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Jake Gyllenhaal: A Better Persian of Me

8/11/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Gyllenhaal debuted his "new" buff body and long brown locks while decked out in his "Prince of Persia" garb in North Africa.

His gal pal Reese, on other hand, looked ready to indulge in some boxed wine and a game of bridge.

We can't tell -- is that the real deal or just movie magic. What do you think?


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You think Jake would go for a 50-year old grandma? If so, call me! ;-)

2241 days ago


#50...That's exactly what I was going to say. It almost looks like prosthetic abs. It looks like it comes right under his pecs and wraps around. Totally fake. Having said that, who cares? It's a movie!

2241 days ago

bored at work    

Not gonna comment on his body because I don't really care. I am however afraid this movie is going to suck because from the pic here, the character is not accurate. If this movie is supposed to be of the 1st redone game, Sands of Time, then it's all wrong. The prince in that game was skinny and almost like a naive boy. Not all manly and brooding. The character didn't get "buff" with the longer hair and peach fuzz until the 2nd game. So I guess I am curious, are they throwing in all 3 games into one or is this supposed to be the 1st of a trilogy? If this is an adaptation of the 1st game, then they need to play it and take a peek at the character rather than make him look they way he does later on after he goes through his trials or whatever. I know, I am such a dork for mentioning this but little things like that just bug me. I guess the point is if they are going to go through all of the trouble of turning these games into a movie then they should follow the storyline a little better.

2241 days ago


So NOT fake. If you saw him in Jarhead then you know he has a great body and has no problem bulking up. Someone said it was airbrush or special effects. HELLO! This photo was obviously taken by a pap. How is it airbrushed or fx? Airbrushing and special effects are applied during the editting process of a film. Paps don't normally airbrush their photos because they want them as candid as possible. DON'T HATE HIM CAUSE HE'S BEAUTIFUL AND HOTTTT!

2241 days ago


Dude looks just LIKE BILLY RAY CYRUS !! Yuck ...

2241 days ago


Is it me or does he look like Billy Ray Cyrus ??

2241 days ago


His body looks good, but I thought it was Billy Ray Cyrus at first.

2241 days ago


wow wow wow, Dear Lord, forgive me because I am a married woman, he looks hot. I know her ex is jealous to see what she been getting for breakfast lunch and dinner, you go Reese

2241 days ago


If it were fake it would be tan. He has always been buff & in shape. He looks great.

2241 days ago

steroid man    

there's no-way you can get that big in that sort of time impossible-body make-uo or lots&lots of steroids.

2241 days ago


reese is such a mess. yuck. she has a fupa. ick

2241 days ago


Fake? What are you talking about? Jake has always had a smokin' hot bod! Now it's just off the hook!!!

2241 days ago


oh my GOODNESS!!!! Who carea if it'a real or not....right now, I'm content soaking in all that yumminess!!!

2241 days ago

bill Smith    

He is pretty light and looks like someone who barely lifts. It's funny when people say he's on roids. People dont need to take roids for average muscular size.

2241 days ago


Geezus! Look @ Jake! I was so excited I hit the wrong key when I tried to type this the first time. He looks freaking HOT. His body kinda reminds me of Glen Danzig tho.....I dunno if thats good or bad...

2241 days ago
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