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L'Oréal: Get Réal

8/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceBeyonce, or L'Oréal for that matter, probably had no idea that an ad for hair color would cause so much controversy. I am an African-American woman and I work for TMZ. Yes, TMZ hires Black people.

I saw the new L'Oréal ad a few days ago, and it struck a nerve. There's still a stigma of Black celebs acting "too Black." This ad re-enforces that negative portrayal.

Why can't a powerful, talented African-American woman be celebrated for her natural beauty? L'Oréal claims they didn't change Beyonce's appearance, but who are they fooling? L'Oreal obviously wanted to make Beyonce look White.

The L'Oréal ad is disrespectful and dismissive to the Black community. And L'Oréal's explanation is lame.

My name is Nina and I approved (and wrote) this message.


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Get real. Woman in magazines of ALL COLORS are minipulated electronically/digitally in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO YOU SEE. Not just black women. This is just another racially baited argument brought about by black people. When are you guys going to get over yourself and get into the 21st century. We all are going to have to get along and black people are no longer the minority they once were. Hell, white people are becoming the minority in America anyways. What do you have to say about that?

2205 days ago


Get the f***k over it. People like you who think they speak for the Black community are those who have more problems with themselves, their being, than anyone else. I am black. When I first saw those pictures I didn't thing nothing of it. I thought here are some pretty pictures of B.
I have been, as an African, more segregated by Blacks like you here in the US, than any white person I ever met. You call us "kounta kinte", "savages" and the list goes on.
You don't speak for me, nor should you pretend to speak for any black person eager to see this country become colorless. the "CIVIL RIGHT MOVEMENT" as you knew it, is over. Now, we need to come together on common grounds. All right?

2205 days ago


now that i'm looking at the picture i wonder if the problem is really the touchup on her nose and her features in general. she had a nose job but still her nose isn't THAT narrow. then combine that with the lighting and the blond weave and she looks whiter than she's ever looked. maybe they didn't actually lighten her skin tone. idk

and please stop with the creole this and that. beyonce is mostly black and yes she has other races in her ancestry but many black people do. i even have a black friend with naturally straight-indian-type hair and she's very dark. when people look at her, all they see is black girl but she's more mixed than beyonce (by that i mean the mix is not far removed), look at amerie who is half-asian she's dark so stop saying that beyonce is creole and so she should be as light as she is in the ad

2205 days ago


Beyonce is a goddess and the most beautiful woman on the planet, but she could pass for other ethnicities.

2205 days ago


This is a gossip website so I expect a certain kind of "journalism"(and I use that word loosely) but seriously this is sad,even for TMZ. Its a hair coloring ad for a hair coloring product! Beyonce is african american(we all know this) many african american women are naturally strawberry blondes?....NONE, but that didnt seem to bother you. The fact that Beyonce has been blonde more than half her career doesnt offend you as an african american woman does it...NO. We all do things to fit who we are as individuals so quit making something out of nothing!

2205 days ago



2205 days ago


Give me a break...I look at TMZ for celebrity gossip...not to hear some employee crying about a makeup ad! Is TMZ this desperate for stories? Get over yourself Nina. Go stick your head up Jesse Jackson's ass! You two would make a great team.

2205 days ago


There is a simple, reasonable explanation for all of this. Beyonce has a contract to model for L'oreal agreeing to model for them. It just so happens that her image on THAT PARTICULAR box of hair color is for a lighter shade. Her skin tone needed to be lightened so there was not a huge contrast between the skin tone and the hair color. If her skin tone was it's natural color on the box it would not have looked natural against the shade of the lighter hair color the box is advertising. The box is advertising a hair color and that is the bottom line. A shade of hair color that does not look natural on the box would not sell. This is just another example of bored people making something out of nothing. And for the record, I am a WHITE WOMAN and do NOT work for TMZ.

2205 days ago


You don't know when this photo was taken. Beyonce was rockin' the blonde look for awhile.

2205 days ago


Either there's not much to report in the thirty mile zone, or, Harvey was away from his desk when this ridiculous item was posted. Beyonce is business-savy and talented. Unless you just stepped right out of slavery, black women have been using make up and straightening their hair for a looong time, and guess what, men are now doing it too! Just as a future reference, the next time I get a manicure, should I be careful to pick out the "black woman" or the "white woman" color nail polish. You have definitely insulted Beyonce's intelligence by insinuating that she was unaware of her make up and hair--FYI: Beyonce is aware and coherent of all her decisions. NINA, STOP DIVIDING OUR RACES--PEOPLE HAVE DIED FOR THE BELIEF IN UNITY!

2205 days ago


Well what's new! Magazines and Companies are always redoing fotos of people of ANY COLOR. They want BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and not NORMAL LOOKING PEOPLE--LIKE THE ONES WHO BUY THE PRODUCTS.

2205 days ago


Get real, This is not the first time Beyonce has looked "white" Ever since the beginning of her career she has has blond hair even without loreals help. she has natural light skin, but choose to have blonde hair. why probably cause she thinks it looks best on her, IDK. Also with the picture comparisons, it could've been lighting maybe in the other pictures she was more tan. watever. but please don't pretend this is the first time you saw her looking "white".

2205 days ago


@LaChandra first beyonce doesn't look white (had a nose job) and second, she is african-american. many african-americans are not 100% black

2205 days ago


Beyonce is Creole, and that is a fact. Her mother is beautiful with green eyes.

2205 days ago


NINA-Why can't a powerful, talented African-American woman be celebrated for her natural beauty? Why don't you ask beyonce that, since she sometimes looks dark and sometimes very very light. She is the one with the problem, not us, not L'oreal. why cant you just be natural B.

2205 days ago
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