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Charlie to Denise: LOSER!

7/21/2008 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's rep tried to rip Denise a new one, but she's fired right back at him.

After court today (Denise asked a judge to restrict Charlie's access to the kids because the children are having problems), Sheen's rep told TMZ, "... Denise...went to court a second time this morning. She received the same result that she did on July 17. Richards lost for the second time in seeking to change any of the custodial arrangements..."

Richards' lawyer, Neal Hersh, fired back, "What Charlie's reps are not telling you are the orders the judge made specifically directed toward Charlie. Charlie keeps on trying to talk about a winner or a loser but clearly no one would consider those orders a victory for Charlie. As usual, he was simply trying to attack Denise rather than focus on his children."

Hersh adds today's order "will finally force Charlie to focus on his children."

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My son and I use to watch his show, but now I could care less about him after the N comment he used. He makes me sick to my stomach now. I like Denise though.

2284 days ago


Maybe they are havng problems because their mom is letting tv cameras follow them around everywhere. They have no privacy, no normal life

2284 days ago

paul dennis reid    

" the kids are having problems "

MORE appropriately;

" they seemed to have developed a fake horse laugh from my family of donkeys "

you can't soar with the eagles if you hang out with turkeys............

2284 days ago


They should both have had their tubes tied a loooong time ago, just like Brad and Angeline. Whoops I'll give at least Charlie and Denise some credit for at least having gotten married prior to having children!

2284 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

I really like Denise. I have to be honest and say I didn't until I saw her show. She certainly changed my perception of her. She seems pretty down to earth and she obviously loves her girls.

2284 days ago

lori S    

if she is so worred about the childern why is she putting them on tv that show of hers. They watch there mother act like a tarmp. she take the show off the air and think about the children and not her self. I think he is thinking about the the children is watch out for them. I do not see them on show at all.

2284 days ago


Charlie, was she a loser before you married her and had two kids... Or just all of a sudden...

2284 days ago

Fed-EX would not be any better!!!    

Denise is doing this because her show's ratings are low and she wants to make the show more about her life as a single mother. Currently, she's restricted to only allow her children on camera a certain amount of time because Charlie didn't want them participating at all. If Denise gets full custody then she could consent to them being on the show however much she wants. This is according to her in an interview she did a few weeks ago.

So it is no surprise she is back in court trying to mess with Charlie's parental rights. She won't quit until she gets full custody, in every sense of the word, which means the girls suffer as she fights this bitter battle with Charlie and continues to paint him as the bad guy. I don't care what anyone says, there is no way her feelings towards Charlie do not spill over to the girls.

She's a toxic parent and a bad person.

2284 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

Ohhhh...isn't that sweet? Mentally handicapped "Lori" left a comment. So cute!

2284 days ago


The reality show is the only paycheck she can collect because she can not act to get a real show. This show will tank - she wasn't anyone before so why the hell would this show make her anyone? Poor girls - their mother is whoring them out for her own financial gain. It's certainly not for the girls - they don't need mommies whore money with Charlie as their dad. Of course as usual, it's all about her.

2284 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

Ohhhh...isn't that sweet? Mentally handicapped "Lori" left a comment. So cute!

2284 days ago


We, the general public, will never really know the true facts of what goes on between these two and in their homes. What is sad, though, is that neither one of them will back off for the sake of their girls. Why hasn't the judge mandated that they sit down together with a family counselor and be forced to act like adults? Having said all that, I actually like each of them individually. Together, however, I think they're toxic. This is a classic case of two decent people who bring out the absolute worst in each other. I hope that the judge will order them to counseling, individually, together, and with their daughters so that all of this petty vindictive, and spiteful behavior will stop. Their daughters are the real losers here.

2284 days ago


People need to stop judging other people. Denise is taking responsibility and working hard to be a good mom. No one is perfect in this world.

"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path." by Paulo Coelho.

When you judge someone you are only looking at yourself.

2284 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I read on another site that Charlie's lawyer said that the only thing that was changed is how the girls are transported between their two houses. Nothing else about the custody agreement was changed.

2284 days ago


Sad, that people like "Poor Kids" and "Lori" are too quick to judge. No one really knows what goes on these two people lives except for what we see on television or what we hear from the news. Not one of us who are a fly in the wall who could listen and watch these people lives. No one know what they go through. Their lives are out in the open regardless they are on television, movies or just walking on the street.

If Denise Richards has a reality show on television to support her children so be it. More power to her. At least, she is not milking the welfare system or asking the government for handouts. There are so many people in this country who are asking the government to support their kids. So please people, don't judge people who are trying to find a way to support their kids.

2284 days ago
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