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Denise: Something's Wrong in Charlie's House

7/17/2008 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards went to court this morning, asking the custody judge for an emergency order restricting Charlie Sheen's access to their kids.

Denise and her powerhouse lawyer, Neal Hersh, went into a closed emergency hearing today. We're told they told the judge there's a serious issue in Charlie's home that could have an adverse impact on the kids. The issue, we're told, is psychological and Denise wants professionals to evaluate things. In the meantime, she doesn't want her kids hanging around there.

Our spies say the judge, who's sitting in for the regular judge on the case who is on vacation, put the matter off until Monday.

Hersh told TMZ outside court, "These are serious issues regarding the children. I would hope we will be graced by Charlie Sheen's presence in court on Monday -- if he takes these matters seriously regarding his children, like Denise does."

UPDATE: Marty Singer, Charlie's lawyer, tells TMZ the judge made it clear she would deny Hersh's motion and only then did Hersh ask to withdraw his legal papers so he could re-file with a different judge on Monday. Singer added, "It's clear Mr. Hersh went forum shopping because he knew this judge was going to deny his relief ... It is most unfortunate that Denise Richards and her attorney are desperately trying to deprive Charlie Sheen of visitation with his children, and at the same time obviously trying to create a media circus designed to help publicize her reality show."

UPDATE: Neal Hersh, attorney for Denise Richards, responded to TMZ saying, "It is true that Judge Steinberg did not grant the emergency orders requested by Ms. Richards today. However, Judge Steinberg realized that Judge Silberman, who is on vacation, has more knowledge regarding the issues present in this case and therefore decided to defer a decision on the issues presented by Ms. Richards ex parte application to Judge Silberman. Mr. Singer knows better. This was not a matter of forum shopping. If Judge Steinberg wanted to deny Ms. Richards' requests out of hand she would have done so. She deferred a decision to Judge Silberman who is the Judge assigned to this case. In any event, on Monday, there will be an emergency hearing on the issues raised by Ms. Richards today."

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When Denise was with Richie she played nice with Charlie. Ever since she got dumped and Charlie has been in a relationship she went around the twist. She is a bitter jealous has been. I agree with everyone saying Charlie and Brooke won't last. Denise is going to make damn sure of that.

2297 days ago


I think Denise is the psycho. Drop the theatrics already and get a life. Her show is soo stupid and just watching it, let's everyone know the place where something is wrong, is right in her own home.

2297 days ago


denise i love ya. but what in the world has he done? beating kids? not feeding them? him and wife running around naked? what he does with the kids on his time is his business. as LONG KIDS are not in DANGER. let it be. divorce life with kids is hard and it is different at each parents house.

2297 days ago



2297 days ago


Don't you just love how all the "white trash" folks wear crosses when they are out in public or appearing before the Courts? Can't wait until warmongering Bush and all of his cross-wearing fundamentalist Christian folks take a back seat in national government....most people who wear the cross in the 21st Century over and over prove they are hypocrites. DR is a foul-mouthed witch who has long-term damaged her children more than Charlie Sheen. She's mentally imbalanced and there is nothing that Charlie Sheen could do that would make her accept him as the biological father of her children. IMO she has already ruined their potential for having a healthy relationship with their father....I'm certain they have heard a lot of her conversational bad-mouthing of their father to other people. Shame, shame, shame on DR!

2297 days ago


They are both nuts and seemed made for each other! In reality Charlie has a WAYYYY worse track record (that we know of) and weve heard the tapes of him spouting obscenities and racist comments and his past of hookers and drugs - so I do think its more him than her. I think he may need psychological help/therapy. He needs it way more than his 2 daughters which are in it because of him and her =(

2297 days ago




all is said and done

and you do the final tally

these two




2297 days ago


This has everything to do with emmy nominations - Charlie got one - Denise didn't - so bash Charlie is her idea of a congratulations - there's no emergency, if there was an emergency order would have been issued, period.

2297 days ago


this chick is nuts. plain and simple!

look at her tv show, she is basically whoring herself and the kids on tv.

if anyone has a problem it's denise. she is not over charlie, and will do anything to gt her kids away from charlie.

team charlie all the way!

2297 days ago


Her own house is not the best place for those girls either!
14 dogs peeing through out the house, one will bite one of those girls in time.
The other danger is her mouth and her desire to use the girls and her ex for publicity instead of getting a job

2297 days ago


WITCH woke up in a bad mood....again.

2297 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I am not on Team Charlie or Team Denise. I hope CHARLIE and BROOKE keep their marriage.
I hope THEY ,CHARLIE & CO. does not respond. Next ,Charlie and his lawyers present his side that he will see the kids two days a week, with DENISE'S NANNY present and HIS NANNY present and BROOKE,and the housekeeper. AND do this for the next 10 yrs. No sleep overs. Nope. Nada. The girls will be 12 nd 13 yrs .then or older and then they , SAMand LOLA , wil ldecide on their visitation. DENSIE should call PAMELA BACH, DAVID HASSELHOFF's ex and ask her what her teenaged daughters did.

2297 days ago


Denise is such a B*tch..What happened too her? Used to like her but she has went way down lately..Crazy Psycho!

2297 days ago


Let's see, she picked Charlie and Richie Sambora both of whom have drug and alcohol problems among other problems. There probably are quite a few other men that she has slept with who have the same types of problems. Wouldn't you think that maybe she partakes in the same lifestyle to an extent? Plus the 5 minutes I could stomach of her "reality" show was filled with expletives and she even admitted that she used those types of words at the drop of a hat and that one day the kids would hear her. She certainly doesn't qualify as a fit mother either so maybe she shouldn't be throwing so many stones...

2297 days ago


She will stoop to any level to get people to watch that horrible show of hers
manipulating Charlie should be the name of her show!
Not saying either of them are the ideal parent but Denise has made getting Charlie her full time job.
She says she dose not like to bring this stuff into the public yet plays the circuit to talk about her show and of course Charlie! after all who would have booked her without his name being brought up?
Someone needs to call social services on her for putting the health & welfare of her children in jeopardy by having to many animals! gross!

2297 days ago
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