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Ed to Cedars: You Abused Me

7/18/2008 8:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ed McMahon is suing Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and billionaire Robert Day for his slip and fall at Day's house, which resulted in Ed's broken neck. He's claiming, among other things, malpractice and elder abuse. And he says Cedars made him feel like "a bobble head."
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In 2007, McMahon went to Day's home, slipped on what he calls "unsafe entry stairs," reached for non-existent hand rails, fell and broke his neck.

He was taken to Cedars, and in a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, claims the docs "failed to take an X-ray of McMahon's cervical spine, in spite of his complaints of severe neck pain." McMahon claims he was released by Cedars with a broken neck when he should have been treated.

Two weeks later, McMahon's doc finally X-rayed Johnny's sidekick and discovered the problem.

McMahon's suit says he was so given the bum's rush in and out of Cedars that "he felt like a bobble head."

As for the elder abuse claim, the lawsuit alleges elderly patients are prone to these injuries and Cedars should have been heads up.

Day, by the way, is the founder of the TCW Group, an investment management firm. The firm handles $130 billion in assets.

McMahon's rep, Howard Bragman, says, "We had hoped to avoid a lawsuit, but our discussions were not fruitful and we were left with no other options. That being said, we believe our suit has great merit and we expect a favorable resolution."

McMahon is suing for unspecified damages. Calls to Cedars were not immediately returned.


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Um... guess the bills need to get paid? Karma is a tough one, Ed, careful big guy.

2287 days ago

I'm an ASSHOLE    

Looks like this jackass second rate sales con is trying to save his ass from all the money problems he's been having...

2287 days ago


Poor Ed. I guess his money grubbing wife set this all up when she realized that she would soon be out of Ed,s cash. After all, after the stress of his money problems caused by her, he could die soon and she doesn't want to be the poor white trash she used to be.

2287 days ago


Someone needs to pay for his beverly hills home going into foreclosure

2287 days ago


Wow...looking for the easy way out. You need money - find someone to sue!! What a country!!

2287 days ago


What an awesome coincidence! Just in time to help pay his debts - what are the odds?

2287 days ago


If you ask me, he's only suing because he's desperate for money. He's losing his home, his wife spends too much and he's just so desperate for money that he would sue anyone if he thought he could get enough money.

2287 days ago


Ed, shame on you.

2287 days ago


looks like his wife found a way to raise some cash. she probably "helped" him

2287 days ago


Ed's got a real good lawsuit here. The doctors were terribly remiss in not x-raying his neck. He is right. Elderly people should be handled differently than younger people. Their bones are quite fragile and injuiries like these are often worse in older people. They should have x-rayed his neck nonetheless. For it (Ed's broken neck) to have gone undiagnosed is very serious. The hospital will probably settle, and Ed does need the moolah. He's probably lucky he broke his neck.

2287 days ago


Now we know the true character of Ed McMahon! He slips and falls at a "friends" house and wants to sue him! Now he wants to sue the hospital for elderly abuse???? Gee! This comes also at an appropraiate time when his house is in foreclosure! ED alot of people in this country are having their houses foreclosed too, but they aren't about to lose their dignity and self respect doing what you are doing for financial gain! All those millions you've earned over the years and you never learned to save? No it sounds like you squandered your money! Ed McMahon is nothing but a self righteous prick! I agree with the other reviewer. It's all your Karma!

2287 days ago


more money for his wife when he dies...

2287 days ago

Audrina HOT    

This old man is desperate for some cash. Nothing more nothing less

2287 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Ed, What would Johnny say?

2287 days ago


Ed is an alcoholic.

2287 days ago
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