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A-Rod Throws It High and Tight at C-Rod

7/31/2008 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A-Rod is swinging back against C-Rod in their divorce case, and here's the pitch: You'll eat that prenup and like it.
Alex Rodriguez filed his response to wife Cynthia's divorce filing, and while he slams any suggestion of infidelity as "immaterial and impertinent," he doesn't deny that they were true. What's more, he says that he's going to hold Cyn to their prenup, the terms of which aren't precisely known, but are said to be in A-Rod's favor.

Meanwhile, he does admit that Cynthia is a "loving and nurturing mother" and will agree to help pay support for their two kids.

One other lil' tidbit: A-Rod clearly thinks he and the Yankees are going to the playoffs, saying that he''s required to "travel extensively ... more often than not through the baseball playoffs in October."

We've called Cynthia's people -- so far, nothing.


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personally i hv nothing against arod life happens. but umm im curious to see if these tmz posters attack this guy racially like 99% of minorities featured here?????????

2277 days ago

skeptical at best    

as long as he supports the kids and they don't bad mouth each other in front of their kids. that's all that matters.

2277 days ago


Cynthia needs to drag this out as long as possible! Who the hell does A Rod think he is...............God? Just because there is a prenup, does not make it Ok to be an adulterer! Take his a!! to the cleaners Cynthia.

2277 days ago


Florida, where they were married, is a NO FAULT state...meaning adultery or alleged adultery cannot and should not be part of the legal proceedings at all. She signed a pre nup, end of story! he is obviously willing to do whatever he needs to do for his children, she will most likely get the mansion and a couple cars. She will almost definitely never have to work. Their kids will be very well taken care of I am sure.

2277 days ago


MEMO TO A(SS) ROD--Cheating on your children's mother-exposing her to diseases from your hos and breaking up the family unit is no "immaterial and impertinent" to your children. It affects their whole life. Using your wife like a possession is a trashy thing to do. Would you want your daughters treated that way by their husbands some day? You have more than enough money to share. Giving your wife treatment shows you love your money and your c*&k more than your daughters. Grow the hell up.

2277 days ago


He will agree to help pay support for their kids???!!! He should be called A-Hole, not A-Rod. I agree with pre-nups, but a judge sould examine them carefully if children are involved. It's not like she made them all by herself.

2277 days ago


I agree with Dallas, but hope it can be settled quick for the kids sake. A-H deserves it!

2277 days ago


Welcome to the life of ballplayers wife. They ALL cheat. And he always treated her like an assistant and not a wife. My heart go out to Cyndi. To have to see his face everyday all over the press has got to be the hardest thing any wife has to go through. I hope she stays strong and remembers KARMA is a biotch.........

2277 days ago


I'm tired of these sports figures being treated like Gods! This man is NO ONE to look up to. He squandered his family by being unfaithful and disrespectful to them. His wife should get an extra million for every time he slept with another woman outside of their marriage. By doing so, he exposed her to potential STDs and health risks and emotional upheaval. There must be accountability somewhere for these sports guys who think they can do anything without consequence. It's not like they actually contribute anything of real substance to society the way teachers, doctors, and volunteer workers do. Shame on him for trying to weazel out of his responsibilities to his wife and his children. Fork over the money and do it with grace A-Rod! With your tarnished image you need a positive!

2277 days ago


Why do these guys get married if there just gonna shag every little tramp that throws themselves at them? He is way over rated anyway!! A-HOLE!!

2277 days ago


This woman isn't stupid-if he's been cheating on her as she claims-she couldn't take it anymore-that's her problem she stuck it out for so long-after the first time she should have gathered up her dignity and moved on with one less child.

2277 days ago


He is so damn sexy! Would love an a-rod!

2277 days ago

john wayne gacy    

come the playoffs in october, he transforms into

C- ROD and is nowhere to be found in pin stripes..........

2277 days ago


No, she's stupid because she knew what she was getting into before she married him. She has known him for 13 years, that means she knows who he is. If infidelity was an issue, she should've divorced him after she had his first child, or she should've broke it off before kids were brought into this world. And, NO I don't condone cheating. But since Florida is a no fault state, then she can't use his infidelity as an issue...she knew that when she signed the damn prenup...end of story. I conmend him, however, for wanting to be there for his daughters and support them financially. Most men would run away from a situation such as this. The only people I feel sorry for are the kids. They are the ones that have to deal with this for the rest of their lives....and will need therapy. They are the innocent ones here....their parents, not so much.

2277 days ago

Loud and talentless    

As soon as the post-season "light" is turned on this CHOKER becomes a .180 hitter.
If he spent more time sharpening his game rather than shacking up with 50-yr. old
women he isn't married to he just might have better results. But like most athletes
today they are OVERPAID, SELFISH, "ME, NOT TEAM" schmucks. Exposing a
faithful, unsuspecting wife to STDs, AIDS and HERPES (if it can be proven in a court
of law), should be a felony!

2277 days ago
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