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TMZ Photog Hits Novak With His Best Shots

7/23/2008 9:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Novak -- the conservative dude on TV who outed Valerie Plame -- hit a pedestrian today in D.C. It was only fair for us to hit him with every possible question about his driving ... especially his driving a Corvette.


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SIck of Morons    

Richard Armitage outed Valerie Plame if you care about factual information here.

2252 days ago


So what if he drives a Corvette? The important thing is--- is he a competent driver... It doesn't seem so...

2252 days ago


If he drives a Corvette that means he has "man issues".

2252 days ago


TMZ, time to close the blinds and go home because this site is getting worse by the day. Harvey, I didn't think there was a job worst than ambulance chaser but you found it. You sir, are a pathetic jerk that sucks the life out of people for money.

2252 days ago


I still don't get how he wasn't implicated for something illegal. It sure seems treasonous to be spouting off on air about Valerie Plame's "front" company and outing it as a front to millions of people. That alone should have been a red flag that maybe she was covert and maybe he should have dug deeper before shooting his big mouth off. No wonder our intelligence is bad. Who wants to tell anything to the likes of us?

2252 days ago


I know this guy. He has a conscience. He IS a good guy. Say anything you want, you can't change the fact that he made a mistake, and he is still a good guy.

2252 days ago


No sympathy from me for this negligent vehicle operator. I was struck while walking in a pedestrian crosswalk. I had the legal right-of-way and green light. The police let the guy who struck me go free even though he drove away and was chased down by another guy waiting at the red light. The negligent guy returned to the scene and says, "what happened?" A [black] woman who was comforting me [white] lunged at him and shouted, "you're lucky you didn't kill her". I couldn't lift off the ground because of fractured bones in my legs and spine. Five years later, I am crippling and still suffer alot. Shame on you jerks for disregarding the pain and damage caused for the injury-victim.

2252 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Valerie Plame is gay? Who knew? Now, who is she?

2252 days ago


I must agree TMZ your getting pretty low to going on about a man who made a mistake. has no one in your offices ever made a mistake? Answer YES, you are all doing it right now.Some people dont deserve the SH"" you write. MOVE ON!!!REALLY!

2252 days ago


3. If he drives a Corvette that means he has "man issues".

Posted at 8:37PM on Jul 23rd 2008 by CoolGirl2008



2252 days ago


I saw Harvey (who looks pretty freaking old) driving a sports car with the top down talking on his cell phone acting like he was hot sh!t so not sure what is meant by the "corvette" comment.

2252 days ago


This guy will pay. You know why?? He;s old, not female, not blond, doesn't have big boobs, is not an idiot, hasn't been married six times. The great Justice system will go after him....unless he hires Gloria Aldred!

2252 days ago

Terry H    

This is actually the first time TMZ has done anything of value. Novak is a hit a run senile old fool who would have left this guy to die.

2252 days ago


TMZ How do you feel about Sen John Edwards DRIVING over to see his Lover and his love child at 2:45 in the morning and his wife home with the CANCER ? CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE

2252 days ago

BOEING 787    

I find it very bizarre that Bob Novak did not notice the "thunk" of the person that he hit
on his hood. What was he thinking when he did not notice that he struck a person and
someone had to tell him? yikes.

2252 days ago
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