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Cyn Carries the Big Bat in Chez Rod

7/21/2008 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out that Cynthia Rodriguez might be the heaviest hitter in the Rod-House after all.

So say his pals, who tell Rush & Molloy that C is an emotionally abusive wife who was the real brainwasher, letting Alex see other women and forcing him to un-brown himself. In fact, C-Rod wouldn't even let A-Rod eat Spanish food and tried to whitewash his Dominican heritage.

All the headgames were finally too much for A-Rod, who has been asking for big D for a year.

Brit Walking, Talking, Recording

Britney Spears is closer to normal human function than she's been in years –- so much so that her hotshot lawyer is calling her progress "astonishing."

For one, she's "definitely" in the studio, pumping out a new record, says FOX News, and that it will be out by mid-December. It's being billed as a "follow-up" to the floppy "Blackout," with many of the same producers and writers ... but without the MTV VMAs meltdown and subsequent head-shaving.

Meanwhile, Brit was out and about last night at an autism event, and her hottie disso-queen lawyer Laura Wasser remarked that was doing very well.

Party Favors: Bette B Goode Goes Toe-to-Er-Toe for Air G Finals ... Lance – Dancing with the Married?

Who knew that air guitar could be such a hazard to one's health? We're told that Bette B Goode literally lost a toe at last weekend's Cuervo Black Air Guitar championship, but will be back for the finals August 8th, one piggy short. ... Lance Bass has gotten all hot 'n' heavy with a male trainer, but the workout guy's got a little secret – he's married to a woman, according to the New York Post.


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2288 days ago



2288 days ago


A-Rod is scared of his wife so he's running off to....... Madonna? HAHAHAHA! Is this guy off base or what?

2288 days ago


I agree Kay, from one alleged control freak, to another proven one. The grass always looks greender on the other side. Anyway, he's the punk if he let his wife get away with these things. No sympathy here.

2288 days ago


Oops greener.

Why does TMZ have to have such a small font in the "add your comments" box? I, obviously, have trouble reading such small print. Does anyone know if there is a way to make it larger?

2288 days ago


Those are the most ridiculous allegations I've ever heard. How many women let their man see other women? Is this all ARod and his divorce team can come up with? I feel bad for his girls.

2288 days ago


The headshaving came first.

Get your useless celebrity gossip trivia chronology right, TMZ.

2288 days ago


Of course HIS friends would say she is the bad guy, they're HIS friends. So, he's been wanting a divorce for over a year now--like she's the one that has been holding him back. Well now, since she is the one that is actually filing the papers, there should be no problem. Right?

C'mon, surely someone can do better than this.

2288 days ago


That is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. She brainwashed him? I'm sure. And he's been ASKING for a divorce for a year yet he got her pregnant and they had another baby just recently? I like the ASKING part too... is he a child or is he a man. If he really wanted a divorce, wouldn't he have just taken his load of money and filed himself?

2288 days ago


You never know what goes on in a relationship between two people outward appereances can be decieviing, I have freind a woman who was the emotiional abuser to her husband ( a big guy by the way but very nice) so you would not have suspected it. It was not until she/ they both went into therapy to deal with their issues, she as the abuser and he as the victim that things changed. After much work they are still together and very happy. It does happen, we always think of abuse from a man but their can be abuse from the other side too. She is still my friend by the way but a much better person for facing her demons .

2288 days ago


"Spanish" food is food from Spain, quite distinct and unlike what one would eat in the Dominican Republic. "Hispanic", "Latin", "traditional", "Dominican", or "Caribbean" food would be a better way to phrase it. Sure, even these terms have their opponents and/or ambiguities, but none denotes the wrong country altogether or calls a local food the name of the language spoken in the region of origin.

2288 days ago


It's the he said, she said BS, and now their friends are involved. And obviously they should get divorced, because of all the crap between them. And I know most of you are feeling sorry for Cynthia because of the stuff Alex has done to her, but for all we know, she could have been cheating on him as well....she just hasn't been caught unless the tapes that she believes Alex has recorded has incriminating evidence that she doesn't want anyone to know about. And some of you are scoffing at the fact that she was brainwashing him and "whitewashing" his heritage from him. But what so you guys really know? She's known him for 13 years and knew everything about him, but decides to marry him and have kids with him? She's a gold digger....and the only people I truly feel sorry for are the kids. You can't deny the kids of their heritage no matter what was going on between you and your spouse.

2287 days ago


too bad alex has behaved like a "mamita" as they say here in the dominican reupublic, and if what he says is true he really screwed up here in d.r. cause when alex is mentioned here they call him the "gringito" i hope he can clean up that image, many dominicans (inculding myself) have felt bad cause of the way he protrayed his heritage. Dont deny what you are, especially if your a baseball player, ( with so many great domincan players!) where your roots are from, I was also born in NY and i feel honored to say that i am both American and Dominican.

2287 days ago


According to ARod's pals...and we all know that men are completely honest in their rantings about their wives when they talk to their friends. "Oh man, she was griping at me when I came home last night." And the part that's left out is "...when I came home last night. At 4:30AM, drunk, smelling like perfume that my wife doesn't wear, with an undergarment in my pocket, an undergarment not belonging to my wife..."

Please, men are always out to paint the woman as a crazy nag so they can justify their own behavior. Maybe it's true in this case but just as likely, it's not true. Cheating men are not known for their objectivity.

I was wondering how long it would take for the tide to turn, where A-Rod isn't really guilty of being a horrible guy because...IT'S THE WIFE'S FAULT. What else can you expect from the misogynist whacks in the Thirty Mile Zone.

2287 days ago

Donna S.    

She did not "LET" him.....................? He is a grown man who I am sure ate what he pleased and who I am sure was not going to be "unBROWNED", whatever the heck THAT means.

What, are his people bringing out the race card, already? Fix his reputation by trying to paint the mother of his chldren as being a racist? Uncool!

2287 days ago
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