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Attorneys: Stabbing Suspect Disarmed Twice

8/13/2008 6:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shocking details of what happened inside the house where Kendra Beebe was nearly stabbed to death are now unfolding at Shelley Malil's arraignment.

Attorneys for Beebe say of the more than 20 knife wounds on her body, three were life threatening -- one to each lung and one to the throat. They say Beebe nearly bled to death and there was "a lot of blood" on the back patio, through the kitchen and all the way to the front patio.

They also say a male visitor initially disarmed Malil, but he found another knife. A neighbor then showed up and disarmed Malil for the second time. Shelley allegedly fled once he heard sirens.

The attorneys say Kendra's children were upstairs at the time of the attack.

Attorneys for Malil, who was dressed in a blue jumpsuit and sat behind protective glass, wanted their client's bail lowed from $4 million to $2 million. Instead, the judge upped it to $10 million.


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from Sand Diego Sheriff's Dept Website:


Information is current as of last booking: 8/13/2008 3:07:54 PM

The data contained in this web site should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.

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2241 days ago

I don't know response to your comments to Outraged.
Umm...if the guy was hurting another person, then yes, he deserved have the crap beat out of him. Especially if he was hurting a woman. I don't see how you can say he was being hypocritical.

2241 days ago


this guy is screwed in the head and soon to be in the butt also no one should have that done to them unless your hitler even if she was cheating thats no way to go about it so all you jerk-offs who keep saying she deserved it maybe you should have your heads cheaked out because next time you may be the one doing the stabbing

2241 days ago


Holy crap, you guys are legal-illiterate. This is not civil court so any reference to the "plaintiff" is just wrong. He's the defendant. She's the victim. The "attorneys for Beebe" - the victim? They're called PROSECUTORS.

2241 days ago

Prayers And Love To The Hudson Family    

To 17 and 24 - It's like it's taking the law into your own hands.

2241 days ago


This attack happened a mile from my house. My husband beat me up and was arrested because my children knew to call the police. He then continues to harass my family. The San Diego District Attorneys Office does Nothing to help the Women and Children affected by Domestic Abuse. I had to give up all of my property and hide from this Man who has ruined my life. Something is wrong when women cannot feel husband kept me at knifepoint for 12 hours and he was let out of jail. I recieved a letter this week stating that the Disrtict Attorneys Office "decided" not to press charges. My daughters cried as did I! Does someone have to die before the San Diego District Attorney decides to protect the Women and Children???!!!

Something is very wrong.....I am so sad for this women and her children. I am living the same life as her. It could have been me and it still might be.

2241 days ago

Prayers And Love To The Hudson Family    

BTW - We should remember that we are a free country only when we don't take the law into our own hands.

2241 days ago

Prayers And Love To The Hudson Family    

It sounds like you are describing self-defense then. Can you google domestic abuse and call every number you can until you get the right help?

2241 days ago


This "so called Celebrity"" was only given a higher bail because San Diego County thought this would bring them more attention. Why was'nt my husband who also made a Very Good Salary given a higher Bail......I am sick to my stomach that San Diego County offered myself and my children a bed in a insect infected dirty place.....I was told "take it or leave it" So I left with my daughters,

Why are the people who have been hurt as a victim always Re Victimized

2241 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

This guy will never work in Hollywood again, if I have anything to say about it.

2241 days ago


That Judge deserves an award!!! Thank goodness someone in the judicial system has some JUEVOS!

2241 days ago

Prayers And Love To The Hudson Family    

I'm pretty sure he won't work in Hollywood ever again, and I think he'll probably spend his life in jail. One of the reason I'm shocked is because even if he had this insane rage in him, acting on it was sick and also stupid. He just made his life worse than hers, which I doubt was his intension. I heard it sounds like she'll recover and she'll be free to move on with her life. In fact, she's a heroe to me at least. So. he sure did a great job at hurting himself, because he'll be locked up with people that are a whole lot less nice than the nice girl he seemed to think wasn't so nice. I don't understand why this people don't get this.

2241 days ago

Prayers And Love To The Hudson Family    

It could be my typos. When I type, the keys stick and miss letters. Sorry!

2241 days ago


He's a sick woman hater who should never ever get out of prison.

2241 days ago

michael san diego    

Dude should get the chair. He was trying to kill her. Just got lucky she didnt. What a pig. He has 4 movies coming out this year. Oh well, lube up!

2241 days ago
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