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Susan Atkins -- Denied

7/15/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan AtlkinsBrain cancer won't get you an early release from prison, not if you're Susan Atkins.

The California parole board denied the application for release by the jailed Manson follower. Atkins, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and may have only six months to live, had applied for Compassionate Release Consideration.

The L.A. County D.A. argued against it, saying, "[Atkins] has failed to demonstrate genuine remorse and lacks insight and understanding of the gravity of her crimes."

Atkins received the death penalty but it was commuted to life after the California death penalty was ruled unconstitutional.


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Just a good ole boy    

I'm 50 years old and can vividly remember the news coverage of the Manson murders as a young kid. I can't help but think of the beautiful woman I saw on TV and BIG SCREEN, the late Sharon Tate, who had a precious little life inside her. As I'm writing this I hear my youngest child laughing in the background. As a parent there is no other joy than to hear the laughter of your children. Sharon Tate never had the chance to experience this wonderful gift of life. In Texas unlike most states , we believe one should pay the ultimate price for killing a innocent human being . Finally Susan Atkins is getting what she should have received years ago. DEATH....YEE HAA!!!!

2254 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

Just asking parole is very nervy for what they did. Hope they all burn in hell.

2252 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    


2252 days ago

the Ancient Spartan    

The ancient Spartans had a solution for the weak and sick and certainly for Susan too.. abandon her out on the side of a remote barren desert mountainside, for the birds to pick at her..... maybe Death Valley would be nice, especially this time of year ....Susan liked Death Valley.

On a different note.... I really enjoyed the comments here because as last we hear what most people really want from a justice system, and who could fault them on their opinions regarding this vicious woman. Even though we can't equate Susan's sufferings, such as they are with medications, to what she and her fellow killers have put the victims and families through, and how they have shown as modern people, they can be as cruel and pitiless as any ancient cult. The sooner Manson killers have left their mortal coils...the better for all. This includes the Manson followers that weren't incarcerated also....

These killings, almost forty years ago, have not left for a moment the public consciousness, and as unfortunate as they were for all should serve as a heightened awareness and warning for everyone in our society , especially the malcontents.

2250 days ago


why should anyone care about her and her brain cancer and her soon to be time to burn in hell for her evildoings? This freak didn't care about anyone's plea"s that day when she helped kill all of those innocent people. People like this, just goes to show you she hasn't changed. I bet a million to one, IF THEY RELEASED HER SHE WOULD CARRY OUT CHARLES "THE DEVIL SATAN" MANSON'S OTHER PLANS. IT WAS SAID THAT ON 20/20 ALL OF THEM WOMEN STILL HAVE CONTACT WITH HIM. SHE'S NUTTS IF SHE ACTUALLY THOUGHT FOR A SECOND ANYONE WOULD LET HER OUT EARLY.HILARIOUS. SICK B**** BABY KILLER, PSYCHO.

2250 days ago


I read the comment from Susan Atkins' husband quoting hospital personnel that Susan's death was "not going to be easy" and that "it was not going to be pretty.." Atkin's husband must be as wacky as she is.. Is he serious? Atkins is going to die with all of the pain medications she is going to need.. He states she can not "even snap her fingers" and can only speak a few sentences a day.. Most likely this is attributed to the pain medications she receives now..

No matter how "un-pretty" Atkins' death will be, it will be better than the blood bath she left at the Tate and LaBianca houses...

2250 days ago


I'm glad her request was denied, I think that's only fair, she had no mercy for Sharon Tate, but I do think it's a little unfair that she gets excellent free medical care. Even with health insurance some Americans can't get the medical treatment they need, because they just can't pay for it. That seems a little skewed.
Maybe we should have mercy for her, after all, otherwise I guess we're as bad as we see her as being.

2244 days ago


She should never be released, she should die in prison, that was her orignal sentence. She showed no mercy to Sharon Tate when she asked to be allowed to live to have her baby and so what mercy should be shown to her because of her illness? NONE! I don't care how long she has been in prison and how much she says that she has changed. Maybe her brain cancer is her fate for her evil thoughts and deeds. What you put out into the world comes back to you in some way and maybe this is her penance for what she has done.

2243 days ago


She shoulda been fried years ago, along with the other drug addcited freaks.

2231 days ago

robert bot    

Judge NOT---Lest YOU be judged.---------any self righteous people out there.

2219 days ago


Thank God for Virginia Graham. Ms. Graham was Atkin's very temporary cellmate who listened keenly and then promptly notified the authorities of Susan Atkin's self proclaimed jailhouse confession. No release for Susan Atkins. She needs to stay incarecrated and die in prison. The manipulator Susan Atkins is still very much as dangerous in 2008 as she was in 1969. Just look how she has "gotten inside the head" of this guy that she has married while she is a prisoner. A pathetic crybaby. The Manson family labors ignorantly under the illusion that their debt has been paid and society owes THEM something. That something is obviously parole. Society doesn't owe the sh..t. The Manson family also think they can somehow re-connect with today's "younger generation" for support. VERY WRONG, That's not going to happen. They are yesterday's news and it is never going to be 'vogue" spending the remainder of your life inside a 12x12 damp, moldy, green prison cell. Nope we enjoy family and friends, shopping for new clothes, fancy fast cars, weekends at the lake, T-bone steak , grilled onions and baked potatoes, you get the picture here.? We are FREE and feel NO sypathy for ANY of the "Manson Gang" !!

Where is it written that simply because an inmate states that he or she feels remorse (yawn) for their actions, that the pardon and parole board has to give consideration in favor of releasing that inmate.? The entire "Manson Gang" needs to stay in prison and die in prison.

2208 days ago


The statement that Susan stabbed Sharon Tate is incorrect if you read the coroners report. It states that only one knife was used on Ms. Tate, delivered with a strong force. That would be Charles Watson, who states very clearly that Susan didn’t stab Ms. Tate, he did. This is also how she testified to the Grand Jury when she was offered the possibility of life instead of death. Susan just made a bunch of stories up because she was scared in jail and wanted to look bad ass so the other prisoners wouldn’t do anything to her. Bugliosi however has turned her stories into a myth we all believe. Also in the Hinman trial Bobby says he killed him while Susan was in the other room, which is how she testified at that trial. Not to say she wasn’t there or participated, but she like Charlie are among the most infamous people to have been convicted of murder without actually killing anyone.

2200 days ago
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