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Dr. Phil to McCready: Let Me Make You a TV Star

7/25/2008 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mindy and Dr. PhilCountry wreck Mindy McCready's trip to Dr. Phil-approved rehab comes with an added bonus -- a spot on Dr. Phil's couch.

While there were conflicting reports as to whether McCready was in rehab for addictions or for psychiatric issues, a source close to Mindz tells us she is at a Texas center that specializes in both drug addiction and mental health issues. Two for one.

We're told Dr. Phil set the whole thing up and will pop in to see her in a week or so. McCready will spend a total of 30 days at the facility and her rehabilitation will culminate with the taping of an in-studio appearance on "The Dr. Phil Show." Our sources tell us Mindy will attempt to explain how she doesn't think she has a problem. She's tellin' the story.


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We care about either one of them because?? They should both die already.

2281 days ago

woo hoo    

here we go again!

2281 days ago


One day at a time................Mindy!

But for, by the Grace of God go I.

2281 days ago


Is roger footing the bill for some of her mental issues?

2281 days ago

Best of luck, Mindy! Let's see you turn things around, come out with a great song and give folks something to write about other than you being a mess! You made it once, you can do it again (but for heaven's sake, stay away from Dr. Phil... what a parasite. First Britney and now Mindy? Yikes!)

2281 days ago


Paging Dr McGreedy.

2281 days ago

No Excuses    

Mindy McCready should be thanking her lucky drunk stars that Dr. Phil is helping her ungrateful sorry ass out. Who throws away the gift she's been given to live such a trashy existence? GROW UP and get you Sh*t together.

2281 days ago

where's the rest?    

Hey TMZ, i think you forgot to tell us that she suffered a miscarage, before trying to commit suicide. no i can't spell.

2280 days ago

Black Teef    

She's just a barrel of monkeys!

2280 days ago


Phil "Jerry Springer" McGraw is a hack. What use to be a semi-legitimate practice and show has turned into a freak show. Nobody is better off with his help.

2280 days ago

Michele in Nashville    

Mindy McCready is a perfect example of the "use and toss away" attitude of the music industry. When you're hot, everyone wants a piece of you. As soon as your numbers slip, you're tossed aside like last week's garbage. I've always felt sorry for this girl - she's probably not that educated, and she didn't have the best of childhoods, including the part where a much-older man (probably one of several) took advantage of her. She's also got substance abuse problems, and probably wasn't mentally tough enough to take the industry's rejection. Plus, she's got a little boy, but she's so mired in her own self-esteem and addiction issues to pull herself together for him. Good for Dr. Phil - he's willing to help her, and there aren't too many people out there (including her own family) who seem interested in doing that anymore. She's got a chemical imbalance and her kid is paying the price. I hope that Dr Phil can help her - she (and her son) deserve a happy, healthy "ever after."

2280 days ago


How sad. An unfortunate desperate enough to let the good Dr Phil exploit her all in the good name of ratings. Shame shame shame sheame shame.

2280 days ago


I woul like t be remove form your web. I was expecting more than another entainmnt tonight feature on my p.c. and I am not really that inerested in the human stars of this world and would very much like to have this progra m removed from my p.c. or informed how it may be done my me thank you AND OR TOOLBAR

2280 days ago

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