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Nick Learns to Make the Bed He's Laying In

8/6/2008 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While a judge delayed his ruling in the battle over the release of Nick Hogan's jail audiotapes (round two), Linda's attorney gave us several interesting Nick nuggets.

Among the highlights: Nick has "adapted" to jail, he makes his own bed and when he gets released, Nick will go and live with his mom. Is that an upgrade?


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If it took going to jail for this 18 YEAR OLD! to learn how to make his bed, then these parents are even worse than I thought. What are they teaching him except how to act like trash and take various substances and whore yourself out for attention.

2178 days ago

name withheld    

wow, she really looks bad.

2178 days ago


Wait: he's living with Linda!?! I guess he doesn't know how crazy that woman is...

Oh, I get it: it's her money-hungry lawyer seeking more money in the divorce case.

2178 days ago


Their profiles are the same! Both ugly.

2178 days ago


What a lousy parent she and her soon to be ex must have been. It doesn't look like they taught their children anything about being responsible, even making their own beds.
I watched Brooke Knows Best last night and what a joke of a show that is. Is that what we as the television viewing audience really want to see?? My God, know wonder we are laughing stocks to other countries and targets, they must think we are morons!! What is worse is that they have convinced this young lady that she has talent!! From what I have heard she cannot sing either and they have her sounding like a village idiot on her show.
I blame the all starts with setting examples for our children. Brooke dresses like a whore, just like her mother. When did dressing appropriately go out of style and when did good taste go out of style?
So very sad!

2178 days ago


Sounds great to me! He is about the same age at mom's boytoy so they should have a lot to talke about.

2178 days ago


/agree with #2

2178 days ago

david melchor    

Hey Linda did you get that boy some soap on the rope....

2178 days ago

Tired of Lies    

hey whatthefrig!

I agree completely. I watched brooke knows best the other night - the spring break episode. I could barely stand it even with the sound off. She kept saying that it was special as it was her first spring break... but... isn't spring break a break from SCHOOL for STUDENTS? Her father is a cartoonish moron. No skills, no education, no manners, no morals.

They are bankrupt in every way except financially.

After watching brooke knows best, I'll never watch another 'reality' show again as long as I live. However...A reality show I'd like to see is having disadvantaged youth such as her, her brother and the lohan girl go to an ivy league school with others their own age and be made to attend lectures and labs in medicine, business or science. They'd also be required to complete assignments or they wouldn't get paid. The first semester should suffice.

If that was too hard on them, even a recognized drama school would be good - they do promote themselves as singers and actors after all.

If that's too hard - lock them in a room with a book, no tv, internet or cell phone and make them write (with pen and paper) a book report. Every week could be a new classic as reviewed by the 'stars'.

2177 days ago

Last Laugh    

You have to make your own bed in jail, or you go to solitary.

2177 days ago

we will miss MJ    

i bet he will be able to toss a mean salad when he gets home! Brookes show is aweful, she is like 9ft tall and looks like a tranny, that show will never last. This entire family has absolutly nothing to offer except as an example of what not to do as a parent.

2177 days ago


He should have learned long ago to make his bed, my 3 and 5 yr olds to some extent can "make" their beds.

BTW, #9, I thought he was already in solitary

2177 days ago

just wondering    

..alot has happened since Nick got sent to jail...this young man is f--ked up the rest of his life because of all this nonsense !!...imagine the drama he will come " home" too...with that said...I pray that young John Graziano doesn't suffer much longer...these " patients" never live long .

2177 days ago


It's too bad Nick can't go live with Brooke. It seems she is more mature than her mom. I've seen "Brooke Knows Best" AND I THINK SHE DOES!!!!

2177 days ago


Wonder if he is still tight like he used to be?

2177 days ago
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