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7/23/2008 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An estrogen-fueled beatdown erupted at a WNBA game last night culminating in a massive, violent pile-up at center court. Rick Mahorn, a 6'10", 270 lb. coach, was faced with a dangerous decision -- stay the hell out of it ... or get involved and run the risk of hitting a lady. Paging Don Imus!

If you ask Lisa Leslie, Rick made the wrong decision.

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Shouldn't they be in the Pacific Northwest scaring canpers?

2292 days ago


At least they are acting like men in a mans sport now all they have to do is play like a man.

2292 days ago


You didn't actually think that someone would infer from this something about "nappy-headed" behavior, did you? For shame! What would YOU call it?

2292 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

You beat me to it, "McCain",

Here we go...

2292 days ago


Harvey he did NOT hit the lady he pushed her trying to break it up.

2292 days ago


That jerk needs his head knocked off for shoving that girl.....what a real man!

2292 days ago


same thing as kid rock. Let me at her knowing good and well someone will break it up. Girl in white was wrong. Girl in blue should kick he arse

2292 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Is it just me? Why woudld anybody want to watch women playing basketball? It would be like watching a bunch of Gay men playing lawn hockey. Maybe women who like other women in that special way would be interested, but come on. . . after seeing M.J. play the game watching too tall women running up and down the boards is lame. I'll tell ya what.

2292 days ago


Why do they have to act this way? I guess it's no worse than men's ice hockey or men's basketball, but come on ladies you look like a bunch of street thugs. I feel a bit embarrassed by your behavior and I'm already sick and tired of seeing this footage played over and over in the media giving the racists another excuse to lump us all in the same category. We can do better! SMH

2292 days ago


The girl in the white had NO right to go after the girl in the blue..which I believe is candace parker? Anyways the girl in the white is probably just jealous of Parker's mad skills..for a girl.

And the fact that the dude shoved Lisa Leslie to the floor?! Sickening. It's one thing to try to break up the fight. It's another to go about it the way he did. Restrain the girls. Don't push.

Nice racist comment, TMZ.

2292 days ago

Colon Cleanse    


2292 days ago


This whole thing is just chaos. Well, at least it's bringing more attention to the women's game.

2292 days ago


To #13.….. Why are you so overly concerned, in what racists will think???????

2292 days ago


#18 I believe you referenced my comments #12 not 13. Overly concerned is a bit of a stretch... we all know what racists will think of this girl brawl as we are well aware of what racists think and how they think of any negative or less than flattering or heck even flattering images of us in the media. I just wish the media would spend more time airing issues of importance and less on images of people of color beating one another down. If you want to pick a cyber fight with me over my views so be it but I have better things to do with my time and will not entertain more of your comments. Regards.

2292 days ago


Funny the men who comment on how they don't care about women's basketball, yet take the time to go and respond about it. anyway...it is an unfortunate turn of events but this was the result of a lack of officiating and controlling the game all night long. I'm not saying who was right or wrong but Candace Parker had every right to defend herself when an out of control opponent is charging her. As far as Mahorn goes, he and Laimbeer are the same thugs they were with the Pistons. Go and grab your own players and keep your hands off of the other team. He is trying to play the innocent here but you laid your hands on a woman and you are not ignorant to how much bigger you are than them. Fines and suspensions all around unfortunately. Let's hope it was an aberration and not the norm. Not the kind of publicity I would like to see the WNBA get.

and for the record...I love all sports and can appreciate true talent when i see it..whether it be male or female form. and line em up...i have no doubt Candace Parker could beat any of her critics on the court.

2292 days ago
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