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This Is Miss Daisy

8/4/2008 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So that's who he was driving! Meet Demaris Meyer, the passenger in Morgan Freeman's smash-up late last night.

From what we can gather, 48-year-old Meyer is from Memphis, works as an executive assistant at Fed-Ex and is an avid gardener. One source tells us that Meyer is a very close friend of Morgan's wife Myrna and is often seen at their house for get-togethers.

Freeman was driving Meyer's 1997 Nissan Maxima in rural Mississippi when he lost control and the car flipped. Meyer was treated for her injuries and released.


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2279 days ago


OMG lyke he's cheeting On His WFe! becAuse he wuz in a car with another women gasp! so it must be true1!!!!1!

2279 days ago

Jill Herrin    

Why can't this be that simply that he was driving his wife's friend home? It may be silly of me to me to think that's all it was. Until I see differently, That may have nothing to it. My husband has been known to drive our friends, children's friends around. Does that mean he is doing something wrong? Sometimes it can be innocent until proven guilty.

2279 days ago


Oh please. It's not just white people who can speculate! I'd say it looks suspect too : )

2279 days ago


Where there's smoke there's fire......

2279 days ago


Looks to me like they were probably on their way, either to or from, a shack-up.....

2279 days ago


I wish Morgan well.

Okay, so he was driving a family friend late at night doesn't mean he's screwing her, it could mean he was driving her home or something not ADULTEROUS! I mean if she's close to the family, maybe they went to pick or do something up not sexual and were driving back when the crash happen etc! SIMPLE AS THAT!

2279 days ago


I've driven those back roads in Tallahatchie county before. It is pitch black out there at night and you have to be very careful of curves in the road, etc. You must be alert at all times.

Morgan Freeman is an excellent actor and I hope he gets well soon.

2279 days ago


why assume this woman is white. This photo is distorted. Morgan is married to a Black woman that looks nearly white to begin with. This woman may just be biracial or multiracial.......still Freemans wife. Yes, it's common in Mississippi as I have family there and many in my family look like this woman and WE ARE BLACK!

Anyway, we don't know the story.............. I'm happy they are both well.......

2279 days ago


Of course this is all speculation, but looks like another extra-marital affair is "accidentally" out in the open. As Morgan's friend, Oprah Winfrey, has said many times on her show, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck..." He's a great actor, though, and hopefully his wife doesn't break his other arm when she gets hold of him.

2279 days ago

who dat    

She was on his bucket list.

2279 days ago


and the plot thickens!!!!! LOL

2279 days ago

Who Cares?    

Okay people...He lives a very peaceful life
He loves his wife. He loves the town where he lives.
He's a great man and a great actor. He's care free in living.
he enjoys the home town vibe and the music
He's a likeable person...He has the money to buy You! He's humble.
He's 71 years old and this is bad for him because of the his age.
It's hard to heal the older you get
He could die from this...He is a great person.

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO UGLY...This is no joke!
This brought me to tears to here what had happen to him.
TMZ needs to leave the real news alone.
When i first read this it seemed like a joke the way TMZ put it and now to know
a man lifes is up in the air it's just to sad.

I hpoe people on here would have the heart or the mind to give him respect.
I'm no STAN i could care less about what Paris and others are doing.
This site is just like junk mail but when it comes to a person that could be die
and at that a good dude and people make fun of this?

I think there must be a lot of pre teens on here....Everyone has the right to say what they want but
think about what you say. You could be layed up close to death and would you like people to say such ugly things about you? for your family to see or hear? I see the times are here and if you have a mind you can see it to...This is satans world and the meek are few.

What you throw out will come back to you hard

2279 days ago


thought it was his granddaughter...........................she's a nice looking granddaughter ................and white granddaughter too!!!

2279 days ago


I think Mr. Freeman is an AWESOME actor! I am glad he is okay...i will pray for him. I think he has been very successful in keeping his private life private. I wish him the best of luck keeping it that way now.

2279 days ago
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