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Cindy and Heidi Vacay in Titaly

8/6/2008 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like a pair of comets passing through our orbit, Cindy Crawford's breasts have emerged again. Throw in Heidi Klum and you have an event for the ages!

Cindy has posed for Playboy in 1988 and 1998, so it's no surprise paps caught her sunbathing nude on a boat in the Mediterranean. But Heidi Klum nude in Italy, too? It's like a dream come true.

The question is ...


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Wow, Mary, a little bitter? Kind of went off topic and into a pretty narrow-minded rant about all Americans, I'd say...but I'm still laughing about your adjectives...what, did you just watch a Michael Moore marathon? Gun toting, uneducated, overly religious...good lord (pardon the pun). That's like saying all Brits have bad teeth, are drunks and play "football". Come on...

I find it interesting that some Europeans look down their noses at us, when the reality is that our culture does permeate pretty much the whole world, and it's not like it got there by itself. You guys talk out of both sides of your mouths half the time. I won't go as far to generalize Europeans as stinky, lazy and pompous...because I know many that are not, just like many Americans do not fit your lovely and tolerant description. Do you have anything to say about the Muslims who are just a tad sexually conservative...or any other culture for that matter that doesn't meet your idea of right and wrong?

And no matter what anyone says about checking out American websites to laugh at everyone - come on, don't you think we Americans do the same thing with celebrities? Here we all are reading and bothering to post, it's kind of funny if you think about it. But then again, we can laugh at ourselves without having a 10-foot pole up our enormously fat bottoms, even if we don't walk around with our hooters out for all to see. Thank God for that...and thank God for America. I've been to Europe several times and thought I appreciate it's beauty and have met wonderful people there, I am always so happy to come back my homeland, just like anyone would be. So chill out and crack a cold beer and give us a chance. We'll try to not to meet you at the airport with our Bible in one hand and our gun in the other, and our supersize SUV's made to fit our fat a*ses...too funny....and now I'm laughing that I bothered to write three-paragraph post on a tabloid website. Stupid American!

2269 days ago


I really cant stand her, and those fuggly kigs blimey what happened? They looks like they cabbage patch turds.

2269 days ago


Can I have both?

2269 days ago


Shame on you both. That is inappropriate with your children there. Where is children's services when you need them!

2269 days ago


PS - Great boobs, both of them! We women should all be so lucky after having a few kids...of course, both of them are supermodels so I guess that gives them a bit of an edge, LOL...!

2269 days ago

From the Midwest    

First Both these women are MODELS... these women have subjected their bodies to every make-up artist, designer, design assistant, camera man.... really anyone who is behind-the-scenes at runway event and/or photo shoot... Modesty really isn't a option in the Modeling world. But seriously I have a 4 year old child and while I don't have sex in front of him like one of you commented... I have been known to run to the basement shirtless to get a bra from the laundry room or dry my hair nude in the bathroom... so far so good... no trauma or boundary issues... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

2269 days ago


Only Americans would find a mother being topless in front of her young child inappropriate. Yet at the same time find nothing wrong with looking at pictures, shot by a stalker, of a family trying to enjoy some private time together.
Finding it "disgusting" or “creepy” well at the same time here you all are day by day infatuated by other people’s personal lives.

2269 days ago


Definatley, CINDY CRAWFORD,,,,,,,,,,,,,heidi is a mud-shark......

2269 days ago


If you look at Cindy's leg near the railing, you can tell the image is photoshopped! Otherwise... her thigh is tons bigger at the knee than it is right below where it is hidden by the railing.

Way to go TMZ. Stop letting your interns do your photoshopping. This + Ryan Phillipe. Quality work, guys. Is ANYTHING you put on here real?

2269 days ago


heidi is tainted......i would rather have sex with a 80 year old woman than her............

2269 days ago

justice for daniel    

Would be interesting to see how we men would handle all the comments made about our bodies if we went to the beach bottomless. How many of us do you think would have enough self confidence and love of our bodies to hear what women say about us like we talk about them and their boobs?

2269 days ago


Hey #51. You go on about our bodies being a God-given gift and I agree with you. But God also says in the Bible to be modest in your dress. In other words, COVER IT UP IN PUBLIC! Once a child is old enough to be weaned, parental nudity has no place in their life. And I agree with the other commenter who said a female child should never see her father's genitals. And I'd like to extend that point to include male children shouldn't see their mother's genitals.

2269 days ago


Sorry, I got the numbers mixed up. #51, I pretty much agree with you. #35, Linda, you are the one I completely disagree with. Sorry for the mix-up.

2269 days ago


Please! Get over it, tah tah are no big deal. They have both had help to have such nice tah tahs after the years and children. What is wrong? jealously?

2269 days ago


Is Heidi not German. Germans are all about the nudity. I don't see anything wrong with it really...I mean there is nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin and teaching your kids the same. It is teaching them to love their bodies. I think we need a little more of that. How many times have your kids walked in on you while you were in the shower?

2269 days ago
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