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The David Beckham Wad Has Been Blown

7/20/2008 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David BeckhamIt looks as though the insanity surrounding David Beckham's move to the states is losing steam.

Last year, packed stands and after parties followed his every move as the Los Angeles Galaxy toured the states -- and he was injured most of the time.

When the Galaxy played in Washington this season, attendance for the game was down by over 10,000 -- and last year's game was played on a week night, in the rain and Beck's injuries made an appearance on the pitch iffy. Not to mention the not one, not two, but three invitation only parties in D.C. after the game, according to the NY Times.

At least Victoria's jean line is doing well ...

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Isn't it time for them to return home yet?

2285 days ago

fashion police #14    

This year, the tickets were so freaking expensive, that we couldn't AFFORD to go!!!

2285 days ago


hes hot

2285 days ago


David Beckham is the star they say he is! Having never gone to a MLS game in my life, I went to the Galaxy-Chivas game last Thursday at the Home Depot Center. Every time the Galaxy had the ball they tried to give it to #23 Beckham. Beckham was constantly double-teamed, tripped, hit in the face and knocked down. But just watching Beckham with the ball as he got up off the ground, head-faked and darted towards the goal was awe-inspiring! He is the real deal! Go Galaxy!

2285 days ago


Yeah, it's because nobody cares about the Beckhams excepts for the photographers. When they quit caring then we will not have to see these stupid people anymore. YEAH!

2285 days ago


Last nights game, NY vs LA had 48,000 in attendance. I'd say that's pretty good, considering the avg attendance in England is 30,000. He's definitely bringing attention to the sports in the US.

2285 days ago


Beckham blows up interest in soccer BIG TIME. Who was at the game last Thursday night? Soccer crazies to be sure, but scores of soccer moms were there with their kid's soccer teams walking behind them! BTW, the game I went to was sold out with 27,000 people attending the LA-Galaxy vs LA-Chivas game. It was a cool experience. I am a life-time American baseball fan. I sat there enjoying watching Beckham trying to win for his Galaxy team and could not help comparing the experience to a LA-Dodgers or LA-Angels game. Those games are great, but there was something that made the soccer game a better experience than a MLB game. I think it was the crazy fans shooting off roman candles in the Chivas rooting section. Or maybe it was looking over and seeing Mission Impossible's Tom Cruise in a VIP box enjoying the game as much as I was. Maybe it was the pace of the game. Two 45 minute periods. The teams never left the field except for a 15 minute break at the half. Constant action! Hardly any annoying announcements either or fake hand claps or goofy music. Are you listening MLB?

2285 days ago


I agree with #5. Nobody cares about these two people except the photographers. It's about time they ran out of steam.

Nobody cares!

2285 days ago

E. Alneda    

Look, it's like gas for your car so you can get to work and make more money to buy more gas for your car to get to work OR.....Soccer tickets. Pretty soon it's going to be a choice between food and gas.

2285 days ago

solid snake    

this guy means nothing to me(and prolly not the general public, except for all 5 soccer freaks in this country). GO HOME!!!!! when the hell will the paps stop making a big damn deal about beckham?????

2285 days ago

william richard bradford    

does he even have a green
card to work in this country ?

2285 days ago


If you like soccer / football then you will appreciate what Beckham brings to the game if not then your going to hate him. Its al about the game. NY yesterday had a record 45,000 show up to watch the game. So that takes care of the 5 people answer solid snake.As any soccer fan will tell you soccer haters YOU ARE ALL WANKERS.

2285 days ago


nobody watches soccer in europe, but they watch football, beckham is good at what he does but he is not alone.. marketing is what makes beckham who he is.. nice guy , shame about that wife of his..anyway for the record the reason he took up the american offer was that NO ENGLISH CLUB MADE ANY OFFERS AFTER HIS TIME WITH THE SPANISH CLUB ENDED. period. and of course victoria beckham has DELUSIONS OF GRANDUER.. the woman thinks MONEY BRINGS CLASS .. in the uk IT doesnt but it does in the us. money is everything...however, what beckham is doing is brining proper football to the american masses and not just "soccer moms". Sicne it is a game of SKILL NOT BULK like american football, its never going to be that popular out there.. few understand the game let alone play it .. and, as its confined to children and young teenage girls in the us, its never going to develope the way it has IN SOUTH AMERICA , AFRICA AND EUROPE where it is played so much better .

2285 days ago


and talking about useless, when are we going to stop those nasty ass rappers from coming over here to spread their vermin and those nasty skank celebutants like paris hilton from coming over here to spread diseases...?. yuk...

2285 days ago


I can't believe everyone is making the ENTIRE sport fall on one man's shoulders. As if! Beckham is great, dont' get me wrong but to think that he is responsible for all things football/soccer is foolish. Be glad he brought enthusiasm to a neglected sport!

2285 days ago
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