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Warring Videos at Center of Denise vs. Charlie

7/21/2008 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards both say they couldn't be happier with the latest courtroom custody battle -- a battle that has a lot to do with home video.

TMZ has learned Richards' lawyer, Neal Hersh, came armed with home video from Denise, showing her kids acting out in a way Denise found alarming. Hersh would not comment on the video, but we're told the way the kids have been acting is why she wants restrictions on Charlie's contact with the kids. We also know the videos were not shown in court.

And it gets better ...

On the other side, Charlie's lawyer, Fern Wender, brought her own video to court, courtesy of Charlie. We're told this video shows the kids acting just fine.

Hersh said, "Denise could not be happier with the order. She fully intends to support these orders and only hopes that Charlie will support those orders and follow them."

Denise Richards: Click to watchWender says Charlie was very happy the court commissioner only granted the innocuous portions of what Denise was asking for, and denied everything else. Hersh fired back, "It is shameful that he is trying to keep a tally on who won and who lost. The judge granted certain orders and denied others. This was about an emergency situation regarding her children."

Charlie's camp says the Commish did not find any emergency to justify changes to the current custodial arrangement. As for keeping score, Charlie's peeps point out that it was Hersh who invited the media to attend this morning's hearing, not them. They also add that all Charlie wants is what's best for his young children, including keeping these court hearings private.

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2229 days ago

S John Reed    

These people should GROW UP using the kids to do battle with your ex is not cool

2229 days ago


This woman needs to grow up and do what is right for her girls. She should be looking in the mirror at herself and seeing what she is doing to harm those girls instead of always blaming someone else.


2229 days ago


That psycho. One of their reasonably famous neighbours has repeatedly mentioned how Denise will call the paparazzi to let them kow when she and her kids will be out and about. It's the only way she can guarantee she won't be forgotten as she is, at best, a very poor actress.

2229 days ago


She is nuts. I'm watching her show right now. She is complaining about being too fat for a bikini in Hawaii in front of the paps. In the next breath, she is on a scale weighing herself, and just lets the towel drop, buck naked in front of the cameraman. I didn't like her, then had second thoughts after seeing the show a couple of times. She is so sad about her mom. But now I can see I was right...she is just phony and a little off her rocker.

2229 days ago



2229 days ago


Now we know Denise is just being nitpicky. She needs to get over it.

2229 days ago


This from a has-been chick who is constantly in a bikini

2229 days ago


"her" children? Are they not his children as well? This skanky Denise needs to let it go. She is a B movie actress that has a crappy reality show that shows her true self. "Her" children will learn a lot from her potty mouth and her actions. Those girls are not dumb and they will understand more than she thinks.

Go some place and sit the heck down Denise!

2229 days ago


Has the Judge seen Denise's show? It's not hard to see where they are learning bad behavior from. She swears up a storm, talks inappropriate and dresses and acts like a wh0re. Maybe this judge needs to wake up and see who is really the bad parent here.

2229 days ago


what kind of behavior could Denise find upsetting. Perhaps her kids ran off with Heathers husband.

2229 days ago


These two need to grow up and act like civilized adults for the benefit of the kids. Take a clue from Demi and Bruce, or Kate and Chris.............They do not realize the only people that are being hurt by their idiotic childish behavior are the kids. Wait till they are teens or adults and find this stupid behavior acceptable. They will be the kind of parents that step back and say "I don't know where I went wrong" "Why are my kids acting this way"

2229 days ago

mickey lou    

They both need to grow up! The Sheen's don't have a very good history when it comes to behavior! I think I've seen gramps in handcuffs!

2229 days ago


Little kids acting up? How shocking! Better get them away from Denise before they become teenagers. Her delicate constitution wouldn't be able to stand that.

2229 days ago


I hate her laugh!

2229 days ago
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