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Browne: You Should Know, I'm Not Team McCain!

8/14/2008 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guess elephants have some serious short-term memory issues! Everyone knows singer Jackson Browne is a serious liberal, everyone except, apparently, John McCain. Now Browne is fighting mad and has filed suit against McCain and his party, alleging they falsely suggested he was on their side.

Browne claims the GOP used his epic hit "Running on Empty" in an ad for McCain without his permission, adding that the ad mocks Barack Obama, which Browne ain't none too happy about.

The suit wants the ad to stop running -- STAT -- and is seeking damages. Browne's lawyer Lawrence Iser says this ain't the first time McCain has done this -- he did it with ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me" and well-known Democrat John Mellencamp's song "Pink Houses." Iser says "In light of Jackson Browne's lifelong commitment to Democratic ideals and political candidates, the misappropriation of Jackson Browne's endorsement is entirely reprehensible."

McCain's rep Tucker Bounds shoots back "This was not a McCain campaign ad, but rather a local state Republican party ad. It is clear that the suit was mis-filed by an overeager Barack Obama supporter and it's 'running on empty;."


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Yes jackson HERON brown hurt his girlfriend really bad and she killed herself..he is a naughty bad boy

2198 days ago


You republicans make me sick!! There is a special place in hell for you all!!! Republicans just take whatever they want whenever!!!

2198 days ago


Jackson is a humanitarian. He doesn't want anyone to hark his work without permission; but he is wise. He knows who the better candidate is. Maybe Obama doesn't fit the bill.....just saying.... I LOVE JACKSON BROWNE......

2197 days ago


this is just another example of McCain acting like Bush. They feel that it is okay not to follow the rules. According to record, his own words he betrayed our country by giving information to the Vietnamese that gave them the ability to kill many american soldiers. His story when he returned was that he talked when he shouldn't have. Now he says he was tortured, but in fact his arms were broken when he was ejected from the plane when it was shot down. Trust me, I wish this kind of pain on no human being, but if John Mc Cain was tortured so badly when he was in captivity, how is it that on a photo of him and his wife, Carol Shepp (the one he dumped for cindy,who stole drugs from the same people she claimed to help) he has his arms in the air waving and he looks very good in this photo. He decided to go against his committment to his wife and take the easy way out. The same thing he did while in captivity, he gave away American Secrets to the Vietnam Soliders to save his butt and he married a woman who was rich, young and beautiful instead of taking care of his ill wife, like he promised to do. He made a promise to America and broke the promise and caused a lot of pain to his fellow soldiers and their families are still suffering. He doesn't want the committee for POW/MIA"s to exist, WHY? He made a promise to Carol Shepp, he broke that one too. He takes the easy way out and then flip it around to make people think he's a good person. He even cheated at the forum. You and I both know that John Mc Cain is not a sharp thinker and there is no way he could ever answer those questions without thinking about them, he was briefed, but as always, there is no way he or his camp will ever admit it. I was planning to vote for this clown until he added yet one more lie. I am so sick of John Mc Cain thinking that Americans are stupid. His camp has been unorganized and I just can't take it anymore. We have wake up, I'm now thinking the young man has done more positive things at his age than, Mc Cain had when he was in his 40's. That being said, the young man will only become wiser. I am done with MCCAIN, I really tried to overlook his earlier lies and flip flops but if I continue to support this NUT, I being and dishonest as he is. Women we had better wake up and think about this. If I have misspelled words, so being, just like the MCCAIN camp, I don't feel like checking the spelling, but the content is correct.

2194 days ago


The last part of my comment should read. If I continue to support this NUT, I am being as dishonest as he is.

New comment. I want what's best for this country. I can no longer support a PARTY, I must take a stand and support my country. My teenage children have read every piece of literature they can find on MCCAIN and OBAMA when we compared the two I was still thinking I have to vote for John just because. That's why we we have George because so many of us voted for him just because. We did not pay attention to the man. The one thing Bush does have going for him is that he married and stayed with a good woman. I really like Laura and I really like Michelle Obama. Cindy McCain has done a lot of charity work, because that's what rich women with nothing else to do with their time and money do. Michelle has had to work for everything she has. Laura was a working woman also, these women have values. I don't see sincerity with Cindy McCain, she seems to be going through the motions. I don't feel like I could walk up to her and say hello. If I saw her in WalMart, I wouldn't feel comfortable walking up to her saying hello, Laura, I fell like I could hold a long conversation with as well as Michelle. I'm just saying, The MCCAINs have run me and many of my family and friends away. We can't take it anymore. We discuss every election trying to come up with the right person for the job, this time we were iffy about the age of Barack, but I am so impressed with this young man now that I have researched his background. The mistakes this young man has made he has admitted and they did not hurt millions of people. He has not done things to hurt people like John and Cindy Mc Cain has. I have a real problem with people hurting other people and dropping a tear about it, but not doing anything to fix it. They mess up and flip it around and use the money to smooth it over and go on with business as usual. Another thing, why are his and Carol's children never mentioned? I am just done with the MCCAINs and them taking folk for granted.

2194 days ago
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