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What's Aramaic for "I'm On the Other line"

8/2/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A clean and sober Mel Gibson was snapped chatting on his cell phone in Malibu on Thursday.
Mel Gibson


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john wayne gacy    

" there's no comprehension to any of this "

" being a devoted husband and to the bottle,

saving UNFITNEY from herself, building a church

as a tax-free shelter and secretly converting to judaism,

even with viagra, STILL every time i stare in the mirror,

all i see staring back at me i one huge flaccid erection "..........

2251 days ago


Why isn't he wearing any socks? Oh, yeah, I know why ... so the smell will direct attention away from the stench of his putrid personality.

2251 days ago


So enjoyed all of his movies. Sometimes you just have to watch them again. But the man himself is such a pathetic mess.

2251 days ago


He's been crucified for doing so much less, than a lot of other people in this world. What ashame..., he's a big loss on the big screen. We've got crooks running the country, other big celebs doing things, much worse than Mel Gibson's done...,and yet the media chose to destroy him. It's a strange world we live in.

2251 days ago


LOL # 2

2251 days ago

Get off Mel's back...    

The only thing Mel Gibson has done wrong that is beyond the public's forgiveness is being a devout Christian. He was stupid to drive drunk, even more stupid to say the things he said when arrested, but the man is a recovering alcoholic. It is not always true that you say things that are really on your heart when you are three sheets to the wind. Give me a break. I know people who have been so drunk and done & said the most awful things, but the next morning they are shocked and embarassed. People just choose to dislike Mel Gibson because he finds peace as a Christian and refuses to deny it. If he was in to Kabbalah or some weird religious stuff, then people would think, "Look at him. He's seeking 'good karma' and we should support him!" The man is a genious in his industry, will continue to be, and he does nothing to intentionally harm others. He just battles with alcoholism.

Such judgemental people out there.

2251 days ago

ok then    

I love Mel, that will never change. Seriously, people have to let the past rantings of a drunk man go already. He is a man of faith, but he still makes mistakes. How many people that criticize him should even be throwing stones?

2251 days ago


Thank you Mel, for giving the world THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST film. It has changed many lives. We know the failings of our humanity, you never said you were above it. But you persevere anyway. More people than not respect you.

2251 days ago

Cherry Cola    

Wow #2 Ehetacl...pure HILARITY! Great answer. LMAO!

2251 days ago


#3..., In what way is he a "pathetic mess" ? He's an alcoholic..., as are a lot of other people. He's not on the streets, his family's not deprived, he's highly intelligent, and highly respected by the majority of us. So how's he a pathetic mess?? And who are you to judge him? Are you a better person than he is? Have you done better with your life?

2251 days ago


I seriously like some of his work as both an actor and a producer. Some of his work has made an indelible impact upon "thinking people" and that is impressive in this "appeal to the average mass of humanity" market which a lot of movie producers just go for the money.

His role as "Dream Gynecologist" on Saturday NIght Live is a classic.

But I haven't really wanted to get to know him as a person as one can tell he is a seething miasma of hate and anger barely contained by his perfect Malibu man tanned skin.

2251 days ago


סטרא אחרא baby!!!

2251 days ago

get over yourselves    

i dont care what any of you say hes one of the most talented actors out there, people use racial remarks daily but his was on the news so you all can shut up & everybody has gotten drunk & said or done something stupid. people need to lay off him, hes been in a ton of huge movies & one of teh greatest actors hes richer than all of you & if he didnt have a drinking problem Im sure hes not a bad guy because nobody has ever co,plained about him up until then .

2251 days ago


yeah, I love seeing Mel, keep up the good work tmz

2251 days ago


What's Aramaic for "I'm on the other line?"
Here you go... When ill doh khat kheena.

2250 days ago
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