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Warring Videos at Center of Denise vs. Charlie

7/21/2008 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards both say they couldn't be happier with the latest courtroom custody battle -- a battle that has a lot to do with home video.

TMZ has learned Richards' lawyer, Neal Hersh, came armed with home video from Denise, showing her kids acting out in a way Denise found alarming. Hersh would not comment on the video, but we're told the way the kids have been acting is why she wants restrictions on Charlie's contact with the kids. We also know the videos were not shown in court.

And it gets better ...

On the other side, Charlie's lawyer, Fern Wender, brought her own video to court, courtesy of Charlie. We're told this video shows the kids acting just fine.

Hersh said, "Denise could not be happier with the order. She fully intends to support these orders and only hopes that Charlie will support those orders and follow them."

Denise Richards: Click to watchWender says Charlie was very happy the court commissioner only granted the innocuous portions of what Denise was asking for, and denied everything else. Hersh fired back, "It is shameful that he is trying to keep a tally on who won and who lost. The judge granted certain orders and denied others. This was about an emergency situation regarding her children."

Charlie's camp says the Commish did not find any emergency to justify changes to the current custodial arrangement. As for keeping score, Charlie's peeps point out that it was Hersh who invited the media to attend this morning's hearing, not them. They also add that all Charlie wants is what's best for his young children, including keeping these court hearings private.

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I actually like her. She may be nitpicky but ya know we really dont know what happends in their life so there for she is just doing what she thinks is right. but i dont agree that charlie shouldnt see the kids thats not right but i mean kids are going to act out when parents split so you never know but i like her.

2253 days ago


Her kids never look happy around her. I can see why, she's a hateful whore.

2253 days ago


Get off her case people! I can't figure out why alot of people believe Charlie. Nobody knows what kind of mother she is or what kind of father Charlie is.I watch her show and i think it's great.

2253 days ago

Triple Play    

Denise is a pitiful woman. She has lost all of whatever dignity she ever had If she didn't have a firing body she would be a waitress in a diner in Nebraska.I can see why he is happy without her . SHShe is an evil woman not unlike my EX wife

2253 days ago


You guys are so harsh. It's obvious that you believe everything you see and hear. You need to remember that Charlie Sheen is the addict and abuser. Denise Richards is just trying to be a single mom the best she can. If you've ever known a single mom, you know it's not easy. The true colors will come out when Charlie starts his crap up with Brooke.

2253 days ago


We all know Denise is a big drama queen who is playing games in order to get in the news to hopefully improve her ratings on that crap show of hers.


2253 days ago


I was just cruising the web trying to find some interesting stories and came across this page of hatred. I am not saying that she and her ex do not need to seriously re-evaluate and make drastic life changes but my God you people have some serious hatred in you. Get a life...and better yet stop judging someone elses.

2253 days ago


Denise- Prove the kid's behavior isnt something learned by peers at school, or better yet, prove they arent acting out because of hostile conduct between the two of you!, Kids become damage by fighting and they arent stupid!

2253 days ago


A lot of hate for her here, yet her show is still on the air, and she is making lots of money. So who is having the last laugh, hmmmm?

2253 days ago


Why is everyone bagging on her? She isnt perfect - none of us are but I dont rmember her having history with hookers, drugs, married to a stripper for a month, on her 3rd marriage, using the "n" word, telling him she hopes he dies like his cancer mother, etc.This guy is obviously a total loser. Whether she is doing this for attention or he has a problem, if we look at the past (which is all we can do because we dont know them) I would have to side with her because Charlie has had many legal problems and a history or sex and drug abuse. She may be a little nutty sure but she doesnt have ANY history of the sort Charlie does extensively so ihave to think there is some credance to her problems with him in regards to the children.

2253 days ago

Fed-EX would not be any better!!!    

If and when Charlie ever really does something which is harmful to the kids, no one will believe Denise because she has cried wolf so many times she is a living joke.

How much longer until Denise has a complete psychotic breakdown??? She is going to drive her kids as nuts as she is if she keeps this crap up for much longer.

2253 days ago


Hmm, girls acting out while with Denise. Look in the mirror bitter bitch.

2253 days ago


Was that Denise's lame father with her? How much is he being paid to be in her 'show'? He's a video whore too. If her daughters are behaving inappropriately maybe it's from being with her. Maybe grandpa is a pervert. Who knows what these people are doing to those little girls. Only time will tell.

Years from now an x-rated Mommie Dearest will be coming out.

2253 days ago


two words....FREE PRESS. She's doing everything she can to keep her name out there.

2253 days ago


I think Denise & Charlie deserved each other 100%! Too bad you don't have to pass some sort of test prior to pro-creating because then these two wouldn't have 2 little girls who will ultimately pay the price for their effed up parents. Makes me sad. Two more Hollywood kids we'll be reading about getting arrested in 10-12 years.

2253 days ago
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