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Bravo Star Ought Not to Be in Pictures

8/1/2008 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh FlaggJosh Flagg, the star of next season's Bravo show, "Million Dollar Listing," may be the victim of one of the oldest proverbs in the world. But in his case, a picture may be worth a thousand days in the slammer.

Josh's day job is an estate broker -- selling expensive stuff that dead rich folks owned. Josh was arrested for allegedly stealing ridiculously expensive art that was part of the estates he was handling, including Picassos and Chagalls.

Josh posted the pic on the left on Facebook of him in his old house. Incidentally, the painting in the background is the exact kind of art he's been accused of stealing. Brilliant upload.

Flagg is free on $100,000 bail -- just in time to catch the premiere of his show Tuesday night!

Bravo had no comment.


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2275 days ago


Sure, he's a punk...but how coincidental that the Bravo show is due to air any day now. Hmmmm...........

2275 days ago


He looks wacked out. Has he been selling those paintings or sniffing them?

2275 days ago


The dimple on his tie is off-center. And what's been flappin' around in his hair?

2275 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

what's wrong with his hair??

2275 days ago


I recently saw the promos for this show - all of them look like the biggest doucebags ever....

2275 days ago

Jasin Rivers    

I had sex with him in a parking lot alley in westhollywood!! The cops came glad they did caus e he didnt want to use a condom! Btw he and his MOTHER and grandmother live in an APARTMENT and BORROW cars from the valet people where she works when they need to look good!!!.This is like the storey of Santee and Sean Kimes Reember them the mother and son team who would steal art sell it and real estate and steal thier ididnty thief!!!! Theres a movie on Life Time Tv about this! Search google for Santee and Sean Kimes!!!!

2275 days ago

Jasin Rivers    

He stole my dads wallet when we were 15 and tried to become him!

2275 days ago


Sticky Fingers Alert!!!!

2275 days ago


DId he "self produce" his hair gel?

2275 days ago


Is this the same person who makes the comment in the show's preview, "and so are you!" in response to one of the other guys sayins, "talk is cheap." How appropriate...seems shifty.

2275 days ago


There are some people in this world that just have "that look" on their face. You know the one I am talking about. The one where you just want ot slap the sh!t out of them. Well, this douche' has that look! Not only does he have "that" look he is an idiot! Stealing art from the estates and putting them in his own home! Somebody needs to yank his real estate license stat!!!!

2275 days ago


To # 13 Dallas

I know what you mean about "that look". I usually notice it when TMZ is following around drunk clubgoers and "celebs" after they've had a few rounds with the martini pitcher. Other times it is just the look a teenager gives you when you ask them, "What in the HELL were you thinking?" They have no answer. They just give you "that look".

Go ahead Dallas, scroll back up to that photo and ask him, "What in the HELL were you thinking?" You know you want to...

2275 days ago

Oh great... More bad press for Realtors. I'm a Realtor and am disgusted by things like this. I hope it's just a publicity stunt.
Not all Realtors are created equa!

2275 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

I agree with you! Some people have that look... The look of slimyness... the look of disgust... the look of a liar, thief, and cheat! Whatever the outcome is I agree... that is his look!

You can tell he is only after fame and fortune! Maybe some days in the slammer will help buy I doubt it. Anyone associated with this slime should be scared!

2275 days ago
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