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A-Rod Givin' It to Madge

8/11/2008 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is getting paid by Alex Rodriguez –- and the timing couldn't be any more, ahem, convenient.

The stray-Rod is actually making a donation to Madge's charity, Raising Malawi, reports Rush & Molloy, to the tune of "at least $500,000." Even though he's going to be shelling out big time to wife Cynthia in their divorce case, he's apparently in a giving mood. Of course, the charity's director says it's a "private thing."

Reps didn't comment.

Bernie -- Intensive for Days

Bernie Mac's condition was much more serious – and he was in the ICU – for much longer than anyone was letting on.

The late comedian, who died early Saturday morning, was admitted to the hospital July 24, a week before his admittance actually was announced. People reports that he had to be put on a ventilator as soon as he got there, and he contracted a second strain of pneumonia while he was there.

Though what eventually felled him wasn't directly related to his chronic sarcoidosis, the condition severely compromised his immune system.

Other Woman Slams Edwards' Wife

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter didn't like the look of Elizabeth Edwards from the very beginning -- or her energy.

She told a Newsweek reporter that Elizabeth didn't "give off good energy" and that she "didn't make eye contact with me" when they met. (Ya think?) Hunter and Edwards already were involved when the two met, but it's unclear whether Elizabeth knew anything.

Hunter apparently thought that John Edwards was a leader on the order of Gandhi.


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Edwards chose Rielle because she stroked his ego, much like Jesse Jackson, who also had an ugly mistress.

2227 days ago


The b*tch's real name is DRUCK. Druck, no good drunk f*ck! Used old skanky whore. If Edwards wanted a whore, he could have gotten Ashley Alexandra Dupre for a lot less. At least she is attractive.

2227 days ago


How do you get Reilly from Rielle? That spelling even makes this chick look inbred.

2227 days ago

Anna Molly    

The more she keeps talking, the more stupid she looks. She has just as much of an over-inflated ego as Edwards' does-they deserve each other. I bet she got pregnant on purpose. I feel sorry for all of the children affected by this-it's not like they had a choice in parents.

2227 days ago


"John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter didn't like the look of Elizabeth Edwards from the very beginning -- or her energy."
"She told a Newsweek reporter that Elizabeth didn't "give off good energy" and that she "didn't make eye contact with me" when they met."

Do you think ...maybe...that she knew you were having sex with her husband. DAH- Another dumb a** statement from a dumb a** blond

2227 days ago


No one is even insulting Nancy Edwards. I am going to say what I want. Reille is a lowlife whore who should rot in hell. The whore gets around if she took Andrew Young on as well as Edwards. Need I say more?

2227 days ago


You would think with all those MILLIONS John Edward could afford a decent a pair of glasses. My God.....what a dog that woman is!!!!!! Bow wow woo....yipee yay yipee yay!

2227 days ago

Your mom    

A-Rod/ Madonna...Yawn.

My deeply felt condolences to Mr. Bernie Mac's family (he was a riot!).

As for Edwards, shame on you; your wife may have forgiven you but you don't deserve it. I seen your interview where you decided to come clean, yeah after being hounded by the media. One good thing the media does is hound people to come clean, ha-ha. Anyways, boy do you have an ego hope this knocks it down a bit, as for the horse of a women you're a HO! Go find your own man, he was married and has KIDS!! You two deserve each other, shame on you both!!

2227 days ago


That thing in the picture with a camera around her neck. Is that the creature Edwards had sex with behind his wife's back?
Sweet Jesus.....I sure hope that baby dont look like her when she grows up!

2227 days ago


How dare this slut talk about Elizabeth Edwards this way! I'll bet she might look her in the eye now--as she swings a baseball bat at her face! Oh but wait, Elizabeth has dignity and class. Unlike this piece of *&%# girlfriend her husband had, she will not stoop to commenting publicly about this. These types of men NEVER get anyone as pretty, smart or fabulous as the wives they cheat on! They are insecure little narcissists that can't deal with the fact that a wonderful wife of 30 years who is dying of cancer can't tell him every 5 seconds just how great he is and how awesome his hair looks. Yes, Elizabeth is dying and Johhny boy is forgiven by God but.....his judgement day will come and guess what John--forgiven or not, eternity is a very long time! I just feel sad for Elizabeth and her kids. She will pass away knowing that this jerk is left to parent her kids and there is a possibility that this skank will be living in her home when she is gone. What a creep!

2227 days ago

pattie in cali    

hunter, you are one sad person, you have a relationship with her husband, and then you slam her, what the hell are you thinking???????. your nothing more than trash, i am not a fan of the EDWARDS, but i know a bitch when i see one, your the one that is wronge here, you and john, wronge wronge wronge.

2227 days ago


Slut Edward's mistress and baby maker dares to critique Elizabeth Edwards when she's the loose pig who stroked the moron's ego and his weenie. How dare she say anything bad about John's wife when she is both a drugged out party drunk and a prostitite? Lisa or Rielle as she prefers to be called today, tomorrow it will be something else, thinks she is going to marry Edwards when his wife dies and he's allowed this. Don't compare him to Bill Clinton for he never dissed his wife nor through all his antics that I don't condone did anything think they were on first base. This wh*re is making more money to shut up but soon it won't mattter for they'll be in court. It's John Edward's baby and for that you can be sure. And, her own ego couldn't keep quiet so she's let friends know. Too late to keep the door shut on her spoilage but not too late for Elizabeth Edwards to dictate her fortune and make sure it doesn't go to slutty Lisa aka Rielle. Elizabeth's been a fine wife, it's cheating lying huband whose been the embarassment for their entire family. This is not going to be quieted when we will follow his story to the end of his life and Rielle who may be Jane or Suzan next week, will make sure to stay in the spotlight. Right now she's got more money to spend and better homes to live in than she ever realized before. I hope they throw Edward's ass in jail .. he's a creep for cheating on a cancer riddled wife he would have taken through her demise all over the USA for a shot at being president. We all hate him.

2227 days ago


What a nasty hoskie. You would think that after being outted as a complete whore and homewrecker she would learn to keep her mouth shut. Seems like Edwards was the only one that was ever interested in what she did with her mouth anyways.......When are dirty skanks ever going to learn to shut up and leave grown people alone.

2227 days ago


SHE'S AS UGLY AS SHE IS A TRAMP. Edwards will wish he never met her. I bet he does already. Having a slut talk bad about his wife makes it even worse than having a kid with drugged out drunk Lisa Druck who is known now as Rielle Hunter.but wants to be Rielle Edwards when his wife dies. They are 2 morons, John and whoever the gugly woman is with the big mouth who caused him to lose any chance in politics this lifetime. Good for her .. she exposed him and he will hate her for that. He belongs in jail for giving her money and lying about 'everything'. and thinking we'd believe him.

2227 days ago


Ms. Hunter is nothing but a whore. She has no business giving her opinion, of Mrs. Edwards. Her opinion means nothing.
Mr. Edwards is not only a two time loser presidential candidate, he is a failure as a man, husband and father.

What goes around comes around, and they will get it in spades. What is done in darkness always comes to light!

2227 days ago
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