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Halle Berry Baby Plummets ... In Price

7/21/2008 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bucking the baby photo pimping trend, Halle Berry revealed the first pics of her four-month-old daughter to people, not People.

Halle won't sell the pictures of baby Nahla to the tabloids. Instead she just showed off the adorable photos while shopping over the weekend in L.A.

We're hearing some paparazzi are pissed, because they wanted the first shot of the kid -- a shot that could have gone for millions. Good luck getting that now.


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GREAT to see this as the new trend in celebrity-world!!
GO Nicole Kidman, and Halle Berry
Let's put an end to the baby-pimpers trying to pass as "humanitarians" ... like Brangelina

2286 days ago


The problem I have with people giving the photo money to charity is that they're not giving the money, the magazine is. If you want to do real charity, give your own money. I am glad that there are people out there not wanting to whore their children out to the tabloids, even if it is for "charity".

2286 days ago


good for her! it just shows she's a parent first and a celeb second. celebs sell the first pics to the highest tabloid bidder. a REAL mom/celeb does just what halle did....she didn't sell out her baby. other celebs should follow her example.

2286 days ago


its a black baby, black blood is very strong, i highly suggest blacks stick with blacks, its so wrong otherwise

2286 days ago


sell the pics Halle and give the money to me I need the help. I need the money to take a typing class so I can be FIRST on 3rd page

2286 days ago


You people are forgetting that she already turned down offers because she felt they did not pay enough. She wanted more than a mil but the mags said no way. So now (and this is no accident) she has been seen out with the baby the past couple of days and being very careful NOT to show her face, yet hoping to put pressure on the media from the public for her baby's pic. The whole thing is crazy. A woman had a baby, well yeah, most do and those babies are no less beautiful or special. you people act like it's the second coming.

2286 days ago


Their child's image isn't for sale? What a classy couple!

2286 days ago


re: ella.....can you possibly get anymore ignorant and racist than you already appear to be? it takes a very small person to say that one race should stick together when it comes to love and family, or anything else for that matter. people like you are why we have so many racial problems in this world. family is family no matter what the race/races are. i've seen plenty of ignorant comments about race on here, but i must say yours takes the cake. you should be ashamed of yourself.

its a black baby, black blood is very strong, i highly suggest blacks stick with blacks, its so wrong otherwise

Posted at 4:38PM on Jul 21st 2008 by ella

2286 days ago


Good for her. She didn't have a baby to make money.

2286 days ago


Now that is the best mom in the world. Finally a star that actually loves their child and is proud of them and doesn't use them for money because they are to lame to work or do the charity themselves. HALLE BERRY IS THE BEST MOTHER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH... This mother is for real unlike the others who go for the money. It doesn't matter the amount of money you get or what you do with it, you are still selling you baby. I seriously thought that that was illegal. Obviously I was wrong. Hell if I win the lottery then I can finally by a baby for charity events. LMAO

2286 days ago


#22- if you reaaly beleive these people give the money to charity........then I have some crap I would like to sell you!

2286 days ago


The fact that they zoomed in on her showing a friend Nahla's picture is creepy.

2286 days ago



2286 days ago


Kudos to Halle, Real people whip out pictures of their kids to share with others, not sell the pic for 11 million. Even if the $$$$ goes to charity, it's still wrong to sell you kids.

2286 days ago


Oh Puhlease!!! This woman slept with David Justice and Eric Benet on the FIRST night that she met them! This is NOT a virtuous woman by any stretch! She is just showing her baby because the tabloids said "Hell to the No!" when she demanded more than 1 million. This woman is fake (e.g., nose and boobs) and her acting seriously sucks! She is a fool and this is why she will NEVER find a quality man to love her. She has too many issues and has banged many white producers to get ahead. I hope that she teaches her daughter better values than she has herself! No wonder Gabriel looks totally miserable with her.

2286 days ago
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