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Might As Well Jump

8/15/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 47-year-old resurfaced at a sports gala in NYC recently, looking sharp.
Carl Lewis
Carl -- who like Michael Phelps also once was arrested for DUI (the charge was later dismissed) -- qualified for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, but the U.S. wound up boycotting those Games.

Lewis was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Cowboys in 1984, but never played a game for either team.


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Lil Randy Jackson?

2229 days ago


I knew he was gay! Jim Rome always plays his crappy rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on his radio show for laughs .

2229 days ago

Supreme chicken    

I always find it interesting that society would label
Poetic Justice
I have no plastic surgery,
no botox in my big thick lucious lips, or a padded gridle to pad my wide hips,
no weave in my thick hair, I put grease in my skin, not wash it out.
Don't have to wash my hair daily so it want stink.
The moves that we make when dancing, comes from the drum beat from our ancestors
We sing soul, we sing melodies from the heart. Leave us alone, we can't help it. We're strong, survivors , multi-colored from the crime of others.
It's okay hate if you must, but you can't distroy us.
By: pjackson

2229 days ago

it takes a molester    

4. Why did he get a nose job? Are there any African American celebrities who actually keep the nose they were born with?

Posted at 1:52PM on Aug 15th 2008 by BradBee

I'll answer my question. The same reason some white Americans open their big mouths. Duh, did I forget to mention that white Americans get the most plastic surgery. Duh, I didn't think so.

2229 days ago


Cant you just flashback to Eddie Murphy doing his impression of him, prancing around just shouting out "I"m Karl Lewis"...

I remember him back in the mid 80's when he truly was a loud mouth, prima dona. Excellent athlete but obviously the product of very poor parenting and coaching where his handlers let self take over. Thank god Michael Phelps isnt this way. Phelps is the new greatest athlete of all time ever, and a person with respect for others and his Country. Its nice to see the Redeem BB Team having to shut their big traps too while Phelps steals their show. They're nothing but a bunch of self absorbed show offs, strutting their stuff for the highest bidders from OPEC----since they all are saying they want to go play for Saudi Arabian sheik highest bidders instead of the NBA. Shows their true colors doesnt it? Go where the money is and take your families with you to Dubai and SA and see how you're all treated there.

Lewis loved only himself. You ask me he probably taught Marion Jones everything she knows. But he looks good if that was the original question.

2229 days ago



Sometimes a child can have the best parents in the world and turn out to be a loser. People need to take responsibility for their own choices in life, and it isn't always the parents fault. Coach Lewis was a great father and coach.

2229 days ago

John Zymaris    

Check out that oversized jaw. Why, one could say it looks superhuman...Now, what is this characteristic off?

Carl Lewis was lucky his doping was ahead of the doping-tests of his time (not to mention enjoying American athletes' cold war privileges).

Striping poor Ben Johnson from his Soul 1988 gold medal and passing it to THIS alien-looking "athlete"? A joke. And a very bad one at that!

2228 days ago


i hope he's mellowed... dude had a rep as someone who was totally NOT willing to get along with anybody back in his day... TOTAL prima donna.

2228 days ago
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