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Shia Chills at Hospital with Bum Arm

8/1/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got pics of Shia LaBeouf taking a smoke break at the hospital, as he recovers from his really bad car crash and DUI bust.

Shia's left arm is bandaged, in a splint. It appears he's wearing the same clothes from night of the crash -- if you look closely, you'll see what appears to be blood on his jeans, and only the sleeve on his left arm has been cut off.

: Shia's lawyer says the actors left hand was "crushed" in his alleged DUI wreck last weekend. Michael Norris told the AP Shia still runs the risk of infection and other complications, adding the arm is currently "immobilized." Production on the "Transformers" sequel has been re-jiggered so he can give his hand time to heal.

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No Avatar


Why is everyone saying this isn't his fault? The insurance company might see it as the fault of the other driver, but were he sober he might have been able to avoid the accident. So don't feel sorry for him he shouldn't have been driving!

2238 days ago


it was the sober driver who crashed the red light,endangering other people's safty

2238 days ago


He's jewish??? Let's all say it together! DESIGNATED DRIVER!

2238 days ago


Stay off the streets, AZZHOLE!

2238 days ago


20% of car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

That means 80% of accidents are caused by sober drivers.

Sober people are the wreckless ones.

2238 days ago


Where did his parents come up with that dumb name of his?

2238 days ago


Boo frigging Hoo for this idiot .Thank the lord this fool didn't kill himself or someone else. You idiots who say it was the other guys fault should be ashamed ., this moron was drunk had he been sober he might have been able to avoid the accident. These people think they walk on water and nothing can happen to them , well if smart persons were to boycott their work they might get the message and clean up their act.

2238 days ago

Toni Medford    

Lock him up now or he'll just do it again. They always do it again and again and again.

2238 days ago


there is some question as to whether he was even drunk so reserve your harshness. We have all done something that potentially could have caused someone harm or death and you are retarded if you say "No I haven't" You have. From agressive driving to shoving someone. It could all go horribly wrong at any moment. So shut it. Give the dude a break. Everyone involved is gonna live. Move on.

2238 days ago


Ummm - thinking this accident would have happened whether he was drunk or not. The other guy ran the red light. Even if he had been drinking spring water all night and heading home at the same time, the guy would have still run the red light and there still would have been an accident......

2238 days ago


I agree with crabby. Seriously, just because some people think he's good looking, doesn't give him an excuse to drive drunk. So, let's all feel bad for the law-breaking celeb, shall we?

2238 days ago


the other driver ran a red can he avoid that, sober or drunk? sometimes things happen and its not your fault. when you have the green light, you go. thats the way it is, and thats what he did. he did nothing wrong. he even had a chance to leave and chose to stay. you guys just need these celebrities to mess up so you have some sort of joy in your lives. get over it, he did nothing wrong.

2238 days ago


People are very judgmental and seem to forget that Shia is young - only in his early twenties - very spoilt too I know, but a lot of 20 somethings do very stupid things at this age - famous or not. A friend of mine drove when she was so drunk she crashed into a traffic light and was in a coma for 3 weeks and still remembers nothing about it.

I think Shia needs to see this as his guardian angel wake up call - next time you won't walk away from it Shia - time to grow up!

2237 days ago


I am SOOOOOOO glad that I don't have a job where I have to come on here and try to 'spin' a celebutard's drunk driving. Sad, it is.

2237 days ago


So far there are more people who know Shia, work with Shia and witnessed Shia that night that think HE WASN'T drunk then the one boneheaded cop who thought he was but didn't bother to give him a breath analyzer at the scene.

Now everyone is waiting for the toxicology report to come back..including the cops.. so maybe you should check your judgment too..

And Jesus himself making a LEGAL left hand turn in that intersection at that moment wouldn't have been able to avoid a speeding BMW going through a solid red light. He would have been broadsided too and he too would have had his F150 Quad Cab rolled twice. Jesus buys American. But he would have been able to heal his own crushed fingers. And forgive the driver of the BMW on the spot.

Ye without sin cast the first stone Mother F@ckers!

Get well soon Shia..

2237 days ago
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