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Shanna and Kim: The Calm Before the Bitch Fight

7/25/2008 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Say what you will about Shanna, but she knows how to create dramatic tension. Before she poured fuel on the fire and drinks on Kim K., she ignored her foe in classic caddy lady style. The video was shot at the Carmen Electra party at the DKNY Jeans Beach House in Malibu.


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Dave the pig    

39. I've seen Kim's tape! She DOES NOT get pissed on!! (It was a STUPID Rumor) So anybody that is Still saying that is lookin REAL Stupid right about now!...... LET IT GO!!!!!!!

Posted at 4:57PM on Jul 25th 2008 by Just sayin.....


2246 days ago

Just sayin.....    

#40 Then if Kim does get pissed on describe what the "scene" looked like no one seems to be able to describe what the scene looks like! DESCRIBE..... (Where,how,reaction?)

2246 days ago

Team Kim    

Shanna needs to create whatever attention she can focus upon herself since her 15 minutes were up when Travis first dumped her ass.....

2246 days ago


Shanna you need to get a spray tan like everyone else has there. You look perfect from my stance but your at a party at Carmen Electra's house you should be prepared for things to be leaked out to the media. I mean c'mon look how fake Kim K looks! Her fake ass is standing there asking RayJ, "does it look good like this or like this?"..... So phony! It was probably her paid paps there recording it! Good thing she's wearing that ugly outfit to help hide her fat ass (Kim K)--
Shanna also honey your boobs are just to big for that outfit! You should wear something that supports you more up there :) But honestly Shanna you look AWESOME!! You definitely don't look like you had three babies! Carmen looks purrrrrfect as always :)

2246 days ago

hollywood joe    

Both of those talentless skanks need to get a life and disapperar into the sunset.

2246 days ago


People, are you serious?
There are Kim khardashian sex tapes on internet and someone is URINATING on her in an unedited version?????
And you men like this woman????

2246 days ago


KIM K is a nasty waste of space! Shanna looks great considering the camera angle and quality of it! "Smiles" up there is right!!! Thats Kim's paid paps recording it! How can anyone say that Kim looks better than Shanna??!! Kim is wearing a black outfit that hides her fat body and has on her long fake extensions. She's standing up throughout most of the recording! She looks "prepared" for it!! Shanna looks like a real person!! Why would Carmen want that skanky KIM K around anyways?? Don't listen to any of these evil haters on here Shanna!! You look fantastic! Kim looks like a nasty girl that likes to get peed on :P

2246 days ago


It's TRUE!! The bootleg version she does get pissed on! The other one has been edited! Because Kim didn't want everyone to see it! SHE APPROVED THIS SEX TAPE FOR RELEASE TO MAKE MONEY!!! because she can't make it in a legit way!! He pee's on her right there on the bed!! And she acts like she loves it even though she looks totally fake as always!! Go see for yourself! Shanna HAS EVERY RIGHT TO HATE A GIRL THAT WOULD TRY TO HURT HER FAMILY!! Even if it is over now-- she loved him than like she loves him now... it's the father of her children! And he loves her to- he just can't help his nasty ways. KIM IS A HOMEWRECKER!!

2246 days ago


#51 Thank you, thank you, thank you. Was the "bouncing chick" topless????

2246 days ago


Shanna isn't even married to her hubby any longer so I don't see what all the fuss is about. Just because she's a nobody and doesn't have a reality show anymore doesn't give her the right to be a bitch towards Kim. What she should do is make sure that that Oscar De pays child support for her daughter and not worry about what Kim does. Kim doesn't want her frail, skinny ass ex-hubby.

2246 days ago

benjamin tony atkins    

people wake up please !

travis barker is NO prize.

he WAS a musician in a 3rd rate
band & didn't write any of the music.

which means he basically going
to be broke and look at him ?


2246 days ago


um, shanna? sporting the softer side of sears, sweetie?

2246 days ago

Grammar Nazi    

Can someone please tell me what "caddy lady" means in this context? Do they mean "catty", or is this some hip youngster way of saying she's arrogant ( don't know)? Or what?

2246 days ago

benjamin tony atkins    


look at the guy;

travis barker looks like something
that splintered off a tommy lee stool.

this pencil-neck couldn't even be
a drum tech for an 80's band.....

2246 days ago


WEAR A BRA! After 3 kids her ta tas are a 34 long!

2246 days ago
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