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Madge Ghost Writes The Whip

7/27/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna has certainly looked like a ghost lately -- which could explain claims that she ghost-wrote parts of her brother's tell-all book!

Madge was allegedly in cahoots with her brother, Christopher Ciccone, who penned the book about his sister's crazy life -- and Madge went as far as writing parts of it, according to the NY Post.

There's no such things as bad press for Madonna -- who's been soaking up the attention from the perfectly timed A-Rod scandal too.


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Madonna is A washed out O WHORE that nobody cares about one ugly slut.did not like her then and don't like her know.

2218 days ago


of course she was in on it .Family or no family if she wasn't she would of had himin court by now.

2218 days ago


OMG to #15 I think maybe YOU SHOULD GET A LIFE!!

2218 days ago


She needs to have those cheek implants taken out.

2218 days ago

Ice Water    

She rolled around on her Mother's grave and had a dog sniff her stinky crotch for Christ's sake.
NOTHING this whore does would suprise anyone. And that, after the intitial shock value, has become BORING. Madonna, you're becoming an aged, caricature of yourself. Hang it up, honey. Let Kabbalah show you the way!


2218 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Kay, I wouldn't worry about Arod. He's too busy playing baseball ans raking in the dough to care what Madge is looking like now. It's not like he ever gave a d@mn about her or she about him.

damques, sorry but I never did like Madonna. I thought she was a skank and a slut way back when she started her career and have never seen any reason to change my mind. So she gives money to charity. Well, so do I and it's probably a larger percentage of my much smaller income. And the only reality show I ever watched is American Idol. So, darling, you're an idiot to make assumptions. Why don't you take a chill pill and climb off your high horse before you fall off and break something. Course, you might get lucky and land on your head. It's not like you're using it for anything other than to hold your ears apart.

Go Sox

2218 days ago


This is ridiculous.
Why would Madonna be involved with a book that makes her look bad?
And by the way, she and her brother have been on the outs for several years.

2218 days ago


So glad I didn't buy the book. I had a feeling she was complicit in it. I knew he wouldn't do it without her allowing it. What a joke he is now. It really is to promote her upcoming tour after all. She is trying to squeeze every bit of publicity to sell tickets. Just proves what I thought all along. Why doesn't she just stop and live off all the money she has already. She has already ruined every ounce of credibility Guy Richie had and put his career in the toilet. Let it go and retire you old bitch!

2218 days ago


I didnt see the WHO CARES tab on the poll so I couldn't vote.

2218 days ago


Lalalalalala I love to imposter people.... I try to be the cute innocent Kelli bur my other personality comes in to play!

2218 days ago


So I will guess I will be by myself another night! Rats!!!

2218 days ago


Hey Baseball Junkie, your colors are showing.I love the way you defend yourself about not being the type of person I was talking about by saying, "I only watch American Idol" Sorry, I didn't realize how cool you where. American Idol, wow, now that's a real measure of talent. LOL! Your too funny. And a skank and a slut? Such big words coming from such an obviously uneducated and sexist person. Because Madonna has been sexual in her career she is labeled as a whore? How 50's of you. Plus I love your comment, "he's too busy playing baseball ans", oh I mean, AND raking in the dough to care what Madge is looking like now. I'm sure you must look so perfect that you feel comfortable making such statements.I didn't realize how close your are to Madonna to refer to her as "Madge". How hip of you. And we all know that the only important thing about people is how they look, right? Come on people, I'm not even that big of a Madonna fan. I'm just trying to show you how ridiculous this all is. It's fun to gossip and talk about celebs, but the extreme hatred and jealousy is really obnoxious. Take a look in the mirror and cool out. Go do something worth while. If even to tell a friend how much you appreciate them or how much you love a family member. Really, this site is to be taken with a grain of salt. There is so much more to experience in this world then to get so worked up over how someone looks or to have such negative thoughts about someone you don't even know. If you don't like a artist, don't listen to their music or go to their films. I mean the hatred on this site is so telling. Don't take it so personal. I was just having fun. This is the second time I've even been on TMZ and I can't believe how evil everyone is. Must be a lot of angry people out there trying to take out their failures and mundane lives on people who are more successful then them. Can't you see how bitter the TMZ staff must be to write such childish things. I really hope they grow up and get real jobs one day. Don't believe the hype. You can be a perfectly wonderful person and not be rich or famous. If your upset by any of my comments maybe your the one's who need to take a chill pill as Baseball Junkie would suggest. A chill pill? Really, what is that? Another over priced, prescribed medicine that no of us really needs. Hey Baseball Junkie you must be such a wonderful, thoughtful, and loving person, who has done so much for the world. In fact I can just tell by your intelligent comments how much you have contributed to society. Enough of this for now. Must go to make sure this big slab of meat called my head is still holding my ears together. B.J. you are so damned witty. I'm out of here, no more replies.

2218 days ago


if this stunt is true, madonna, the aging slut, should be totally ashamed of herself and her family! AND SHE IS THE MOTHER OF 3 CHILDREN? THIS IS HOW SHE'S TEACHING THEM TO BEHAVE IN LIFE? DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO TO GET ATTENTION AND PUBLICITY? THAT IS DISGUSTING. Face it madonna, if you can't sell tickets to your tour or have people buy your cd, then calll it quits. don't be a liar and thief and try to steal people's hard earned money. Everyone is right - she did not have a falling out with her brother. this is made up. she did not have an affair with a-rod but probably invited him to her apt to CREATE a scandal and then the fallout was that she ruined his marriage and she pulled in justin timberlake to jump start her career for the umpteenth time and the other idiot britney that no one cares about anymore. MADONNA PUT YOURSELF OUT TO PASTURE - STEP ASIDE AND LET PEOPLE WITH REAL TALENT TAKE OVER AND BUY YOURSELF A NICE RETIRMENT COMMUNITY WHERE YOU CAN TEACH AEROBICS., BOTOX QUEEN. What a horrible human being - and then to pretend she practices a religion called kabbalah - what a bad ad for it is she and what a dope guy ritchie is for being part of this stupid plot - maybe he's desperate for money.

2218 days ago


No, she did not help write his book, if she wanted a book out about her life, she would just right one herself!!! She does not need her brother for publicity. People family or not are just making a buck off of her.

2217 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

damques, I don't recall saying anything about being cool. But then I would never use such a ridiculous phrase in the first place. I said you were making unwarranted assumptions. And since you were claiming that anyone one this site must watch may reality shows, I was correcting your misconception. And actually there is some talent on American Idol, just not every year. Do the names "Kelly Clarkson' and "Carrie Underwood" ring a bell.
Of course you also have made some ignorant assumptions about my age and gender. As a middle aged woman (I'm a year older than Madonna) I have known of her since the beginning of her career. She looked and acted like a whore then and she still does now.
And, yes, like many other people, I make the occasional typo. Of course, intelligent and educated people understand such things and don't worry about them unless it interferes with their ability to understand what has been written. So you are not only making idiotic assumptions but you have begun to nit-pick.
I also never said I was perfect but it appears that you think you are since you feel you have the right to attack other people for their opinions. And surely you don't think I'm the only one who refers to her on occasion as Madge. It is one of her well-known nicknames. Your ignorance is showing, dear.
For some reason you have decided that only you are allowed to make comments on her appearance. Irregardless of your opinion, she looks particularly bad in this picture. She looks like she had bad plastic surgery and has now lost sufficient weight that her poor choice of surgery makes itself obvious.
If you are not a Madonna fan then why are you so vitriolic in your responses to other people's comments. "Methinks thou dost protest too loudly." It is particularly amusing to claim that you are objecting to the extreme hatred of the comments on this particular thread when you choose me as the object of your attack and yet mine were among the more mild comments.
It is also amusing for you to say that people should be doing something other than comment on a gossip site when you posted this at 2:57 am. Clearly you have nothing else to do and no friends to compliment. Of course, the way you talk about people I'm not surprised that no one would dream of claiming you as a friend.
You say this is the second time you've been on the site. Well if you find the comments so objectionable, why did you come back? Are you one of the people hiding behind multiple screen names so you can attack the celebrities with one name and then yell at people for doing the same in a self-righteous attempt to assuage your guilt? If there is so much more to experience then why aren't you out experiencing it? If you believe that people on this site must have dreary and mundane lives for commenting on the actions of celebrities what does that say about a person who spends their life commenting on the comments of others? If you think that people on this site need to go out and get jobs then what are you doing here? Perhaps you should be the one getting a job. If you look at the post times of most commenters you would see that there are breaks where they are at their jobs. Of course, you wouldn't have the intelligence to try to check that out before you spill your hatred and you haven't been on here enough to see the patterns.
At least I comment about the original item first. What does it say about a person that they have fun attacking the opinions of other people. Last I knew the First Amendment was still in effect. As far as taking it personally, I was originally correcting the assumptions of an idiot who thinks that she has the education and ability to psychoanalyze people by what they write on a gossip site. Even true psychoanalysts wouldn't be so foolish. Heck, even Dr. Phil wouldn't claim that ability and he's claimed several others.
You're the one who took the comments to the personal level. As far as complaining about the TMZ staff, maybe you should take your own advice. Grow up and get a real job.
Of course, someone can be a perfectly wonderful person and not be rich or famous. Obviously from your comments you can also be an ill-educated and ill-mannered person.,
If YOU'RE upset by any of my comments maybe YOUR'RE the ONE who NEEDS to take a chill pill. .
Your complaint about my single typo is all the more amusing given that you had four in one sentence. Above is one example to prove the point. But since the meaning of the sentence is clear, I wouldn't have commented on it if you had not been so self-righteous in your comments on mine. Remove the plank from your eye before complaining about the mote in someone else's.
Interestingly, your lack of knowledge about the meaning of "chill pill" supports your claim that you've only been on the site twice. Of course it also demonstrates your stupidity since the meaning is obvious to anyone with half a brain.
you must

2217 days ago
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