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Martha Turns Dog Pee Into Lemonade

7/21/2008 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a new pup making a splash on bathroom blogs around the world.

Martha Stewart's French Bulldog, Sharkey, made water on the carpet recently. But there's a good thing to be found in every bad one. In Martha's world, a urine stain becomes a carpet cleaner marketing opportunity.

Look at those eyes -- Martha may not have him house broken, but she has broken his spirit.


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2284 days ago

Nelson Muntz    

TMZ, Martha's animals are cared for better than most humans are! That dog's spirit is not broken - you are crazy.

2284 days ago


Great post, have contacted them for suppliers in Canada!

2284 days ago


Wouldn't it have been impressive if Martha had ADOPTED a dog from a shelter or breed rescue instead of buying this pitiful puppy mill creature?

These fad bulldogs are coming from puppy mills like this or from middle European pits!

All the bulldogs (and other puppies) sold through the pet stores, web sites, and classifieds are FROM PUPPY MILLS.

Really badly bred, overpriced dogs like this one that have all kinds of health problems.

2284 days ago


I'm so sick of Martha Stewart I wish she'd just dry up and blow away.

2284 days ago

Mr. Know It All    

Another b*tch that can't control her man. Martha is so 1990.

2284 days ago


#5 Martha did not get her dog from a puppy mill. Her dogs come from respected breeders.

2284 days ago


Betsy, Sharkey appears to be a healthy, beautifully bred French Bulldog. He is not a fad nor a pitiful creature.

2284 days ago


Right on, Betsy. You expressed my thoughts exactly.

Can you imagine how many animals would be saved if Martha took up the cause of homeless animals?

And, Anne, one sometimes cannot tell from an animal the conditions in which it was born and raised. Unless you see firsthand the breeder's facilities, one cannot state that the animal is "beautifully" bred.

I just hope this does not start another trend, like the Taco Bell chihuahuas or the 1001 dalmations. I rescue animals, and I am still running across discarded chihuahuas left out in the yard or on the end of a chain in all kinds of weather.

Bulldogs have also been ruined by breeders and the people who support them. They have major respiratory problems (hence the snoring) and their hips have been bred so narrow that it is almost impossible for them to give birth without assistance.

Until there are none, adopt one.

2284 days ago


@Betsy Where did you read that she bought her dogs from a puppy mill??

I have two Frenchies that I bought from a breeder--not a puppy mill.

Are you just assuming to make a point?

2284 days ago


FYI, I did try to adopt a dog.

At the time, I didn't want a Lab, Chow, or Pit Bull mix to bring home to my kids.

I chose Frenchies because I like the breed. Plain and simple.

I've had my dogs for two years and yes, one snores relentlessly.

Does that make him a bad breed and me a bad person??? I guess so.

2284 days ago


It's all about making money! These dogs are bred, sold & eventually discarded. People breed them to make money, the concern is fake! That's why there are so many strays running loose. People think they want these dogs/cats and when it doesn't turn out the way they want, the animals are discarded. That's the sad part! Send all these creatures across the border to Mexico, they can run wild and fit right in! Maybe they will get scooped up and end up in Jose Jesus Esteban Rico's surprise stew!!!

2284 days ago

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