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H-Wood Hit & Run Driver Collides w/ Victim - Again

8/11/2008 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She was left broken and unconscious after an alleged drunk driver cut her down in the middle of the Thirty Mile Zone, but now Lucy Crawford is out of the hospital and taking on the woman who would have fled the scene -- if it weren't for a friend who chased down the car during the most dramatic footage we ever caught on tape.

Bound to a wheelchair and still in a world of pain, Crawford went face to face with the driver Heather Auger in Los Angeles County Superior Court today for a preliminary hearing. The case was continued until September, and while Lucy filled us in on her situation, Auger quickly fled the scene -- again.


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She's not a celebrity. I don't understand how this girl can plead not guilty when we all know she is guilty. Hey TMZ, are they allowed to use your video in court?

2231 days ago


It says "Celebrity Justice" but I'm sorry, who exactly is the celebrity? It may have happened outside a hollywood hot spot but they aren't celebrities just because TMZ was there. It's a terrible situation don't get me wrong. But it's not "celebrity" news. TMZ isn't covering the hit and runs in my city to post on the world wide web.

2231 days ago

so sad    

How can this girl plead no guilty? Are her lawyers complete idiots? She should plea bargain for a better deal.

2231 days ago


How is this related to entertainment news? Are either one of them celebs? WTF?

2231 days ago


previous commentators - its all about reality tv these days, dont you get it? And you were interested enough in the story to comment on it, weren't you? So you're being suckered in, too

2231 days ago


I hope the driver's lawyer gets her off on a tchnicality. The girl in the street was just as drunk and stupid, too bad so sad.

2231 days ago

Go Away    

The dirver should be taken out and horse whipped.

2231 days ago



Heather's boyfriends' vehicle; her boyfriends' insurance company will be on the hook for part of the settlement...

2231 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

This Heather gal has have to have the worst luck in the world,
-it bad enough to drink and drive,
-then there is drinking and driving and getting caught,
-then drinking and driving and getting in an accident
-then dink and driving and getting in an accident and hurting someone
-then getting the caught on tape leaving the seen….

I hope this sends a message to people that life comes down to moments, one bad decision can chage your life instantly. This girl is now the poster girl from drunk drivers and I am sure has been humiliated at work, social circles and above her family.

Take responsibility and send a message to others!

2231 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    


Where you there? or do you like making stupid statements?

That camera said it all, how could you be so drunk not to see you that you hit someone, and not realize it or...realize it and make the decison to run.

I hope the victim takes her to the cleaners.

Justice served

2231 days ago


is the driver wearing a wig????

2231 days ago


If you go back to previous posts, readers ASKED to be kept updated. Who cares if they aren't "celebrities"! Keep scrolling past if you're not interested. I for one, am interested and feel sorry for Lucy and would slap that uppity snot faced Heather bitch right upside the head, how could she NOT be humbled by the whole experience? No she's still acting like a rich snob, and that's all it IS~ an ACT!

2231 days ago


EXACTLY! I WANT to TMZ to keep us updated on this.

I want to see this chick go down for this.

2231 days ago


To the person who pointed out that Lucy was drunk as well, I say SO WHAT? At least she was drunk and responsible enough to be WALKING, not DRIVING while so severly intoxicated that she was unaware of mowing down a pedestrian and leaving her in critical condition. Lucy did the right thing, she wasn't behind the wheel.

Actually being drunk probably saved Lucy's life. While drunk you're body is more relaxed because alcohol depresses the central nervous system, so when she fell, she would not have been as rigid as a sober person. That lack of rigidity is why drunk drivers seem to fair a helluva lot better in collisions than sober people. When your muscles contract upon impact you suffer more hard impact injuries. People who are relaxed in a collusion, kinds crumple instead of richochet off things.

As for Drunky, what a piece of human waste. Take responsibility and maybe the public would be more forgiving. I wonder if she has Nick Hogan's inmate number. Those two can commiserate all day on how their victims were at fault.

Good luck Lucy, hoping you'll soon walk again and enjoy the life you should have been enjoying all these months.

2231 days ago

fire nina    

i hope that heather gets mad time behind bars. first of all, dont drive drunk. secondly, she was so messed up she claimed to have no idea she ran someone over. she also kept trying to leave again after leaving that girls body in the road. she acted like she was the victim because someone got in front of her car and ran themselves over.

she is disgusting.

2231 days ago
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