. In 1989 Kid rock says he was singing Sweet Home Alabama. LOL Kid rock was so far from sweet home alabama. He was a white boy wanna be hip hop kid during that time. He was dating/doing an african american girl which he produced a biracial child during those years. I listen to his song that is out now and it irks me. He was all hip hop, not sweet home alabama boy thats for sure. He is so fake.

2257 days ago


I've been in a club in Detroit when Eminem came in. He had around 50 people with him, they wouldn't let anyone get anywhere near him, so yeah I believe it. Eminem's a punk and needs 25 bodyguards because he can't handle his business himself or without carrying a gun.

2257 days ago


He's still hot :)

2257 days ago


doesnt surprise me, anyone who has crossed paths with him know his bodyguards are bullies, pete he is not one to practice restraint remember he pistol whipped that dude that kissed his wife

2257 days ago


Ok, so if I were famous, the last place I would want someone to recognize me is with my pants down. Show some class people, he was just taking a piss!

2257 days ago

i hate hollywood    

if it happened in hollywood or LA, he wont get jail time, he wont pay a dollar, and he wont even have to oppologize.

2257 days ago


Michelle (#8), How do you know he didn't "sing" "Sweet Home Alabama", when he was just hangin' out at the lake with his buds? Just because he didn't sing it during his career, doesn't mean he didn't sing it while hangin'. Why don't you listen to the lyrics again. Kid Rock DOES rock!

2257 days ago
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