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McGraw to Lawsuit Pest: Tussle on My Turf!

8/5/2008 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tim McGraw is facing a wackadoodle $20 mil lawsuit from a Texas man who says he jacked his song for his huge country hit "Everywhere" -- but McGraw's bringing the legal fight closer to home to stomp it once and for all.

According to court filings, James Martinez alleges McGraw stole his hit "Everywhere" from Martinez's tune "Anytime, Anywhere Amanda." And here's where it gets a lil' wacky: James claims that because McGraw's songwriters used song titles that were similar to his, they're stealing.

Martinez actually filed the lawsuit over a year ago in Texas -- and it's flown totally under the radar -- but after a long slog, the action just got moved last week to Nashville, where the country star lives. McGraw's lawyers tell TMZ Martinez's claims are "totally without merit."


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Wont be the first or last time he will be sued. Look at the song "Indian Outlaw" Stole a few words and melody from it and it is still costing him. Congratulations Melissa Lawson on winning Nashville Star.

2241 days ago


Tim didn't wright "Indian Outlaw." Tommy Barnes, Gene Simmons, and John D. Loudermilk did,

2240 days ago


Tim doesn't write any of his songs. He steals songs and gives them to his "so called" songwriters to rework and call his own. I know this for a fact because he stole one from my brother. The title is "My little girl" and it was taken from a CD which my brother provided to the singer through his manager. Next thing we knew, it's on Tim's album and in a movie. My brother has spoken with several lawyers about it, but not sure on the actions yet. I say good for this guy because if Tim can't manage to make a living without stealing from other people, then he doesn't need to be out there recording at all.

2240 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

What do you expect those idiot lawyers to say. McGraw's lawyers tell TMZ Martinez's claims are "totally without merit." HA, HA.

These big stars think they can do anything and get away with it. Unfortunatly, they usually do.


2240 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

It's ridiculous how people abuse the legal system like this guy from Texas did. Doesn't Texas have enough real cases that they have to accept such bogus ones? It should have been thrown out of court before it ever got anywhere.

Go Sox (and Rangers while they're playing the Yankees)

2240 days ago


Amy!! WHATEVER! :p if this is true, your brother would have filed a suit by now.. "not sure on the actions yet" whatever! You guys are a JOKE!

2240 days ago



No, you are the joke for believing anything and everything about an unscrupulous thief!! You know NOTHING about me or my brother and what may have transpired. So, you can keep your stupid remarks to yourself!!!!!

2240 days ago

helen zaborowski    

I say Martinez go go a job and make your money the same way decent people do Not the easy way my taking money from someone decent and honest like Tim Mcgraw.If there is justice out there there is only 1 outcome Tim proves him wrong.

2240 days ago

helen zaborowski    

I say Martinez stop taking thew easy way and earn your money like decent hard working people.Not by trying to make it the easy way by takink it from hard working decent and honest person like Tim.Problem with this country is the 1st words out of peoples mouths is lawsuit.Tim we are with you.We know is claim is false.

2240 days ago


The Band BOSTON did a song called AMANDA,,so this guy stole from TOM

2240 days ago


Isn't it a little late to be suing over this song? Isn't it like 10 years old. Some people are just sue happy.

2240 days ago


Ok first of all this should automatically be thrown out.... its been 11 yrs and he's just now bringing this up...even if it was last year its still been 10 years ... I mean come on !!.....SECONDLY.... Tim does NOT steal his music and he DOES write his own music...granted not all of it is written by him but a lot of them are ..... For those of you that think he does you obviously don't know him ...... Ya'll know nothing about him and his music !!!

2240 days ago

Pam many days and ONLY ELEVEN comments. Faith and Tim are simply King and Queen of the Rednecks. That's it. Boff' 'em Ret'nickz'.

2239 days ago


I love Tim McGraw!

2239 days ago


To Baseball Junkie,
Had this happened to you...Had you written a song and it got into the wrong hands and someone copied it and made millions, would you turn your cheek and not care. I personally know Martinez, and have known him well for years. He is a wonderful song writer. He does make an honest living and has worked with our family for years. The news articles don't tell the whole story. They barely give you a glimpse of what actually happened. So, most of the comments here really have no merit. Does anyone here actually personally know either party of the lawsuit? Although most fans feel that celebrities can do no wrong, they sometimes have faults.

2239 days ago
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