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Cash, Money, Moms: Why Bale Was Busted

7/23/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian BaleSources tell TMZ Christian Bale has had a long-standing difficult relationship with his mom and Bale's camp believes the motivation for the whole assault charge may be $$$.

We're told when Christian's mom and dad divorced nearly two decades ago, his mom forced him to choose between the two. Christian picked his dad, and father and son moved out to L.A. in 1992, where his dad became his manager.

Somehow Bale's relationship with the mom has been "bitter" ever since. Bale has told friends his mother was extremely jealous of both his and his dad's success.

Last Sunday, Bale let his mom and sis into his hotel suite, though it was by no means an olive branch. As we first reported, there was physical contact, but somewhere in between a push and a brush. No one fell and no one was hurt.

Christian's camp thinks this could be nothing more than a shakedown. We're told some newspapers and mags have already been throwing around "insane" amounts of money for the story, so mom and sis could score big.

But our sources say the cops are starting to see the whole thing Christian's way, and the charges could disappear faster than Batman.


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Mrs Joe Jackson    

She is his mother.. and obiviously.... a useless one. Bad Mother.. Pig.. Hanger on... They/she deserved to be abused. Absolute pigs.

2280 days ago


the bitch deserves a smack down

2280 days ago


Hi! The movie was horrible. Poorly edited and directed. Hollywood.... pay!

2280 days ago


Looks like he chose the right parent.

2280 days ago

su.san smith    

The Mom and Sister should be hung in the Tower of London for this crap. This is just a load of crap on the Mom & Sister's part. Christian did nothing wrong, I am sure of it.

2280 days ago


I love the fuzz around his mouth.He's pretty.Pretty danged ugly

2280 days ago


i felt something was a bit untoward with the way both mum and daughter waited untill the following afternoon to report to the cop shop about this so called "assault" something is not quite right here.. and it looks like money is the root of this evil.. its difficult to call as its a family matter and when a child is forced to choose between parents its never a good thing.. i wish crhistian bale all the best . and only god will judge him on what happened..however am inclinded to take his side against his mother.. maybe cos in my mind he is still that cute kid who took on the role in that war film and thats how i still see him...

2280 days ago


How utterly freaking sleazy!
That is about as low as it gets.
The truth will ALWAYS surface, take note you pathetic pieces of crap! (his "family")

2280 days ago


Any parent that makes you choose one parent over the other is no parent at all and has only their selfish egoic selves at heart, not their childs; and they certainly aren't entitled to anything either.

2280 days ago


Regardless Christian Bale has no right to hit his mother and sister. All he had to do is walk or run away. TMZ spin is funny. He is still acting in the role he played in american psycho. I would hate see what he would do to a TMZ reporter.

2280 days ago

K Planet    

I find it funny that this time last year TMZ had nothing to do or say about Christian Bale. Now, and very conveniently, after The Dark Knight smashed box office records TMZ has decided to take a shot at Mr. Bale. You guys are truly a work of art. Keep up your sad job!

2280 days ago

Gin Spears 2    

I knew there had to be something to this story. Christian has always seemed like a humble, down to earth actor. Check out the extras on the DVD for The New World. He's been an excellent actor in every role he has done. He should have been considered for an Oscar in the movie Machinist. I feel bad for him now. What an awful mother and an awful ploy to make money from him. Oh and did I mention that he is soooo gorgeous!

2280 days ago


I'm not a huge fan of his or anything but for people who actually have family that are capable of this it is quite believable that his mother and sister timed it this way deliberately. No wonder he chose his Dad. Some of us know what it's like to be saddled with the original Mommy Dearest.

2280 days ago



2280 days ago


This post sounds almost exactly like the post on perezhilton, which he probably ripped from TMZ.

The perezhilton post:

"Every day hour we're learning a bit more about the "incident" between Christian Bale and his mother and sister.

As we mentioned yesterday, there might be some bitterness between Bale and his mother, a former clown.

When Bale's parent's divorced years ago, his mom forced him to choose which parent he wanted to live with.

Christian moved to L.A. and chose his dad, who later became his manager.

And as for the police charges, Bale's camp believes it is most likely motivated by money.

Apparently his mother was "extremely jealous of both his and his dad's success."

As for the "assault" that took place last Sunday at his hotel room, it's been reported there was some physical contact, but nothing violent. It's being described as either a push or a brush, though no one was hurt or even fell.

However, his people still believe the main reason behind filing the charges is purely financial reasons.

As of today, some magazines have already been offering large amounts of money for the mom and sister's story.

We say, forget the mom! If she wants to offer the story for free, then let her. But if not, don't pay her a nickel.

If she really wants to tell her story and isn't motivated by money, she'll do it for free."

2280 days ago
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