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Blonsky's Mom: She Couldn't Stop the Beat

8/3/2008 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a video taken after the ferocious fight between Nikki Blonsky from "Hairspray" and Bianca Golden from "ANTM" -- Nikki's mom says her daughter was attacked for no reason.

Nikki Blonsky's mom pops up midway through the video -- shot at the Providenciales airport -- to say that Nikki was "just sitting there" when she was "punched in the head."

You can also hear another witness say "Tracy Turnblad" won't be "dancing around today" after the lady in the green shirt initiated the fight that sent Bianca's mom to the hospital and Nikki, Bianca, and Nikki's dad to jail.


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Those who bring Obama into the equation are as ignorant as these D-List wannabe's. WTF does Obama have to do with this? Sounds like McCain supporters to me!

2248 days ago


There's a woman in ICU that got beat up by FATSO'S father..Does anything else really matter?

2248 days ago


Father trying to protect his daughter??? Can't his bulldog daughter fight her own friggin battles?

2248 days ago


Anyone see the McCain video - when he became disoreinted after a question was asked. He couldn't answer a simple question - he really seemed mentally disoriented. If this man is running the country - I think we have way more to worry about than if Obama runs the country. The video is on You-Tube. It's a must see for all people voting. Make your own decision after that. It's scary - I'm telling you. Suppose he was President and an emergency arose where he had to give an immediate response - I hope he doesn't become disoriented like he did when a SIMPLE question was asked of him.

2248 days ago


Hey, I've seen plenty of women that are beyond bitches and who go out of their way to piss people off, all the while having an attitude which is basically "what are you going to do about it?"" I'm sure Bianca's mother is one of them since Bianca was one of the worst "black girls with an attitude" on ANTM, and there have been MANY!!!
I live in an urban area and am exposed to the "angry black woman" phenomenon every day.
I just wish there was video so I could watch her get her nasty ass kicked!

2248 days ago


I had to laugh at the comment on post #8. Mr Blonsky is not Huge or Overwieght, your lucky if he weighs 170lb. It is amazing to see Bianca's mom (the lady in the white tees shirt ) walking around after Mr Blonsky broke her nose and caused a fractured skull. She looks fine to me. From the comments made by the lady who took the video, even she was disgusted by Bianca saying she makes us black people look bad. Mr Blonsky is sitting in a cell in a strange country for 23hours a day for this. Come on !! Apparently the young man from Bianca's group was the real culprit here, I wonder why he wasn't arrested as well. It shouldn't matter what color you are this is no way to behave. To imply that Nikki is a racist is ridiculous, she has many good friends, who come from all ethnic backgrounds. Hopefully the judge will see this video and the Blonsky family can come home.

2248 days ago

Those Bracelets Aren't From Tiffany    

Thank you @ Alex McCarthy. THANK YOU! Someone -- Bianca's mother -- was SEVERELY INJURED by Nikk(k)i Blonsky's father. Since when did a big ass man think it's ok to jump on a woman? I wonder if he beat his wife and daughter that way. Maybe that's why both of them are humongous.

I'm also disgusted by people on here referring to Bianca as ghetto. Bianca's actions are a reflection of herself, not the entire Black race. Does Nikki Blonski make white America look bad or is she a negative reflection of all big women? I don't think so.

If you don't know the origins or proper definition of words, DON'T USE THEM. If you knew what ghetto REALLY meant, you wouldn't dare use the word to define yourself or a Black person. What makes Black people look bad is ignorant ass Black people, like a few of the previous posters, who act like they've never gotten upset or into an altercation with someone, especially when a family member or close friend was assaulted and severely injured. STFU -- quickly.

2248 days ago

Bianca is a stupid bitch    

Looks like Nikki was just sitting there when that insane guttertrash Bianca came over for no reason. Hope Bianca enjoys prison because she's a waste of human life

2247 days ago

Bianca is a stupid bitch    

Bianca was too damn ugly to be on ANTM in the first place. She should have stayed in the ghetto slum projects she came from.

2247 days ago

Bianca IS TRASH -    

Sick of the BS at 3:59pm - o PUH-LEASE YOU ARE BS.
Ghetto, trash, skank, lying phony, bytch - they ALL Describe byanca's behavior.

If you want words to only go by their Original meaning and Origin then Ni--er would not be off-limits or Macacca - which is a freaking monkey. Here is a word for YOU....HYPOCRITE - it is right next to YOUR picture in the dictionary.
And EVERY time a black person spews bigotry calling people cows, pigs, and other insults - I wish there was an ECHO machine that would throw "N" or some other racial epitath back at them. YOU have NO (NO!!!) right to spew crap at others and expect to be off limits yourself.

And the word pronounce AX - would never be "recognized' or said int he place of ASK.

Juneville - IT WAS "reported" by Bianca's family member - IMPARTIAL SOURCE???? WTF. The girl with the camera was black and she said the gal in green (Bianca?) started it. So WTH - white girl didn't know her place how dare she or her family fight back?

2247 days ago

Bianca is a stupid bitch    

Thanks to the previous poster! You're right on!! Bianca was clearly at fault and a pathetic human being.

2246 days ago


Sorry, but Jews don't live in trailer parks. They own over half the world and are educated people.

2244 days ago


I don't care who started the fight or for what reason. The fight started between two women and it ended with a man attacking a woman. There is no excuse PERIOD!!!! A responsible parent would have taught his daughter not to fight back and call for the police. If there wasn't a second blow, there would only be an assault, crime committed by one person that would not have escalated to the point that it did. I've been in a situation before where I was attacked by an idiot and I had sense enough to not react physically and let the fool get arrested and go to jail, lose his job, and lose most of his retirement. None of those people are above reproach except for the ones who stayed out of the fight.

2243 days ago


Did u people who are talking bad about the Blonskys see or hear the video? The video was taken by an African-American woman who was just waiting on her flight and she clearly states that Bianca and her family was in the wrong. She even went so far as to say that is what gives Black people a bad name people acting like that. So how can people sit on here and defend Bianca's actions/

2199 days ago
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