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Gwen Stefani's Water Still Hasn't Broken

8/15/2008 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They say the 17th month of pregnancy can be tough.

Gwen Stefani stopped by the hospital for a checkup with hunkband Gavin Rossdale on Thursday. Don't let the stripes fool you ... she really is that big.

The 38-year-old mom-to-be is due any nanosecond.


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john wayne gacy    

whatever number of weeks you WISH to apply, the
bottom line like anything, pregnancy is a total business.

doctors would much rather " influence " the patients to adhere
to a C - section for the doctor's convenience and financial gain.

that way the doctor typically schedules a few births the same day at a kennel and
bills tens of thousands of dollars to the insurance companies for their " performances "...........

2263 days ago


oh jumping jehosephat on a pogo stick, who really GIVES a rat's ass??? having a baby is not that big a deal... people do it daily. it's not a miracle, it's not rocket science and it's not special.
just because these are celebrities, we're supposed to care??? now...... what WOULD be special is a celebrity deciding NOT to reproduce... now THAT would be amazing.

and sarah... you're an idiot.

2263 days ago


Tmz I am sure that is why Angelina leaves this country whenever shes pregnant because you people seem to not understand that you can not always stay pretty during the last months of pregnancy. (ONLY NICOLE KIDMAN CAN. I know how she must be feeling at this time, I know now she can not lay down and sleep confortable in any position. Most women that have had babies know this. I hope she will have her baby soon and everything will go just fine. Stay sweet Gwen, and be strong.

2263 days ago


Buster, LMFAO!

2263 days ago


Gwen looks great! be nice TMZ! I wish her and gavin all the best and hope the birth goes smoothly! love ya gwen! bests wishes! cant wait for the new ND stuff!

2263 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

I think she looks darling .

2262 days ago


Obviously many of you haven't been pregnant. A woman is pregnant for 9 full months but if she goes past her due date by one day she has entered into her 10th month. So if a woman is overdue she is technically 10 months pregnant.

2262 days ago


she is the one of the only celebritities (this year) who's gonna pop naturally. all the rest have scheduled c-sections to avoid their skin streching in the last weeks of pregnancy! therefore go gwen! (i gave also natural birth when baby was ready to come and i carry huge strechmarks for that sake.. it's worth it though)

2262 days ago



2262 days ago


Maybe she is having twins??

2262 days ago

leanne w.    

I like Gwen. I think she's kind of cool, and not afraid to be herself. Now, Gavin on the other hand used to be hot when her was with BUSH, but has anyone heard his new solo album?? It is horrible! Sounds like he just finished running a marathon and then decided to run into the studio and start recording right away before he had time to catch his breath. It is sooooo annoying! Can;t you just sing without trying to sound all breathless and sexy? Cause it sounds just dreaful!

2262 days ago

blues fan    

I read recently that eating-disorder experts have coined a new term, "pregorexia", for the growing trend among pregnant women to try to gain as little weight as possible, so that they can get their pre-pregnancy figures back as quickly as they can ...this is dangerous for the developing fetus and also for the mother, and it increases the chances of a difficult delivery and inability to breastfeed successfully. Gwen Stefani looks exactly the way she should right now, and I say kudos to her for putting her baby's healthy development first.

2262 days ago

babystacy gwens biggest fan in orange county FL    

we love gwen (my family) i listened to her pregnant SO much. i was happy to be un pregs and wear my lamb tee's again. how dare anybody talk crap about her, and insinuate how horrible expecting women can be in the "final weeks". i was a sweetheart, even when i was in and out of consciousness for my emergency delivery/ultimately c section, and even sweeter with my 7 months of preeclampsia. sure gwens got it good, but she worked for it, and she like every other preggo deserves a break, i still have cankles! it's not tmz, it's everything, everywhere. whatever gwen we adore you and i bet you have your baby/ies? tonight!!!! put my baby girl to sleep in harajuku lovers tonight..good luck O.C. girl

2262 days ago


She is about to give birth. Of course she's big. But not abnormally big. Her breast are small for a pregnant person though.

2262 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

..she will have her baby this weekend, probaly tomorrow, her boobs will fill out after 48 hrs...hope she doesn't get engourged! ouch!

2262 days ago
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