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Different Spanish Team -- Same Racism

8/15/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to be outdone by the Spanish national Olympic basketball team, the Spanish women's tennis team pulled the same offensive pose that's apparently sweeping their nation. Ay dios mio!

This racy pic was taken during preparation for their Federation Cup match against China back in April.

The photo still remains on the team's website with the attached caption: "Estamos preparados para China", which translates to, "We are prepared for China." Yeah, preparing for the backlash!

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I can't believe something so innocent gets so much play. Racist? Hardly. Won't be happy until everyone is a mixed race with cookie cutter attitudes will you? Lets celebrate diversity by all acting and looking the same!!! YaY us!!!!


2198 days ago


It's only racist if it is done by caucasian Americans.

2198 days ago


This is very offensive but I would be hesitant to judge the whole county of Spain against what these people are doing. Bad taste and racism seems to find home in all countries...still. Unfortunate, but true.

2198 days ago


I agree stupid but no big deal!!!! If this offends anyone then they have a problem!

2198 days ago


Esto es ridiculo!!!!! If you don't know a country you shouldn't talk about it. You see a video on Youtube about some stupids saying racists things and you assumed that is the whole of Spain? For your information, soccer's stars like Eto'o or Kanoute are so loved here. But like always you Americans think that your "world" is the best and the only possible. Good luck out there! Menos tonterias y más cultura y deporte.

2198 days ago


I cant believe tha anybody can see something racist in this picture o_O
All that people have a serious problem in her mind

2198 days ago


Whatever happened to the ol' saying "Sticks and stones will break my bones but WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME". What a whiney, crybaby world it's become. Simply Pathetic!

2198 days ago


Why you americans are all so stupid? You know actually half of the world think that American people invent racism, you just can't recognise a joke...so sad....

2198 days ago

Chinese Face    

Anyone who thinks this is offensive is retarded. Its like the chinese people coming to Texas and putting on a Cowboy hat, OH NO THEY DIDNT U BETTER TAKE THAT COWBOY HAT OFF THATS OFFENSIVE NI HAO

2198 days ago


To Illuminati who wrote "I can't believe something so innocent gets so much play." Welcome to America brotha, welcome to America. Home of the "free"....so long as that freedom does not offend anybody.

I have a theory regarding this picture: The picture was taken so that it could be used as an advertisement. An advertisement was intended to be used in Spain. What was the purpose of that advertisement? I think it was to remind Spaniards of the Olympics and to get them to take interest and watch. What the single picture was meant to convey was this message “Spanish basketball team in Beijing China for Olympics”. What better why to do that then to show a picture of the team and with a single gesture conjuring “Chinese” to the mind of the viewer? If you were playing charades with a group of friends and you drew “Chinese Fortune Cookie” how would you pantomime it?

I don’t think it is maliciously intended. I think it was simply a clever, albeit insensitive, way to boost viewership for the games.

2198 days ago


Mk you are the perfect example of the inculture
you know nothing about spain and nothing about this picture
I feel shame to live in the us

2198 days ago


by the way... being racist as you dumbasses keep putting it... would mean that they HATE and Dispise the chinese.. Now these folks ajust making fun of the way they look.. yo know like picking on fat people, redheads, buck teeth, and slant eyes.. thats just part of like.. im a polack.. and i am not offended by polish jokes.. why dont everyon e just change their tampon.. and get you some vagisil.. and give it a rest..

2198 days ago

Jose Ramirez    

Mucking Fexicans!!!

2198 days ago


hmm...I'm Chinese and my eyes don't slant at all. In fact, they are really round. I don't even look like the average Chinese person, and I'm not mixed.. I heard about those Spanish monkey chant stuff from yahoo answers. Seeing these pictures and reading the comments... reminds of the Spanish guy in Barcelona from America's Next Top Model who told the black competitor that he does not like kissing black women. Never thought that people making slanted eyes could be so offensive until these pictures came along. I saw the slant eye thing brieftly in Elementary and High school and never saw it again. Never was upset about it and no one try to make me upset about it. If the Spanish wanna do that, let them have it. Maybe they are really ignorant.. Always left it at that for racist people,.. Some people automatically act like I don't know English.

2198 days ago


I don't think the picture was meant to be racist and because of that I don't think people should be offended. I'm not saying that it is something that should have been done, but I'm thinking Spain's teams just didn't really think it through. I know many people from Spain have a history of being racist but doing monkey calls and throwing a banana at black people and pulling your eyes up for a picture is not even close to being the same thing. Blacks have big lips, whites smell like a dog when they are wet, the french women have hairy arm pits, asians have slanted eyes....am I forgetting anybody? It's the truth, acting like it's not is childless and only hinders the idea of having "everybody get along". In my sociology class there was a few white kids that were never said anything when it came to the topic of race because they were scared to say something that may offend blacks, even when they weren't trying to be offensive (like saying black instead of African Amercican...). We have created an atmosphere where nobody can ever get along because people take things way too personally. Lighten up, the teams that took the pictures doing slanted eyes look ridiculous and stupid, no need to take it any farther than that.

2198 days ago
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