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Even the Jonas Bros. Forget Archuleta Exists

8/7/2008 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta, Jonas BrothersIt's hard to tell the Jonas Brothers apart sometimes, but here's a hint: David Archuleta isn't one of them.

Kevin, Joe and Nick were so happy about their Teen Choice Awards victories, they blogged about it on their MySpace page. They were particularly jazzed about their win for Most Fanatical Fans. The only problem is they didn't win that award -- David Archuleta did.

Don't take away the one thing he's won!


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I'm not sure you are right about this one - I heard it on entertainment news also that the Jonas Brothers won the fans award....So pretty sure if it's been announced in entertainment news on tv and radio to all of the world - they probably told the Jo Bros too. Maybe David one a similar but different award??? I'm with the Jonas Brothers on this one.

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2232 days ago


The Jonas Brothers was a big waste of time when they had them answer question when they could of had a real singer like David Archuleta perform for us, but no they had three BOZO'S standing there acting stupid...I just hate it when it takes three boy's to do a one man's job!

2232 days ago


Just passing know why you guys did not know about David Archuleta?? because he is in a different league as far as music is concern... personality wise, he is awesome! a very real person, non-pretentious and humble, unlike
some celebrity that are moulded to become what the business want them to be...a pop star sensation!..
Personally, I like to see someone who has unique quality, his awkwardness is so fun to watch, his smile is contageous and he brings joy to people when he sings. Awesome voice by the way in case you have not heard him. gifted like you wouldn't believe. he can do pop, ballad, R&B, country, gospel.....I know who is David Archuleta and so does many people who
watch them from city to city on their AI tour. Oh yeah.....he is gaining fans just from the tour alone. Go to Hey Nielsen Ranking website.

2232 days ago


David is a very unique youngman. He is just starting out. Give him a break! He has an awesome voice. Winning American Idol is not what it is all about. It is finding individuals that will make a difference. He will be that as you will see in time. Time will take care of it. I'm sure all the headliners of today have had alot of SKEPTICAL AT BEST! Your right RENA..."if u have nothing nice to say dont say it at all." We love ya David! Keep on truckin!

2232 days ago


Really sleezy today guys. Archleta is a minor, don't you have anything else goin on.? Cretins.

2232 days ago


Maybe Jonas Brother don't know Archuleta exist because they are too focus on themselves....that's what fame does to you sometimes, you lose your perspective in what is important..

2232 days ago


David Arhculeta is an amazing singer on the verge of stardom. He's fanbase is extensive and goes beyond teens and race, The Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta were nominated for MIST Fanatical Fans on the Teen CHoice Awards. David on, it reported throuhgout the Associated Press and David has the surf board so the mistake was the Jonas Brothers.

2232 days ago


Wait till next year- David Archuletta will be THE king of Teen Choice - He was too new this year to be nominated for much of anything - He is a magnificent singer and a beautiful person - just wait-------

2232 days ago


You people are so immature and rude. In just a few short years you are going to hang your heads in shame when David Archuleta is a singing sensation. Yeah right, I know, people without a conscience don't do things like that. Anyway, if you are going to make a big arse of yourselves, why don't you makes remarks that have at least a little substance (I won't hold my breath).

2232 days ago


David does important stuff like encouraging fans with Brain Tumors, I don't think he is googling the Jonas Bros. Why don't YOU check out his fansites once in awhile.. BTW he is a minor, don't you have some sleezy adult you want to insult??


2232 days ago


Archuleta and the Jonas Brothers are 4 of the most uninteresting celebrities in existence. I have no idea why any of them are remotely famous. We need more Mileys and Selenas.

2232 days ago


Miley who? Selena who? David I know!!

2232 days ago


Hi, I personally believe that this is a simple mistake for the JB part, they already edit their blog, so there is no needfor any fanbase to discuss this anymore...

2232 days ago


If you don't believe David Archuleta won go to the TCA site and read it for yourself and if you google it you will find it there. Noone was against the Jonas Brothers they just wanted what was fair to be fair. They should never have posted that on their site and they know it wasn't true because the removed it. Everything is fine now! TMZ always has to put a neg. hateful ugly spin to everything.......and TMZ David got 42 millions votes which I think was very impressive. And everyone was saying David had won after his 3 performances so he and his fans were satisfied and happy. We had nothing against any of the other artists. Just want what is fair. We worked our butts off voting on TMZ for David and he should get the recognition for it. And to the ones that said who is David Archuleta go to youtube and search for CRUSH and give it a listen and notice the hits it has. It is know there is room for lots of artist in the music industry, so why TMZ has to try and put one against another is beyond me. They had always treated David Archuleta with NO respect. They are the ones that deserve no respect. So, go David and Jones Brothers.....let's all live in harmony and be happy. David is an amazing person and artist and I will support and stand by him forever.

2232 days ago
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