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"Hairspray" and "ANTM" Vacay Bitch Fight!

8/1/2008 5:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky and "America's Next Top Model" wannabeen Bianca Golden just had the worst vacation -- ever!

Cops tell us the two got into an "altercation" in the departure lounge at the Providenciales airport in the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean -- and by altercation, we hear it was an all-out family brawl! A spy at the airport that day tells us the fight was over saving seats in the lounge -- Nikki was saving five seats for her fam, and Bianca's family wanted to sit. That's when we're told the huge fight erupted -- with the entire families on both sides throwing down, yelling and cursing.

The action got so bitchtastic, says another spy, that one member of the Golden team actually bit Nikki's foot. Tyra would be so proud!
Blonsky, Golden
Both divas have been charged with assault -- Blonsky with two counts! But get this -- Nikki's father Carl was also charged with inflicting bodily harm, for his alleged beatdown of Eleine Golden, Bianca's mom. Nikki's arrest was first reported by Us.

Both Nikki and Bianca have been released on bail, but Carl's gotta cool his heels in jail until August 8th. All parties will have to book a trip back to the islands this fall to appear in court.

UPDATE: This cat fight was no joke people ... Eleine Golden had to be airlifted to a Florida hospital. She's currently in the ICU with a serious head injury!

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chin chin    

Go ahead EGGO~ repress yourself! Continue to "play cards" & in doing so, you will accomplish nothing but further segregation of the races.....that'll show whitey!!! You naive ignorant FOOL

:-) :-)

2252 days ago


I've departed from this airport and Its departure area is tiny for such a beautiful place. Never the less I just wish folks would be kind to each other, I sue to work for an airline when travel was great and left as it seems now days its a BUS RIDE...SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER for the well off

2252 days ago


Bianca and family are gangsta's.

2252 days ago


So it isn't okay to bash someone based on color but it is okay for you to be judgmental based on size. Get over it. I notice that anytime someone gets into a fight with a heavier person they immediately resort to calling them fat. Calling them fat doesn't make either party right or wrong. It is just plain stupid and has no point in their argument.

2252 days ago


Ok so let me get this straight

1. A woman (Bianca's Mother) is seriously injured by a man (Nikki's father)
2. Tha altercation started because Nikki would not remove her luggage from seats she was trying to save
3. Nikki was charged with 2 counts of assault to Bianca's 1.
4. Nikki's father will remain in jail for a week.

It looks to me like even though no one should have been fighting the authorities are putting blame on the Blonsky's. I am sure the place had videotape.

I also find it interesting that just because you all watched ANTM you are absolutely sure Bianca is B*tch.
The same way you see Nikki portraying the loveable Tracy Turnblad and you think she is a saint.

How dumb do some of you look?

2252 days ago

Dear Abbi    

I hope the fat B's father do some serious time. Bianca should have put an apple in the fat pigs mouth and roasted her.

2251 days ago

Jess lets see...we have 2 idiots on here saying not to judge Bianca so harshly cause of what we've seen on the REALITY T.V. show ANTM...yeah...ok. There's one thing everyone knows...everyone knows that most of the fights and how people are on the how they act in real life...just because you meet someone and they are nice to you doesn't make them innocent...especially in Bianca's case...c/s if you watch the show...she's not a nice person and she has a bad attitude...heck...if her mom is like that, she probably deserved every hit she got.The police are probably only blaming Nikki and her dad c/s Bianca and her mom got the sh** beat out of them...if you have the balls to start a fight then you should be able to take the hits...and finish it...I don't feel sorry for her or her mother in any way at all. I do think it's bull that he's still in jail...just c/s he's a dude doesn't make it anymore horrible then bianca's mom throwing punches...hey...stupid (Bianca's mom)...don't get in a mans face unless you can take care of yourself,especially if he's deffending his daughter. Oh yeah...and don't blame all foriegners for bringing drama to the yall's know very damn well if it wasn't for tourist, our issues, and the money we spend to get away from it all...your home would be sh** yeah...shut up!:)

2251 days ago

what a joke    

Biana showed her true colors on ANTM. She's the joke. She's got a nasty, bitchy attitude that is still showing now that she is not on ANTM. Hang in there Nikki. Best of luck to you and your father.

2251 days ago


I don't blame the Blonskys, the Goldens thought they could act ghetto (thats all they are good for) and it back fired by way of mom being airlifted to the hospital. Go Nikki's dad. Don't let that nappy headed reality star hit your daughter and get away with it. Take it out on her mom. Tyra is awesome!! Bad choice letting this piece of garbage on her show. At least she didn't win ANTM.

2251 days ago


Fat and Nasty

2251 days ago


That Nikki Bitch is so fat and ugly. I think Bianca just couldn't handle her fugliness anymore.

2250 days ago


"72. I am sick of white people saying that Black people are playing the "RACE CARD"..hey white people, you dealt the cards (remember) of matter of fact, you bought the deck to town! Now you don't wanna play anymore...too bad, Black folks are going to keep playing"

we dealt NO CARDS. are you forgetting that most of teh slaves that came to teh US were captured and sold off by OTHER AFRICANS??? that just goes to show how ignorant you are, you racist idiot!

2250 days ago


PeePs, what does "FAT" have to do with it? what dows "FAT" have to do with anything? fat, skinny,whatever, IGNORANCE comes in all shapes and sizes. i was waiting to see who would play the "FAT" card first. im never disappointed.

2250 days ago


u should be asamed of yoursel "queeny" - glamorizing the fact that a man beat a woman so bad she ended up in the hospital.

2250 days ago


Raised in KC, in NYC for 14 years, I have learned one thing....celebrities or not, New Yorker or not, PEOPLE are SOOOOOO inconsiderate anymore. PEOPLE SUCK! I see nasty, inconsiderate, trashy, defensive people behaving like spoiled brats all over from EVERY walk of life. Shame on society. Everyone who acts this way should end up in jail for a few days or bruised.

2250 days ago
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