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Khloe's DUI Excuse: Dead Wrong

7/21/2008 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning -- and explained her DUI by saying: "Right around the time that I actually got pulled over was the anniversary of my father's death."Click to listen!
But there's a big problem: Khloe was arrested on March 4 last year. Her father died in 2003 ... on September 30.

Even the episode description of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in which her arrest was reenacted is: "On the anniversary of her dad's death, Khloe spirals out of control and gets busted for a DUI."


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2250 days ago

Illinois person    

Is she kidding? I've lost both of my parents and still no DUI. Too bad she isn't doing her father's memory any favors. Guess she's too worried about her own reflection in the mirror. What bunch of pigs these Kardashians are. I've got news for Gaycrest, these whores aren't news.

2250 days ago

Sick of Hollywood    

These girls are trash. What I can't get over is how Bruce Jenner got sucked into this life. Lindsay, Paris, all the OC girls, etc = out of control and need to serve the maximum jail time for their crimes. Who cares if their mom and a fat cow in denial and her stepdad is a wimpy lacky boy on TV?

2250 days ago


These rich kids have no sense of reality. They want for nothing, they certainly never work for anything. Rich Mom & Dad use (abuse) their children to show the world how damn rich they are. Case in point, Kimora Lee. She should be indicted for child abuse. She is teaching her daughters to be snotty, arrogant, talentless bitches just like she is.

2250 days ago


Thanks TMZ for fact checking this false story she peddled on national TV. What a loser.

2250 days ago


Using Dad as an excuse? leave it to that trash to do it. What a class act this family is. Please drop their show, and refrain from following them. The world has enough problems without having to be exposed to this crap too.

2250 days ago


All you have to do is get one of them pregnant and you are settled for life by taking custody and getting all of their money!!!!! Khloe is the easiest. Just get her drunk again. So she's fat. She's also got a fat bank account!

2250 days ago

paul dennis reid    

just another DISCARDashian
" hogging up " a spotlight.

kl*HOE is as wide as kim is tall.......

2250 days ago


She misspoke - she meant around the time of her father's BIRTHDAY - His birthday was Feb. 22 - she was pulled over March 4th.
It's not the anniversary of his death.

2250 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

I'm one of the few that voted that yes its a good excuse. People are being asses. If one of them breaks a fingernail, they'll get stoned, eat a gallon of ice cream or get totally bombed and drive the car because they think they're fine. Its so easy to sit home and judge people. None of these people are being truthful. Anybody would get "fill in the blank" on the anniversary of their fathers death if they were close to him. What happened to people just being nice and treating others how they'd like to be treated? Is that gone forever?

Leave this beautiful, rich, spoiled girl alone. LOL No denying she is rich and probably spoiled. So what? I WISH I were and so does everyone else here. Whatever, this will be history soon. Just ride the wave KK. Ride the wave.

2250 days ago


Khloe please stop using your father's death for your own personal gain. I was nine, my brother was 5 and my sister was 2 when we lost our father to the Lou Garrick's disease and you do not see us out there getting drunk and doing stupid stuff. I am not going to insult you but simply ask to please stop coming up with excuses that you in you heart know are B***S***! Just admit it that you did something wrong and pay your debt to society. AND MOVE ON!!!!

2250 days ago


Even if it was the anniversary thats not an excuse and i am sure he would smack her in the face for using that as one. the whole family is sick. they are pathetic. They show is lame and pointless. kims ass isn't hot, its sick. why would a guy want a fat flabby ass flopping all over him like a fish out of water? and most of them aren't even pretty.

2250 days ago


LMAO Hil. That is hysterical. I've never seen the mother so I looked up a picture....she does look like the joker! Khloe using her father's bday, anniversary of death or anything as an excuse is DISGUSTING! What's her excuse for all the other times she was drinking & driving or taking drugs & driving, etc. Guess, this is just the only time she got caught. All these losers are only sorry they got caught.

2250 days ago


What a liar; the nerve of this bitch. Typical hollywood arrogance. Doesn't matter if it's the truth or not, makes excuses for your bad behavior, while trying to distract everyone from the fact that it's totally her fault; she accountable for her own actions, but, being a spoiled rich bitch, she won't admit to it. So, she plays the "I'm traumatized" card to explain why she chose to drive while drunk. Unbelievable; probably got it from that bitch of a mother of hers. While her father was no saint, he'd be turning over in his grave if he heard this outragous lie being put on him.

2250 days ago


What an idiot. Like this is a good reason to drive drunk?? Why these people even rate press is beyond me.

2250 days ago
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