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Charlie to Dr. -- I'll Nickel You to Death!

8/4/2008 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell us Charlie Sheen has buried a Bev Hills doctor in small change, and Charlie's people think they know who dropped the dime.

Dr. Peter Waldstein, a Bev Hills pediatrician, has treated Charlie and Denise's two kids in the past. Charlie was pissed that the doc was immunizing the kiddies, because he doesn't believe in it. Charlie sent Waldstein a letter, demanding that he no longer treat the kids, but the Dr. fired his own letter back saying he would treat them if they needed medical attention, no matter what.

So, there was this outstanding $380 bill that Charlie paid by messenger today. It was a big box filled with $380, all in nickels. By our calculations that's 7,600 nickels.

We're told the Dr. is donating the loot to the March of Dimes.

Charlie's rep, Stan Rosenfield, said, "Dr. Waldstein should spend more time treating his patients than leaking stories to TMZ." Rosenfield adds, "Maybe Dr. Waldstein would like to be featured in John McCain's next television commercial [famous for being famous]."

For the record, we're not saying who gave us the story.


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2270 days ago


It's pretty obvious that the doctor leaked the story. He apparently wants to be as famous as Dr. Phil.

2270 days ago

go away    

Charlie is such a loser!!!!!!

2270 days ago


LOL!!! good for Charlie Sheen

2270 days ago

chop chop    

Priceless. This is why we all love TMZ. Great job!

2270 days ago

Canyon Girl    

Good for Charlie!!! That doctor should be sued.

2270 days ago


"For the record, we're not saying who gave us the story." [/tmz]

Oh, how ethical of you Harvey.

I give Charlie...4 stars for "creative thinking", when it cames to the nickels. Kudos.

2270 days ago

john wayne gacy    

think if carlos estevez had a nickel

for every time he pricked himself........

2270 days ago


OBVIOUSLY he is an IDIOT!!!!!!!! You don't want your own children protected against DEADLY diseases, and in turn, risk their lives......... U R MISINFORMED, AND UN-EDUCATED. This is child ENDANGERMENT at its WORST...I would be ashamed.

2270 days ago


I don't believe the March of Dimes will take nickles.....


"1. first" on Aug 4th 2008 by texasgal

...this is TMZ, not Perez..

2270 days ago


If the mother is bringing in the girls for their vaccinations, the doctor is just doing his job. I doubt the doctor is breaking his oath and HIPAA regulations for a little pap coverage. I'm sure he has other celebrity clientele and wouldn't risk a breach in confidnetiality, let alone break the law.

2270 days ago


Donating 7,600 Nichels to The March of Dimes just Makes Cents,,,,

2270 days ago

john wayne gacy    

at that doctor's age, male menopause

is just going through the change........

2270 days ago


I don't like that Charlie Sheen! Whore mongoring drug using half of a man creep! But let me tell you how I really feel.............

2270 days ago

Good going Charlie. Your kids are adorable but your ex is a psycho beyotch from h e double hockey sticks.

I knew a dude who was behind in alimony, delivered it to the lawyers office, in pennies, in a wheelbarrow and dumped it on the floor.

One time I was eating at a mexican restaurant with two girlfriends...we ordered margarita's and ate at the bar...I didn't know one of the girls was eating the checks and I got ticked cause I thought I was being overcharged...ended up putting all change in the refried beans. They locked us in and called the cops. No big deal. I drove without my rear-view mirror because the glare was bothering me...we went back to one of the girl's apartments, and the apartment owner turned up the heat to 95 degrees..we all woke up, switched clothes, stopped at mickey d's for "MeggMcPuffins"...we were still high. Those were the good old days. Not smart driving buzzed. Most of us have done it at one time or another...never would I do it again.

Peace out.

2270 days ago
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