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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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No No    

I agree, her picture is beautiful, but as far as lightening your skin tone for anything or any body is not cool. People of color have been fighting and praying for years to express theirselves for who they are and what they look like. Not to mention all races come in different shades people.

1245 days ago


I don't think the point is light skin is better. Isn't the trend for white women to go tanning???? What's wrong is that the beauty industry doesn't want us to be happy with anything we have and therefore spend money to look the way we don't look naturally. Dark skin wants to be light, light skin wants to be dark, burnettes want to be blonde, blondes want to shake it up and be burnette, curly hair wants to be straight, etc.... If we can be happy with the way we are the beauty industry would be out of business. It's not a race thing. It's an attack on people's contentment and self image.

1245 days ago

Ashley Rodriguez    

Had it ever occured to you it was lighting? I am fairly light, but in the right lighting I look like casper the ghost....

1245 days ago


i am white, so you all know that! b is beautiful the color she is do not mess with that girl! her people should screen this stuff before it goes public. she is perfect the way she is as is everyone else! be proud of what you are, and dont let anyone change you!

1245 days ago


i get so sick of racist who attack anything and anyone about color/lack of color...who's too black one day and too white the next. try getting into the world of has a broad spectrum and beyonce is an artist..grow up, grow out and just grow period..stop beating that race DEAD horse for a change.

1245 days ago


I don't understand why they felt the need to lighten her skin at all. I am caucasian, but I have always admired dark skin, I think it's beautiful. Beyonce's natural tone is gorgeous and they should have left it as-is.
Side note, in the comparison photo.. that isn't her skintone either! She looks more orange than black..

1245 days ago

Lawrene Wu    

whatever!!! She's a star, she should be pleased what ever she wishes. I am sure she is awared of what is going on. She obviously know what the picture(s) is/are going to be turned out. If it's too dark, then lighten it or vice versa. I don't see why this is such an issue. American please wake up and start living. Stop that bull**** discrimination things. This is 21st century!!! We all are equal now!! TMZ is such big time!!!!

1245 days ago

Shirley Hunt    

If I could get paid thousands of dollars for a magazine shoot, they could lighten or darken my skin. We all have more important things to worry about.

1245 days ago


Black/White who really gives a rats ass. If everyone would just grow up and act like adults there wouldnt be a problem!

1245 days ago


I dont understand how this 20th century racism is being condonded im dark skined i at times i do feel insecure because of what people say or make u think is this what we have come to SHAME on you beyonce to allow yourself to become apart of the problem and not hte solution you see the $ before your integraty ..... and then you have the audacity to not to answer a question

1245 days ago


Seriously people this photo has nothing to do with racism! It’s about selling hair products! Obviously her darker skin didn’t go good with blonde hair??? Come on use your brain! I’m sure there were other Lo’real products of her with darker hair and darker skin tones to make the hair match the skin or skin to match the makeup. & All the comments about Black women having nappy hair, large foreheads etc.. & White women not having any butt or no lips, is very ridiculous! I am a white women & a full white women if ya know what I mean.. & I know beautiful black women (some with no butt)!!!

1245 days ago


It is clear to see that her skin changes to the product she is promoting meaning that she is beening very fake about who and what she is bad move on B part.

1245 days ago


Black or White (Watthehell) Human should be far enough, don't you guys think?

1245 days ago


Sometimes people LOOK for things to complain about. What is the big idea? You would think by now that most of us would be used to celebrities and their camera tricks. Halle Berry's skin was darkened to play the lead in the movie QUEEN. Also if this is a problem, consider the photos of Mariah Carey on the cover of JET MAGAZINE a few years ago. Her picture was darkened to make her look more ethnic. Nobody said anything that I read about. And we know that Mariah is lighter than lots of white people. So please, let this one go, and focus on world hunger, neighborhood crime, a bad economy . . . and so much more!!!

1245 days ago


The real issue I have with this ad -is the L' Oreal color in Beyonce's weave- that is not her hair- what did they do bleach some dark brown hair on a track- then dye it the L' Oreal, blonde color then sew or glue it to her head??- the selling of the whole L' Oreal color is false- so why even complain about the skin color - you know that white is right-what's surprising about that.

1245 days ago
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