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Hollywood Big Wig Sued in Fatal Golf Cart Crash

8/6/2008 7:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A famous director/actor has been sued for allegedly playing a part in the death of a guy who was driving a golf cart.

In August 2006, Peter Berg, director of "Hancock" and "Friday Night Lights," was riding in a Cadillac when the car allegedly struck a golf cart on State Route 202 in Arizona. Twenty-five year-old Nick Papac, the driver of the golf cart, was killed.

Francis Keao, Berg's assistant, was driving; Berg was in Arizona shooting "The Kingdom" at the time of the crash.

Berg, who starred on "Chicago Hope," and Keao are being sued for burial expenses and unspecified damages. Nick's parents filed the lawsuit today in L.A. County Superior Court.


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I live in Arizona, and anyone driving a golf cart on the 202, has a death wish!!!!!

2267 days ago


either way it is not bringing their son back. why cause more pain? is it really worth it?

2267 days ago


I was in a car crash a few years back in San Diego, CA. I had to sue the person who hit my car to get their insurance to come in and try to settle. Didn't work and ended up in court still but the process is sue the person and then insurance comes in.

2267 days ago


Isn't this the dude that punched Jen Garner?

2267 days ago


1) The road was closed and being used by Production
2) Filming was done for the day
3) The cart hit the SUV, not the other way around
4) This lawsuit is pathetic

2267 days ago

just wondering    

...sorry for to say, but the pepperoni was not cooked crispy enough for me...need to re-heat later..hahhahaha...please continue..

2267 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Thanks for the additional facts , Ppan. I was wondering what kind of an idiot drives a golf cart on a road also. But if the boy died because of a workplace accident, shouldn't the production company's insurance cover it? Is Berg a principal partner in the production company? I can't see any other reason for the the family to sue Berg.

Go Sox

2267 days ago

Melon Head    

Beware, golf is dangerous to your health!!!

2267 days ago


Alot of mystery has surrounded Nick's unfortunate death during the filming of "The KINGDOM". A great film was made, but a greater human being was lost. Those of us who knew and loved him--miss him. There are questions that need to be answered, it's just that simple.

Peter Berg, is not guilty of anything---until this is heard in a court of law.

Nick was a true gentleman and a professional--I would hope that all of this respects my friends spirit.

Cheers bro-


2267 days ago

What Mystery?    

What mystery? There were 3 people in a 2-seat cart. The driver of the cart turned into the SUV and struck the SUV in the rear quarter panel. The driver of the cart was Nick. The suit is asking for medical and burial expenses. Those items weren't paid for by the family, they were paid for by the company. This suit is about punitive damages. It's about the m.o.n.e.y., and it's disgusting. The accident was tragic and unfortunate. The lawsuit is pathetic.

2267 days ago

Kerwin Wolfe    

I thought Berg was on "ER".

2267 days ago


I don't think people should be allowed to drive golf carts in the streets. They should be on the GOLF! course ONLY! That's why they are called GOLF! carts.

2267 days ago


He should be covered under his employers Workers Compensation.

2267 days ago

Whatawank this is    

The complaint insinuates the highway was open to traffic which is a total falsehood: it was a closed and controlled enivonment. Nick was driving a "gator", not a golf cart and blindly made a u-turn directly into a California-licensed vehicle (the complaint states it's an Arizona licensed vehicle). It was a tragic accident. The studio graciously offered to pay burial expenses; whether or not Papac's family chose to accept is unknown. To put forth this outrageous and ill-researched lawsuit (which contains factual errors) indicates the work of shoddy law practioners. The Papac's are money-grubbers of the worst sort. Peter Berg was a truly stand-up guy during the tragedy, had nothing to do with its occurance and is now a victim.

2267 days ago

wait for the facts    

This is not a simple road accident. Vehicles used in the production of films are used wherever the scene is being shot. This can be on a state highway, a golf course, in a cave, or on the tarmac at an airport. Obviously regular traffic situations don't exist on movie sets. The director on a film set makes the decisions that move the people working for him through their day. If Berg made a bad call that led to the death of anybody on the set, then he should at least have to defend his decision making process to the satisfaction of the legal system. In the same way that the foreman in a warehouse could be held responsible if he directed workers to ignore established safety procedures in order to get a job done quickly and someone was crushed by a forklift. I don't know what the situation here is, but the father who brought the case is a Hollywood veteran (Big Time-- look him up). I'm sure he believes that standard set protocol was in some way violated.

2267 days ago
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