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Panettiere Dad to Mom: You Disrespected Me!

8/11/2008 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has details of what went down between Hayden Panettiere's mom and dad before daddy was busted for allegedly striking mommy, and we have video of the mother arriving at the party just hours before the incident.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Alan and Lesley Panettiere were at a party earlier in the evening. We're told Alan was upset because Lesley was "hanging" with someone at the shindig and he felt she was "disrespecting" him.

Sources say, according to Lesley's statement to Sheriffs, the couple went home, began arguing and he struck her in the cheek. We're told cops took pictures and there are visible marks.

Paramedics advised her she should go to the hospital but she refused. Alan did not give a statement to the police. It's unclear if any of their kids were at the house at the time of the incident.

TMZ shot this video of Hayden and Lesley arriving at Eva Longoria's restaurant, Beso, for the party last night, both looking ridiculously hot.


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you slap me...kiss your azz good-bye.

2230 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

What do you expect from a couple who named their kid Hayden???? Total trash. Let's see what the other kids names are - Hunter, Jayden, Connor, Chase, Hayley, Mykylya, Neveah? Gag! I guess Tim, Susan, Jane, Robert, etc were just too classy, huh? Oh well, at least in the future, employers, dates, parole officers, etc can see these 'winners' coming a mile away...

2230 days ago

i hate hollywood    

whooooooooo caaarrrreeesssssssssssss

2230 days ago


He's just tired of seeing his wife pimping her daughter everywhere.

They're trash, like every childstar family.

2230 days ago

S Kerrens    

Like should rereally care at all ....................... what is happening in Darfur this morning?

2230 days ago


im shocked that her parents did this, or the fact that it got out to the public. but seriously why do you women do this to us guys. I se why ayden moved. and she should dump that pervert. how old is she 18, 19 he's almost 40

2230 days ago


Who are the Panettiere's?

2230 days ago

not me    

To #s 1,4,10,14,17 & 18: Why are you complaining about the content of these items? I guess you could say "I care" because I keep reading them - by choice. I someone holding a gun to your head forcing you to read AND write?

2230 days ago


Wow, Hayden looks like a complete B****!

2230 days ago

not me    

#20 (me.) Oops, my typing seems to need some practice. The last line should read "Is someone..." Wanted to correct myself before the deluge of copywriters get offended.

2230 days ago

ur kidding me right?    

ok seriously you have got to be kidding me! any man who is sittin here blaming this on "us women" is a compete a**hole. no matter how she supposedly "disrespected" him. he has no right to hit her. you men most not have been raised very well. you make me sick! get a life and stop commenting this post and spare us all from your adolescent minds...

2230 days ago

ur kidding me right?    


2230 days ago


Now I understand why Hayden's parents are cool with her daughter dating a 30 years old man and why they let her dress like a ho since she was practically a kid.


2230 days ago

john wayne gacy    

what do most battered
woman have in common ?

they just don't seem
to listen too well.......

2229 days ago


Hayden Panettiere's Mom is the victim, she was stuck by a man in anger and probably not for the 1st time. I'm extremely disappointed in all of you who are replying in any manner other than support of this being a wrong and unlawful act. And to then throw stones at a young star who has never been involved in any behaviors we see today from so many of the 'wild' young stars, shame on you all again! Geez, where do you people come from?? She's a pretty young girl, she wears styles that are acceptible for people her age. As far as her dating goes, were you there? Did you see her go out this person or that person? PLEASE, cut the kid some slack!

2229 days ago
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