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K-Fed and Lawyer Cash In

7/18/2008 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Settlement means payday for K-Fed and his lawyer.
TMZ has learned under the terms of the settlement, that will become a done deal shortly, K-Fed will get more child support, i.e., more jack in his bank. Currently, he pulls in $15,000 a month from Britney. Under the deal, he'll get just south of $20,000.

As for K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, there's something in this settlement for him. Kaplan, who wanted a trial last month, will now settle and get an additional $200,000 from the bank of Britney.

And, we've learned the court has officially vacated the trial date, even though settlement papers have not been filed. So, no trial, and that's the real headline in this case.

P.S. Legal and physical custody were never at issue because of the conservatorship. The fact is, since last month, Brit has almost doubled her custodial time with the kids.


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First Bit*ches!!!!

2259 days ago

mickey lou    

Get a Job you loser!

2259 days ago


Britney is just a lazy bitch who doesn't want to take care of the babies she made. Skank. Be a mom you bitch.

2259 days ago


Thank goodness this mess is comming to an end. They need to heal and move on to better times.

2259 days ago


he brings her down and he comes up what is this the twilight zone

2259 days ago


I second that #2... He is s a big time loser...

2259 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Britney has probs but these losers are using her like an ATM. This dude needs to get a regular job and start paying his own way

2259 days ago


Way to go Britt...just give up your kids. You should fight for them to the end. Shows you are still messed up in the head

2259 days ago


South of 20k a month! What?! This is the most absurd thing..................why don't they file papers to make this piece of white trash get a JOB! I guess he thinks he will live off of Brit forever!

2259 days ago


If she worry more about her boys than getting her career back she wouldn't have gave her babies away Britney well enough to do videos,tv and make new music but not well enough to fight for her boys!!Britney mothers like she sings!!

2259 days ago


Glad to hear that maybe, just maybe the 2 can act like adults and put their kids first. I'm just sad that the lawyers will not get a lot more money from the trial that they so wanted to have. NOT.

2259 days ago


You guys in California are inhaling too much wildfire smoke, what you growin up in them hills.

2259 days ago


And don't forget he has 2 other kids so I guess Britney is supporting them too. K-fed needs to work and support the kids he helped make and not live off Britney or anyone else.

2259 days ago


I remember when she had to have this piece of trash, the old saying still goes, be careful what you wish for you just might get it. He hit the mother load. He loved her money more than her. He's not fighting to get those other children, because she doesn't have any money.

2259 days ago


At some point in time, his gravy train will end ($10,000 per child) so he'd better be out finding solid work to pay for all his partying ways and bodyguards who are completely unnecessary now the children are with him. It will be a long time before the Courts increase the child support no matter that he has gained full custody of these children. As Britney continues to heal and come into balance, she needs strong professional women in her court who will fight against future excessive monetary demands from the father of the care of her biological sons. Britney's lawyer will make certain she establishes trusts for her sons that this man can never touch! On behalf of all society, he is now going to have to completely grow-up and face the music of being just like any other American father. Time to leave Britney alone! Prayers for these adorable little boys!!

2259 days ago
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