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Mistress: I Like My DNA The Old Fashion Way

8/10/2008 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Edwards may have dodged a bullet. That's what she said!

Edwards' love on the side, Rielle Hunter, is not going to ask for a paternity test to prove whether or not her 5-month-old daughter is John's.

Both Rielle and Edwards claim that due to timing, the baby couldn't be his. According to the NY Post, there's no father listed on birth certificate and Rielle wants to "maintain her privacy and her daughter's privacy."


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Me has an interview w/ Wolf Blitzer and the Enquirer folk. Not only was he caught at the Beverly Hilton with mother and child at THREE AM, but he was also caught with them a week before that.'s not his child. Makes total sense for someone who had an affair that ended two years ago and isn't the father of the baby to then show up two years later with mother and child in the middle of the night at a hotel, and to do that two weeks in a row.

Lying piece of garbage.

2265 days ago


Here's the reason for no DNA test: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2265 days ago


I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!I Don't Care!

This is John Edward's wifes business and of course in the future, I would not vote him into office. It is no longer relevant now that the truth is out!

2265 days ago


The best thing about this story is now I know about John McCain's rotten cheating behavior towards his first wife!

2265 days ago


Another testimonial that all the money in the world will not buy you class. What pigs Edwards and that Skank are, his poor wife is suffering with cancer.

2265 days ago


Elizabeth, you have a lot more wrong than cancer if you are sticking by his side - you need your head examined. HE's making a fool of you and you are now a subject of ridicule. Don't make things worse by standing by him.
Adultry is a slap in the face to God, marraige vows, the spouse and the children. He is making fun of you Elizabeth.

2265 days ago


First of all I do not believe the public needs to know the paternity of any child, just the parents. What gives the media and anybody else the right to demand that anyone takes a paternity test? Can you imagine someone coming in your househhold demanding you to take a paternity test. Yes he is a public figure, but he also deserves to have certain family issues which apprears his family were trying to work through privately. People are going way too far. What difference does it make if he did give her hush money, especially if it was his own personal cash. He has the right to attempt to keep his business out of the street. Leave him along and let him and his family deal with it privately.

2265 days ago


yep, all that HUSH money can be chalked up with those 500 hair cuts....LOL

2265 days ago


Gee, I used to think he was actually a good guy...

2265 days ago


I always thought John Edwards was a phony & I bet Elizabeth is the main force behind his career success. Bill Clinton has done nothing near as bad as Edwards because at least Hillary was not dying of cancer and this gold digger is no more than a prostiture waiting around for Elizabeth to die so she can take her place. She looks like a buck toothed witch.

2265 days ago


$500.00 HAIR CUTS

2265 days ago

Jennifer Francine Kirpatrick    

It does not go farther than he and his wife. Yes, he did run for president, but that run is over! He is no longer in contention for VP, so it is not your business. If you donated money to his campaign, then ok, maybe then you have a right to know some financial details, but even then you would have given him your money without saying what he could use it for.

2265 days ago


If he were planning to keep her in the wings until a year or so after his wife died and then suddenly meet and start dating her and adopt his child-making him look saintly--his plan backfired.

FIRST I hope that Mrs Edwards survives her cancer even though things might not look very optimistic for her
SECOND if she survives with an excellent prognosis I hope that she has the strength to leave him

right now is not the time for her to think about that being so ill and having children to care for and the world knows that

every time a healthy woman in public life with a high education and great job qualifications (like Hillary Clinton) continually looks the other way and keeps forgiving her cheating husband it sends a message to all men that it isn't that bad to cheat when women like that tolerate it

and the message to women is that marriage to a cheater is better than no marriage at all and that they should accept a philandering man too

the message to their sons and daughters is that respect and self-respect are not important HOW SAD THAT THEY ARE PASSING THIS MESSAGE ALONG!

Mrs Edwards struggle for her life makes her exempt from that in my mind-she needs her energy to maintain her life and spend as much time as she can with her children because the doctors do not seem to be optimistic about her cancer recurring and unfortunately it will be her husband left to raise the children if and when something happens

so my prayers are with her and her children

not so with gals like Hillary
just hope that Chelsea doesn't think that's what marriage is all about

I left a cheating hubby with no special job skills 30 years ago and no child support etc. and now my son who I raised alone, had the utmost respect for me and other women as well as a university education that I made sure he had-so if I could do it -so could these high profile women who stand by their sorry husbands

shame on John Edwards for still sneaking to see this woman and child while his wife is battling for her life and his children are living in fear of their mother dying-it doesn't matter if the child is his or not or even if they were having sex or not-how dare he do this to his family

2265 days ago


Rielle Hunter would be smart to 1) Make a multi-million dollar deal with a tabloid now, 2) Get a DNA test while Edwards still has his foot in his mouth, and 3) put in a claim for paternity and a share of the Edwards $100 million plus estate now, so she and her baby girl can live in luxury.

2265 days ago


What a joke... this woman is being payed massive amounts of money to shut the hell up...and to not take a paternity test. My guess is one has already been done. And he IS the father. Also on the payrolls is the guy that accepts paternity. He is being payed too. The fall guy as they say. What a piece of s--- this guy is. I would NEVER vote for this lying a-- h---!! His wife has cancer for God's sake!! I hope he gets his in spades!! Massive CREEP!!

2265 days ago
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