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Mistress: I Like My DNA The Old Fashion Way

8/10/2008 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Edwards may have dodged a bullet. That's what she said!

Edwards' love on the side, Rielle Hunter, is not going to ask for a paternity test to prove whether or not her 5-month-old daughter is John's.

Both Rielle and Edwards claim that due to timing, the baby couldn't be his. According to the NY Post, there's no father listed on birth certificate and Rielle wants to "maintain her privacy and her daughter's privacy."


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I think this guy is a real piece of sh*t. His wife is dying of cancer and he is cheating on her and fathering a child to boot. What a tribute to your dying wife, if anyone deserves to go to hell it's this guy.

2231 days ago

Not Fooled    

I have no doubt Edwards only offered to take a DNA test after he and his "thing on the side" agreed that she would not let his love child be DNA tested. That way Edwards could continue his claim that he is not the father of that child. Edwards sounds like he is saying"Sure I played around with this women but since you can't prove I am the father, I'm off the hook. I was only shooting blanks, that doesn't count." He is fooling himself if believes this woman will not come after him for big bucks if he doesn't keep her very happy.

2231 days ago

samantha souza    

If the child isn't his and his affair ended in 2007 than why was he in that hotel with her last month???? We KNOW that he was there because the bodyguards at the hotel have confirmed it. I love when politicians insult our intelligence.

2231 days ago


Why should she take the DNA test? Right now she's living the life of a queen. Million $ mansion in a mucky muck gated community, spending money, all expenses paid. You can bet she will losse it all if she consents to a DNA test, as per agreement with Edwards. Naturally, he agrees to a DNA test, AFTER he knows she won't allow it.

This Edwards twit is so tangled up in his filthy underwear over his love child he won't ever be able to clean up his reputation, such as it was.

2231 days ago

nikkis mom    

I cannot stand John Edwards. He is a pretty boy that makes politics dirty (both Democrat and Republican) It just seems to me that things are not going his way and I wonder WHY. He claims he was called in for a meeting . I wonder - how the National Enquirer was there at the right moment. I also wonder why this lady refuses to have a DNA test. It makes John Edwards look even more guilty. I just wonder if this is a scorned woman who is getting back an ex-lover by ruining him. I would not doubt that she was the one that tipped off National Enquirer and wouldn't it be better to take the DNA test - then all speculation would be off - either way. This way - it will never die down - people will always wonder - especially John Edward's wife. That is a perfect revenge by an ex-lover!

2231 days ago


Elizabeth is smarter than all of them. I just hope she divorces him very soon to protect her children's estate. What a nightmare knowing there is gold digger in the wings waiting for $$ and to be around her innocent children. Hunter has big plans later on for the $$. The Charlotte Observer has exposed the gold digger's past........just log into charlotte news and observer.

2231 days ago


Poor John Edwards, he really can't help it. His Brain is hard wired to be a cheating liar. That behavior is required for a man of his profession - Trial Lawyer. Add Politician to his resume and it's a lethal mix. Corrupt, no morals, selfish, arrogant, lie, cheat, steal, use, abuse.

It's like a handicap. It's in his DNA. As we see every day in the news it doesn't matter if he is a Dem or a Repub. They are all cut from the same cloth of rotten corruption.

2231 days ago


Stop blaming the Republicans for this story. It was someone in Edward's camp that leaked it.... actually several of his 'close associates'. According to the National Enquirer people, they have lots and lots of details provided by people that were 'staff' and disgusted by him.
BabyMama has a contract worth $$$$$ to stay quiet. A paterinity test will probably breach it, so she won't get the big $$ from him if she breaks it -- sort of like Tom Cruise and Katie.
And if weren't his kid, and the 'relationship' was over, why has he been visiting the baby on a regular basis.

2231 days ago


I USED to be a fan of his, but his arrogance is stunning. Anyone knows that if they want this to drop, that they would take paternity test , prove the baby wasn't his. And WTF he's in the Beverly Hilton (photographic evidence) visiting someone who he broke up with a long time ago, holding a baby that's not his? Sure, John, we believe that. Sure.

2231 days ago


my thoughts and prayers go out to mrs. edwards and the children as for him .
he is a disgusting pig.

2231 days ago


That gal must have a flapping snatch--seems she's parting with the legs with many "sperm donors." What a slut! John Edwards turns my stomach and I hope his gonads rot--he is a sorry sob.

2231 days ago


The only reason he says he's sorry if because he got caught, just like Bill Clinton. John and Bill: we already know how sorry you two are! John, you're a mite sorrier than Bill, at least Bill's wife is healthy. I hope Karma gives each of you a double dose of payback.

2231 days ago

Erica K.    

His "confession" on Nightline was even more egregious than the underlying offense. If you're going to confess and apologize, do so--clearly, honestly, humbly, completely. Why continue to lie and lie? These types never learn that the cover-up is what does you in. The public could possibly forgive him for cheating on his wife if he would have just admitted it, apologized profusely, showed some humility and sincere regret. But no. This egomaniac can't seem to do anything but groom well. His "interview" was scripted and highly insincere. John, we know your that child's father. We know that the affair lasted longer than you admitted to. We know she isn't the only bimbo with whom you've cheated. We know that you participated in and have knowledge of the large payments to your paramour. Elizabeth, leave him. Your statement was pathetic. Is this the example you want to set for women, especially your daughters? Is John the one you want holding your hand as you take your last breath? Remember where that hand has been. Show the strength and grit we know you have. Drop him. Now. He's shown his true colors and now it's time to show the world, or at least your children, of what you're made. Rielle--sweetie, he's not going to be with you when his wife dies. He's done with you. In fact, he was done with you by the time the sheets dried. Were his insults and lies not enough for you to see this? You were used. Sell your story to whoever/whatever will buy it to at least secure your future and that of your child's. God forbid you're counting on John to provide for your future, financially or otherwise. Wise up. Women despise you for your stupidity, weakness, duplicity, immorality here as well, but you have the chance to mold public opinion if you act quickly and intelligently. Right now, the public thinks you're a ridiculous, dumb, naive, dishonest skank. Are you going to allow John to perpetuate this impression of you by remaining silent? If he'll fu** his dying wife of 30-plus years, what kind of life partner do you suppose he'll make to you? Wise up, ladies.

2231 days ago


He makes me sick... and so does his little chippy. What's with these people? Are they all horn-dogs?
Doesn't marriage means anything anymore?
I wish I could keep their personal lives separate from their political/public lives. I wish I could say it doesn't matter. I wish I could focus on the good they can do/are doing for our country ... but morality is important too.

2231 days ago


She doesn't need a DNA test. She knows who the father is and so does Edwards and so do we. Anyway, it's their personal business. I'm tired of hearing about it.

2231 days ago
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