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Ray Allen Throws TMZ Under "The Bus"

7/16/2008 8:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA rejection specialist Ray Allen finally fessed up to his ultra-embarrassing denial from One Sunset -- but the Boston Celtic got the last laugh last night -- relentlessly (and hilariously) scolding one of our cameramen for not knowing Jerome Bettis' name.

Today -- revenge is spelled with a capital R!

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Ray Ray...Boston loves you so don't worry about snobby wood. They are still mad about, you know, choking big time in the Championship...oh and that last game....Lordy that was emabarassing for LA.

See you in camp Ray you are a true Celtic and we look forward to hanging a few more banners at the Gahden with you!!!!

2259 days ago


Now THIS was fun to watch!!! LOL

2259 days ago


The man is a multi-millionaire who just won a championship ring. I doubt if one little snub from a vengeful nightclub in the city he helped beat down for the title will ruin his year.

2259 days ago


I thought TMZ is about movie celebs , NOT SPORTS STARS...

2259 days ago

john wayne gacy    

see, in lies the problem;

other than a couple of handfuls,
most pro athletes, are at best,
" E " level celebrities in this town.

nevertheless, they all think they are SO special because the
system pushed them through college and they get to make a
ridiculous living, for a while anyways, with a ball in their hand.

water does seek it's own level.....

2259 days ago


Ray's the man! too funny.

2259 days ago


Okay. So where does Michael Jordan fall on this ABCDE level B.S.? Look at ARod he's getting posted if he sneezes.

2259 days ago


You gotta love Ray Allen! So much more class then A-Rod.

Yankees Suck

2259 days ago

Celtic Fan    

LA is a bunch of haters. You can't hate on Ray Allen for kicking the Lakers A## in the NBA Finals. What they should have done was congratulate him and his team for actually being able to play some great basketball, unlike the LA Lakers who are all babies and don't know how to play real basketball.

Also LA shouldn't hate that Ray, with all his family issues going on, was still able to show up in game 6 and play great, unlike Kobe. I mean did Kobe even show up in that game?? For someone who is suppose to be compared to MJ he really choked big time. I guess he can't win without Shaq!!!

Don't worry Ray, LA sucks and just jealous. Boston loves you and can't wait for you and the rest of the team to defend your title!!!

2259 days ago

john wayne gacy    


as far as athletes;

michael jordan and tiger woods are " A " level
celebrities that are internationally recognized;

a-rod, lebron james, kobe and shaq are " B " level,
recognized for marketing here in northern america.

terrell owens, carmelo, kevin garnett and
derek jeter are considered " C " level.

a " D " level would be a jose canesco,
chad johnson and maybe steve nash.

an " E " level would be anybody else that
typically NOT recognized outside of their sport.......

2259 days ago

Riot Nrrrd™    

Yeah! Stupid TMZ pap PWNED by Ray Ray!!!

Having been in Copley Square for the Celtics' victory parade I am proud to say YOU ARE THE MAN, RAY!

And good luck with your son's illness too!

2259 days ago


I think that the whole "scale/list" is pretty pathetic. But hey, I guess it draws people. TMZ is making a killing from ""important"" peoples debauchery (i put quotes on top of quotes for emphasis). It's the way the world's headed. I guess.? I'm here damnit. Note to self: remove TMZ from RSS feed.

2258 days ago

jose cruzOaxacaLA213    

ray is my all time favorite basketball player, and tmz is one of my favorite shows now. it was funny seeing him on here

2258 days ago

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